Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Clarins Passion Face Palette for Holiday 2011

Clarins' limited-edition Passion Face Palette ($55) for Holiday 2011 caught my eye immediately, with its Aztec, maze-like pattern inside and out. When it arrived (I ordered online), I was delighted. The colors looked lovely, sprinkled with gold pearl, and the compact itself had the hefty feel of luxury makeup. It has serious heft in the hand. Actually, it's so heavy that I wouldn't consider throwing it in my handbag. It rivals my camera!

Passion subtly illuminates the face and décolleté with gold for a beautiful, festive make-up look Even though the shades look peachy-pink in the pan, it's really not. It's gold, with a touch of bronze on my skin. It's definitely not polished, pure gold.

We could not have worse weather here for taking pictures this week. Yesterday, when I snapped these photos, it was almost dark out. Mid-day, the sun was totally obscured by rain clouds. It was "dusk" by 3:30 pm. However, I really wanted to show you this pretty palette, so I did the best I could, knowing that today it would rain continuously. Please keep in mind that everything looks more exciting in person - the palette and the powder on the skin. My camera won't pick up shimmering gold well when there isn't a great light source. I tried to use flash outdoors, but that just washed out my photos.

As I mentioned, while I expected gold with a touch of peach or pink, the color of the mingled shades in the Passion Face Palette is gold on my skin. I don't see pink indoors or out. I see a gold shade that's tinged with bronze.

I applied the powder, swept across all the shades in the compact with a sponge-tipped applicator at the top of my arm and then with a dense blush brush below. I applied both swatches heavily and took my photos in less-than-adequate light. Even with the lighting conditions, my camera picked up the color as I saw it. It's not clear, pure gold. Instead, it has a touch of camel or bronze in it - it all depends on your perspective.

It gleams on the skin. It's not a sparkle bomb. The gold overspray on the powder surface disappears almost immediately, leaving a pretty surface that will accent your skin without glitter. My skin is so fair, the Passion Face Palette could actually serve as a winter bronzer.

The compact comes in a Clarins red velveteen pouch. It's a nice treat. I purchased mine at the Clarins Web site, where there's a gift with purchase through Sunday. With a $40 purchase, you'll receive three deluxe travel goodies. Use the code THANKS at checkout.

Photo at top courtesy of Clarins; other photos, such as they are, by Best Things in Beauty

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Anonymous said...

How would you compare this to the new Colour breeze face powder? I do not mean the surface of the product since that is obviously totally different but I am interested in knowing whether the colour of the powder itself is the same in both of these. I am planning to use this one (Passion) as an all over face powder so I am wondering if I need two. (I just got Passion.) I fell in love with this one at the store swatching it since it really made a difference on my hand. My hand looked much more alive with the powder on it.

I am also planning to get the Chanel powder in Jasmin which may be a bit too dark as an all over powder. I missed last years Rose merveille which may have suited me better. But maybe not since the MUAs are also trying to warm my pale face up. I wear Clarins foundation in ivory 103. I have pink undertones but this neutral to yellow based foundation seems to suite me just fine.

I am in trouble with all the pretty Spring 2012 collections. They are so lovely! I am really looking forward to seeing your swatches from the Clarins spring lippies. :) -T-