Monday, February 11, 2013

Beauty Looks at the Grammy Awards - The Good and the Not So Good

In features spotlighting the ladies at the Grammy Awards, the professional critics verified my impressions of their hair and makeup. There was no doubt that the winners were stunning - and the bad stunned for all the wrong reasons.

Earlier today, I selected Rihanna as one of the best dressed of the evening. Everything about her look was perfect. Her highlighted long hair with loose waves was a perfect complement to the formality of her red gown, and her red lipstick matched her gown perfectly. Her eye makeup enhanced her pretty eyes. I have never seen her look better.

I have to mention, though, that I was morally aghast at her behavior. What was she thinking, cuddling with Chris Brown, exactly four years after he beat her so badly she was hospitalized? Not only did she canoodle with him at the show, she was by his side at the after-parties. Rihanna needs to face the fact that she is a role model for young girls and that she sent the wrong message last night - one that could be deadly. Pretty, but not real smart?

Apparently, everyone loved JLo's look. I didn't. Forget the gown and that leg for a moment (by the way, I did see a photo with the ripples of cellulite while she was seated). Her face was stunningly beautiful. With strong eyes, her nude lips were perfect. I just didn't like the severe top knot. It looked like a silly ornament atop her head.  She has looked a lot better - often.

I thought the severity of Beyoncé's hair style was a perfect complement to her color-block, black and white jumpsuit/pants suit. Her eyebrows focused attention, without a lot of color, on her eyes. Her red lips popped. The total look was sheer genius, demonstrating why she is called a queen.

Carrie Underwood channeled old Hollywood. Her dress fit her to a T. Her hair was casual and pretty with such a formal dress and all those diamonds. She rocked the smoky eye and nude lip. She looked so pretty that it's going to sound really picky when I say the only thing I didn't love was the deep part of her hair style and the hair tucked behind her ear. Take your finger, hold it to your monitor, and tell me she wouldn't have looked better with a slight alteration of that side.

It's hard for me to understand why some criticized Taylor Swift's hair style. The braid, the bangs, the casual whisps of loose hair all struck me as gorgeous. I loved her glossy peach lips too. Did you notice that during the show she let her hair down, danced at her seat, and thoroughly enjoyed herself? It was charming.

Esperanza Spalding was praised by the Huffington Post for her natural tresses that "formed the perfect halo around her golden makeup look." From the moment I saw her on the red carpet, I thought she looked like a hot mess. The tie-dyed look of her gown and the big hair reminded me of another era - one that we don't need to revisit.

Bonnie McKee's hair looked like a joke. It's too bad. She's an attractive woman. Why did she go to that much trouble to look absurd?

Florence Welsh wore an incredible dark green Givenchy haute couture gown that deeply divided the style critics. I thought it would have been very pretty without the pointed embellishments that gave it a fierce look. Her fiery red hair in a casual up-do was offset by deep wine lips. Elle says this will be the lip color of the summer - with red lips going deep. Her look worked for me. Everything about it made her eyes pop.

Earlier today, I mentioned Adele, who looked gorgeous from the neck up. She and Florence showed off their peaches and cream Brit complexions - they could not have looked prettier.

What did you think? Any favorites?

What did I do today? I went to my dermatologist to have cortisone shot into an inflammatory cyst - a blemish - that has been forming for days. That's what the celebrities do to show off their perfect complexions on the red carpet. My question is why. I haven't had a problem for 6-7 years - not a single hormone-fueled blemish. I am baffled. Something caused it; I wonder what. It will be gone by tomorrow. I'll be ready for my red carpet. 

Photos courtesy of the Huffington Post, Allure, and


grlnxdor said...

I agree with all of your observations, Charlestongirl. I'm not a fan of the top-knot. It's so severe. I always think of "outer space" and aliens when I see this hairstyle It's truely out of this world. And poor Adele! So lovely but someone needs to help that girl get dressed. I signed into Facebook this morning and someone had posted a picture of Adele from last night along side a picture of Mrs. Doubtfire with the caption "Who wore it better?" It's good to start the day off with a chuckle!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi grlnxdor!

There is a way to do a top-knot without the extreme look. Had it been loose, it might (remember might) have looked nice.

I heard the comparisons to Mrs. Doubtfire. Apt.

morelikespace said...

I wasn't sure about Florence's look at first- I thought of it as Givenchy channeling Godzilla- but it grew on me quickly. The colour was an absolutely perfect counterpoint to her hair and complement to her eyes. I love a deep lip and as for the weirdness factor... I thought she was one of the only stars who looked like she was really having the kind of fun the Grammys are supposed to be known for.

I wasn't as crazy about Rihanna's look. Like her, I'm a little over-endowed in the forehead department and I think that shape of head looks better when there's some bangs or at least some wisps swept over it.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Kate,

I could have done without the body armor, but I thought Florence looks striking.

I just wish Rihanna hadn't been all over that thug.

Lorna said...

I completely agree with your comments. I loved Rihanna's look almost head to toe. She's flawless! The hair didn't work for me that much, she has a huge forehead and my attention focused there. Another hairdo would have worked better.

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Eileen said...

Not only was Rihanna hanging all over Brown at the Grammys, but when he had to appear in court in LA regarding his alleged parole violation, she actually came with him to show support for him. Talk about sending the wrong message to young women! I know that the abuser/abused relationship is an extremely complex one, but you'd think one of her handlers would be looking out for her. It's hard to believe that such a talented and pretty young woman is so insecure, lacking in self-esteem and self-respect, that she thinks an abusive relationship is the equivalent of a loving one. No matter how beautiful her gown, how lovely her hair, how perfect her makeup, every time I saw her, I saw a young woman to be pitied.

Ah, JLo! Now there's a beautiful woman, but the leg stunt was silly. I think a dress should open naturally to reveal a shapely leg when a woman walks. While standing still, there's nothing sexy about a middle aged celeb thrusting her leg out at a bizarre angle à la Angelina. Although I detested the dress, I loved her dramatic makeup and "alien" knot. If you're going to rock something like that, the Grammys is the place to do it.

In general, I thought the ladies did themselves proud. There were the usual outré looks here and there, but they seemed to be in the minority this year. In fact, there were several moments of great beauty and stunning elegance.

Eileen said...

Hi Anonymous,

All of us who comment here on BTiB are Charlestongirl's guests. If you don't like your hostess' comments or those of her other guests, you can easily find another blog that is better suited to you. By taking your hostess to task and calling her names, you are exemplifying the very thing you criticize, but perhaps you do not see the hypocrisy in your own words and actions. You accuse your hostess of being nasty and yet your comments directed towards her drip with self-righteous vitriol.

Evelyn said...

I kind of feel we've seen JLo's hair like that before although I did think she was beautiful minus the short/pant thing going.

I was thinking Carrie Underwood & Adele and Taylor Swift to an extant have a kind of very makeup look. It's hard to explain but I think sometimes they have a lot of makeup on to make a smooth flat canvas and then they paint on blush & contour which all together loses the look of real skin. Yes, our skin is uneven but it shouldn't look like we've spackled our face smooth. I don't know the quality of Adele's skin under all that makeup but I think oftentimes it's aging on her.

Anonymous - I think we all want everyone to look their best and we're disappointed when their stylists fail. So we call them out when they look goofy. None of us says that they are horrible human beings because they are not perfectly coiffed. No need to get your panties in a bunch about it.

Swathi Narumanchi said...

I loved the looks of Rihanna and Taylor Swift the most, along with Kat Dennings.

They looked amazing. Especially kat Dennings, sometimes I feel shes trying to hard but this was not one of those times, this time she looked sophisticated and beautiful.


If you believe that writing about these things is small and petty, then why be that small and petty and comment yourself, that too anonymously ?

If you feel that you are being so very self righteous, then firstly, do so with pride and along with your identity, don't hide behind an 'anonymous' tag.

It is after all CG's blog, this is her personal opinion, she has not asked for your approval for any of the things she posts, be it beauty or otherwise, If anything, you are being petty by calling out someone elses opinion. And if you don't like what she posts please move on to the next blog spot.

As celebrities, these stars know what they are opening themselves too. And CG hasn't taken potshots at any of these stars personally, it was more about their dress choice/hair/makeup - exactly at what point was it nasty ? Also if you do read her posts about all the things you have mentioned like JLOs leg or Alber Elbazs slimming down - am sure you'd notice CGs concern is more about health than just plain looking good. It is more about maintaining themselves healthily, which I see nothing wrong about.

If it is about Rihanna - Rihanna having publicly been through violence episode, and still going back to that man, openly, is a confusing and bad message to young girls who idolize her. And if you do take strong offense about all this, am sure you take offense when gossip mags report too ? Have you gone over and commented on everyone of those 154778 magazines ?

Anonymous, I have no personal grudge with you, but it's a very plain matter - if you don't like what any blogger writes, please move ahead, move on. Please don't 'anonymously' take potshots at the blogger. Sometimes, because of a few such 'anonymous' comments, Bloggers may lose heart and interest in their work.

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, everyone, for responding to Anonymous while I slept. Apparently, she lives in a bubble where fashion and looks are never evaluated. She doesn't watch the television style pieces. She doesnt read magazines. Apparently, she thinks that style critics are miserable human beings. Lord knows where else she feels compelled to comment. Doubtful that her comments would be published where moderated. Her presence here is unwanted.

I do not wish to lock down comments for moderation as I did the last time. I am seriously considering asking for Google's help in finding and blocking her. This ugliness has no place here.

When anyone walks the red carpet in designer fashions, he or she is making a statement. Even bad publicity is publicity. They are public figures. Look at Brad. Widely and appropriately mocked for his Chanel ads, he laughed all the way to the bank. So did Chanel.

Anonymous, if you come back and comment again, you will be leaving an electronic footprint. Why don't you go terrorize another blogger for awhile.

bisbee said...

Thanks CG - I enjoy reading your comments on the Grammy looks. I watched the first segment, got bored, and changed the channel. I knew I could see everything after, including the performances on YouTube!

Regarding Rihanna's behavior - I though it was common knowledge that they were "back together" - I certainly don't follow either one of them, but even I saw that in more than one place on the Internet. Her lack of good sense is appalling, as is his behavior. Hopefully, this can be used as an example for young women of what NOT to do. Unfortunately, he is most likely going to act out again...

Nina said...

I guess I missed "anonymous'" spew - I hope it didn't upset you, CG. As you can see, your loyal readers have got your back! Evelyn made an interesting point about some celebs being overly made up, but not in the way we used to think about makeup. With the new formulations of cosmetics, it seems that it is possible to "wipe out" a lot of individuality without looking like one is obviously piling on the makeup. Hope that makes sense!
I think J.Lo is one of the most naturally beautiful celebrities, as in no plastic surgery, but she chooses to wear way too much makeup and look so hard all the time.

Nina said...

I hope that didn't sound like I was disagreeing with Evelyn - I am concurring and adding a bit!

Charlestongirl said...


Did you watch Betty White's 91st birthday party on NBC? I was so deliriously funny.

As for Rihanna's return to Chris Brown, I fear for her.

Charlestongirl said...

Be thankful, Nina. It was the same old criticism of me because I would dare to comment on someone's looks.

You made a good point about JLo. She is so stunningly beautiful that she doesn't need a lot of makeup.

There is one unfortunate truth of cameras and bright lights. They wash you out. I suspect that's one reason she and others pile on the eye makeup. Once, I had on what I thought was perfectly fine makeup for a video shoot. The MUA came along and made me look VERY made up. When I saw the film, I didn't like it. I was a hardened me in an immovable mask. She made me look older too. I was 45.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Eileen,

Ditto to most of what you added. However, in general, I was not impressed with the "creative" styles of the guests. For every great one there was, unfortunately, a kooky one. Perhaps that's the nature of musicians. :)

Charlestongirl said...

Hey there, Evelyn,

I assume you meant the eyes. As I mentioned earlier, the unforgiving lights wash out moderate makeup. In a sense, they are forced into piling on the liner and lashes.

Just think about how blah the beautiful Tilda Swinton looks at these kinds of events. In one of the best photos of her I've ever seen, she had on heavy liner. Check out this link:

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Swathi,

There certainly were some ladies who did it well - and the results were stunning. I watch for such exciting moments - the ones that make you draw in your breath and think wow!

Charlestongirl said...


You brought up an interesting point. I have never noticed her high forehead - probably because she hides it well with her draped partially over it.

Bangs...I'm going to hold my finger over her head to see how she would look. :) Sometimes, cutting bangs can be scary since they take so long to grow out.

Deb said...

I have exactly the same coloring as, skin, eyes; so naturally I think the colors she wore (dress and makeup) look great on her :) With one exception. I think the lippie is too dark. With thin lips, the darker colors make them look even thinner. I have a thin upper lip like her and the vampy colors are just a no.

Charlestongirl said...

You're right, Deb. She could have make them look larger with gloss, though.

Did you notice in that photo that her lipstick had worn off partially? That didn't help either.

You are lucky to have her gorgeous coloring!

LilyBiscuit said...

I love to watch the red carpet shows and I agree with your comments too :) When I see Rihanna with Chris Brown I fear for her safety. I had an aunt in a similar relationship years ago and it's not safe.

Mamavalveeta03 said...

We DO have your back, CG!!! I really thought Beyonce looked classy (and more covered up than I've seen her in a LONG time!! lol...). Rihanna looked beautiful, but I am so sad to see her back with her abuser. She says she's giving him a second chance, but he might not give HER a second chance!
I'm sick of Taylor Swift's "I'm so hurt by all of these nasty boys" act. And I do really think it's an act, at least at this point. Grow up, girl! You're a woman now.
And as for J Lo...I am SO weary of the "Can you all see how sexy I am?" schtick. Yes, we can, but your right leg isn't going to get it's own Twitter account. Now, dress a bit classier, please, and show off all of that natural beauty. (seriously, is there anyone prettier? Maybe Beyonce?) There. I've had my rant.