Thursday, June 24, 2010

Giorgio Armani Beauty Friends & Family Sale

This photo says it all! I'm excited. Use code FAMILY for your discount through June 27. What will you be ordering?

Photo courtesy of Armani Beauty


Lisa S. said...

I was so excited to receive the Friends and Family email this morning! After following your blog for sometime and reading your glowing reports on all things Armani, I am going to take the plunge. I would much rather order online than head over to the Galleria!

These are the products I am thinking about ordering. Blushing Fabric in Pink Chiffon (of course), Eyes to Kill Mascara, Master Corrector, and High Precision Retouch. I just looked through all of your old Armani posts and these are some of your favs!

Off to place my order!

Lisa S. in Houston

Charlestongirl said...

Great choices, Lisa! I just ordered twice. :) Lots of Fluid Sheers, a few new brushes, concealer, Sheer Lipsticks, and more. I'm such an Armani hoarder.

At 20% off, it's better than we can do at the Saks Friends & Family sale. I suspect I'll order a third time before Sunday. I'm bad. But why not stock up?

Lisa S. said...

Just placed my order!

Can't wait to try the Armani products that you have written so favorably about. Was disappointed though, Blushing Fabric in Pink Chiffon and Face Fabric Radiance in Fair are not in stock. Next time.

I look forward to your new posts each afternoon and so enjoy reading your blog.

Lisa S.

Charlestongirl said...

Thank you so much, Lisa!

One of the things I tried to order was not available. It was one of the new Eyes to Kill palettes. I thought I would order a spare. No such luck.

Call Armani Customer Service and tell them you want it for the 20% discount when it comes back in!

Clarisse said...

I won't be using that code but Sephora is offering -20% this week-end and next week: so I'll visit my favorite GA sales assistant and present her with my list: 1 brush (they are top quality even better than the Mac ones), the Face Fabric Radiance (my daughter has gone with my first one, fortunately this one is even more radiant) and several rouge d'Armani lipsticks. I'll have a look at the Nude Contrast Palette for eyes to make up my mind: I do not know what to think of it, have you tested it? I won't need the blusher since I already got it! :-)

win said...

Hi! found you on the interwebs! happy to find that you're in the md/va/dc area. thanks for the tip. how do you know which colors to pick? maybe my eye isn't so great, but i always choose the wrong color. and dont know if I have time to trek out to tysons or chevy chase this weekend. sigh!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Win,

E-mail me your coloring (eyes, skin, hair) and what items interest you. I can help. I know that line inside and out. Use :)

Charlestongirl said...


That Sephora 20% discount - is it a France thing? I'm jealous!

Nude Contrast: I have both shades and LOVE them. The bronze and gold shades in them are fabulous! I'd buy both.

Clarisse said...

Hi Charlestongirl!
Yes it is a France thing but I am sure you have them sometimes too (every 2/3 months), don't you?
Thank you for the tip: I'll buy both too!!!!My banker can't complain with -20% off:-)