Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hilde Soliani Il Tuo Tulipano Eau de Parfum

It's ugly outside: dark, with steady rain, and chilly. While it's good for the groundwater levels, it's not good for the spirit. That's why I reached for Hilde Soliani's Il Tuo Tulipano Eau de Parfum ($150 - $210). One spray, and I was transported to a fruit orchard, brimming with luscious, juicy fragrance.

Somehow inspired by a walk through a field of red and yellow tulips (I don't pick up tulips in the notes), Il Tuo Tulipano is a fragrance bursting with the joy of life and dazzling in its bright beauty. Seemingly simple at first, it quickly draws you into its brilliant depth, unfolding layer after a layer of notes and revealing that a scent that seems simple at first is, in fact, a masterfully orchestrated harmony of many voices, each singing a joyful song.

The top notes of citruses, peaches, and kiwi have a delicate, juicy fruitiness that complements the fresh and sweet floral heart notes of freesia, lily of the valley, and jasmine. The green quality plays a key part in the composition, keeping the exuberance of fruits and flowers in check and adding an unexpectedly unisex aspect to this outwardly feminine blend. The base of vetiver, sandalwood, and musk is rich, sensual, and long-lasting. Simultaneously classic and quirky, feminine and androgynous, sweet and bitter, ripe and green, Il Tuo Tulipano is a fascinating and delightful floral fragrance.

According to LuckyScent, where I purchased mine, the notes are bergamot, blackberry, lime, peach, kiwi, and passion fruit, freesia, lily of the valley, jasmine, vetiver, sandal, oak moss, and white musk. I selected Il Tuo Tulipano "sight unsmelled" for two reasons: 1) the notes sounded divine, and 2) I wanted to try my first fragrance by Hilde Soliani. I have purchased others since I bought this one. I'm impressed with their beautiful bounty; I want every scent she's created.

Il Tuo Tulipano has it all for gardeners and foodies: fruits, white flowers, and a dry-down that's pretty. It's cheerful and chic - just what I needed today. Beware if you live with a fragrance-loving guy, though. He may sneak spritzes of Il Tuo Tulipano when you aren't looking.

Karen Dubin at Sniffapalooza interviewed the Italian niche perfumer, who is known for light, fruity florals, and taped the interview. You can see it on YouTube. The interesting thing is that Soliani said she creates fragrances for herself, not for "the customer," eschewing commercial trends and following her nose. I could get used to following Soliani's nose.

Hilde Soliani's fragrances are available at LuckyScent and New London Pharmacy. If you need a break from dreary weather, they are a great pick-me-up.

Photos courtesy of LuckyScent, flowerpics.tk, and ifood.tv


lovethescents said...

Yay! I'm so glad you love it! Hilde Soliani is a true artist. I don't adore Il Tulipano as it's got too much peach in it for me. I don't care for that fuzzy note, but it is a truly beautifully crafted number. Which other Solianis did you get??? Oh, if I recall there was Mangiami Dopo Teatro maybe? BIG LOVE for me there! Also adore Ti Amo Iris (creamy, creme de la creme iris), Dooolcciiissssmo (her spelling is difficult to remember), that gorgeous cherry tobacco number; and Fraagolaa Saalaaataa, that refreshing salted strawberries fumie for summer. Sigh....can you tell I love HS?

Clarisse said...

Hmmm, thank you for this lovely discovery Charlestongirl! Your post makes me want to try this one at once and Lovethescents'one makes me want to smell the others: I could do with joyful scents!
I'll look for a place where I can smell and buy them (since Hilde Soliani is in Italy, it shouldn't be too difficult?..who knows...)

lovethescents said...

Clarisse, I'm not sure where Solianis are sold in the EU. BUT, I'm certain Luckscent ships to France. That includes samples too!

Clarisse said...

Thanks Lovethescents, it's great if Luckscent ships to France:-) I now know I'll be able to fall for more fragrances!!!!since sending bottles of fragrances by post across the Atlantic is forbidden (could be dangerous???!!!)

Charlestongirl said...


The list is growing by the week! Eventually,I'll feature all of them here. I love her fragrance!

I know she's popular, and now I know why!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Clarisse!

I'll bet you can find someone in Europe you sells and ships to you. May cost less. No matter, you should register with LuckyScent. It's a great site, and I enjoy the newsletters/ads = great intros to new fragrances!

Carla said...

I LOVE these, I have all three in this series but my favorite is the Iris one. I'm always amazed at how long these wear. I still smell it on my skin the next day.

Anonymous said...

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