Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lancôme French Coquettes Fall 2010 Collection

Lancôme's dynamite French Coquettes Fall 2010 Color Collection is available! Designed by Artistic Makeup Director Aaron De Mey, the "seductive color statement mixes urban sophistication with witty chic." De Mey's vision for fall captures the spirit of the modern woman at the start of the 20th century, heralding the signature hallmarks of French glamour and the passionate temperament of the Parisian woman.

I've seen the collection at Nordstrom, and I ordered a few pieces from Lancôme. They haven't arrived yet, but I wanted to share the details with you. I think this collection has a few must-have pieces. Saturated shades of black and silver blend with blood cherry and a sophisticated pink - all shown in the flapper-inspired looks of Daria Werbowy and Elettra Wiedemann, the campaign's models.

La Rose Déco ($40), shown at the center of the photo, is an all-over powder that gives a subtle shine, with its mix between shaded tones of rosewood and a touch of pink glow. The second I saw this beautiful pink-rose powder, I wanted it! I'm always lured by pretty designs in a compact. You can use the compact as a blush by selecting only the rose's heart, or you can contour and highlight with it by using the darker and lighter shades independently. It's a masterpiece!

Ombre Magnétique ($25) eye shadow is inspired by minerals and their infinite nuances of iridescent light. Lancôme calls this product the new generation of ultra-sparkling eye shadows. Ombre Magnétique opens a new horizon of light-catching colors and twinkling effects. The innovative texture is extremely long-wearing due to the type of polymers used. It is also easy to apply and doesn’t crease. The amount of mother-of-pearl makes the colors more intense than ever. The shadow is available in Urban Silver, Black Macadam for the ultimate smokey eye, and Cherry Chérie.

The lip colors are gorgeous. L'Absolu Rouge ($29) in Rose Divine, Cherry Kiwi, and Parisian Attraction gives you different options for luscious lips in the pink-berry family. Top any of them with La Laque Fever ($26.50) in Rouge Temptress, and you will be as flapper-chic as the models!

There's more to see, including a Color Design Eye Shadow Quad in French Touch and Kissed by Paris, a trio of Le Vernis nail colors to complete the Belle Époque look.

To see the French Coquettes Collection, Daria's and Elettra's looks and how they were created, and a short and snazzy video, head over to Lancôme's Web site.

Update 7/18: I should have told you that the Ombre Magnétique won't be available until August.

Photos courtesy of Lancôme


Clarisse said...

Thank you for the review, Charlestongirl...Funny to see the power of attraction of Paris and the Parisian coquettes of the 20s. The two American models are gorgeous(I watched the video on the Lancôme website.) As for the make-up what attract me most are of course the lovely compact Rose Déco and the lipsticks. I am afraid the Ombres magnétiques eye-shadows will look a bit strange on somebody over 30, don't you agree?

Charlestongirl said...

Laughing as I write. Yes, Clarisse, the eye shadows are probably not for you and me. Although I may try the silver one with a light hand when they are released.

Didn't you know that you French gals are viewed as being uber-chic?

By the way, I was at a party last night with a cute young lady visiting from France. She spoke only a few words of English. I didn't want her to feel alone, so I spent some time with her. We managed to communicate, but it was hard! I had to dredge up a few words from my paltry and rusty French vocabulary.

Clarisse said...

So sweet of you to have rescued and helped feel at ease a French fellow! I hope she'll learn English very quickly, it's always best to be able to communicate when you are in a foreign country, otherwise you miss so much (at least in my opinion!)

You'll let me know what you think of it if you try the silver one, won't you?

Charlestongirl said...

Absolutely! It's on my must-post list.