Saturday, May 29, 2010

Estee Lauder Pure Color Collection for Fall 2010

Tom Pecheux, Creative Makeup Director of Estée Lauder, has been a busy guy. He was charged with bringing a new energy, style, and fashion edge to the Estée Lauder brand. It’s a challenge he is clearly relishing – although he admits there is still much more to do. The Moodie Report quoted top model Hillary Rhoda: "It is so nice that Tom is now here at Lauder. He is really talented and brings a whole new dimension to the Estée Lauder brand." Based on the latest from Estée Lauder, I think we're in agreement!

Kari had a great preview of the new Tom Pecheux Pure Color Night Collection for Estée Lauder, exclusive to Bergdorf Goodman, at Fabulous Over Forty! I called the store, ordered it, and learned that they expect it to arrive next week. Donna told me they are enjoying the gorgeous Night Collection testers. She also told me about the new Pure Color Collection for Fall 2010, including the Blue Dahlia palette, due in stores in July.

Here's a sneak peek at the new Pure Color Collection. Eyes will take center stage in hues of electric blue and vintage violet, while lips will shimmer in subtle shades of pale pink and raspberry (oooh, can't wait). Deep navy and iridescent lilac nail polishes will complete the look.Key items include the Pure Color Eye Shadow Palettes in limited-edition Blue Dahlia and Surreal Violet. Each contains five shades presented in a golden, mirrored compact. Single eye shadows, in four new shades (Twilight Rose, Sepia Sand, Enchanted Meadow, and Emerald Star) will also be available. Pure Color Gloss Sticks and Pure Color Glosses will be featured in shades of raw pink and magenta for a subdued lip look to balance strong eyes. A deeper berry shade (Midnight Bloom) will be available to deliver a stronger pop of color for those who want or need it. These look gorgeous in the photos.

Even more exciting, a new Pure Color Gloss Collection designed by Pecheux promises to deliver lasting shine, maximum moisture, and three multidimensional finishes. True Vision technology is said to wrap pigments in a crystal-like coating to provide intense color and shine. Six berry, red, nude, and plum shades will be available in shine, shimmer, and sparkle finishes. The glosses incorporate multifunctional humectants and vitamins C and E to moisturize, soften, and help protect lips. The lightweight formula will be comfortable, non-sticky, and fragranced with a signature fig scent.

Pecheux describes the new Pure Color products for eyes and lips as his “babies,” with the new Lip Glosses his favorites. “It has to be the gloss,” he explains. “Why? It’s easy to apply; it’s transparent; it’s sexy; you don’t need any technique; it takes half a second to put on; you can keep it in your pocket; and you don’t even need a mirror to apply it."

Anything catch your eye? I can't wait to see the Pure Color Gloss Sticks and Pure Color Glosses!

Information and photos courtesy of The Moodie Report


Clarisse said...

Can't wait too, the colors look gorgeous! Tom Pecheux is very talented, did you know he created several make-up lines for Shiseido a few years ago?

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Clarisse,

Yes...sometime around 2006. He's amazingly talented. Quite a score for the Lauder company!