Monday, February 11, 2013

Adele's Glowing Complexion at the 2013 Grammy Awards

From the neck down, I thought Adele's look was hideous. The Valentino dress would have been hideous on anyone (see below). However, from the neck up, she was beautiful - warm, with flawless skin, the emphasis on her eyes, and the perfect lip for her coloring.

For Adele's Grammy look, makeup artist Michael Ashton played up her signature cat's eye with a glowing complexion, high-volume lashes, and a soft pink lip. How was her flawless complexion made red-carpet ready? With Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup in #3 and YSL's legendary Touche Éclat.

To apply Armani’s Maestro Complexion Perfector, Michael swept the makeup on Adele’s face with his fingers as though applying a moisturizer. The liquid instantaneously created a thin veil highlighting her smooth and flawless complexion.

He prepared her eyes with a potpourri of products.
  • Lancôme Le Crayon Poudre brow pencil
  • Lancôme Color Design Infinité 24H Eye Shadow in Continuous Creme
  • Lancôme Color Design 5 Shadow & Liner Palette in Coral Crush
  • Maybelline Studio Gel Liner in Black
  • Lancôme Hypnôse Star Mascara in Noir Midnight
To create a perfect blush-toned lip, Michael chose Armani Lip Maestro in #500, which has a high concentration of pigment to create a punch of color and the staying power to prevent reapplication throughout the evening. He also used MyFace Lip Liner in Nude and Sisley's Phyto Lip Star Lip Gloss in White Diamond.

Say what you will about the dress - I already did - her face was beautiful. Here is the original Valentino on the runway. It was ugly there too.

Photos courtesy of Giorgio Armani Beauty and


Wendy said...

Oh, wait. First, I forgot to login to my google account. Secondly, the bodice of her dress looks different from the runway version. Ewww on Adele's tapestry, thick, uncomfortable looking mess of a dress.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Wendy,

Yes, her dress was customized. Didn't help. Start with ugly, end up with ugly. Valentino or not.

Paula said...

Oh, who lent grandma's old carpet for the red carpet ? LOL

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Paula,

But you have to admit that she - her face - was very pretty.

Meredith said...

If it doesn't look good on the model, what chance is there for the rest of us? As the Non-Blonde would say, did you evah!

Meredith said...

Ha Ha Paula, I love " the curtain in Dracula's house" observation! That's perfect! What on earth is wrong with these people? It's got to be that they are young and don't yet have self-confidence and are very needy of attention. Can't imagine that any of them thought they actually looked good. It's as if the stylists were dueling to make the ugliest, most ridiculous look.

Charlestongirl said...

Not a prayer, Meredith. :)

I really don't know who is advising Adele. I'd like the job.

Melanie said...

Was her dress really that bad? I'll have to look it up. Does sound as though she made an impression and got lots of attention. Her makeup is always stunning. I love it. Thanks for posting the details!

Brenda Penton said...

She is such a pretty girl and that dress was so unflattering to her shape.