Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Coming Attraction: Giorgio Armani Beauty Flash Lacquer Lip Gloss

Giorgio Armani Beauty will be launching a new lip color called Flash Lacquer ($29), a lip gloss that looks revolutionary. I don't have a great photo, but here's what we know.

It will offer the highest reflection ever created with a lip gloss. The new elastic shine formula fills in the lips to create an extremely smooth surface. For the first time, light reflects on every point of the lips.

It provides crystal-like shine. A new generation of select, crafted oils enables the purest transparent ingredients. The base is no longer yellow (the norm), but as pure as crystal.

Flash Lacquer offers a new generation of comfort. The new approach to formulation allows the use of different light emollient oils to optimize comfort and hydration. It's said to have zero stickiness.

A combination of elastic polymers has replaced the shape and shine memory complex used to jellify the oils in a lip gloss. For the first time, the ingredient giving substance to the lip gloss truly fuses with oils, instead of absorbing them like a spongy powder. The ingredients are micro-connected, creating a continuous elastic weave. This revolutionary formula combines two exceptional properties.
  1. Thanks to a very low viscosity, the lip gloss surface is perfectly smooth.
  2. The lip veil always reshapes after a movement.
If you aren't dazzled by new technology, the color range will excite you. Flash Lacquer will be available in 36 shades!  I saw swatches in a training book, but no one would let me copy them.

There will be 12 Pure Attitude Lacquers. From candy corals to neon pinks, from the perfect red to the most glowing beiges, self-sufficient colors are blended in a pearl-free base strong color that brings attitude. The pure finish ensures elegance. The shades are 100, 106, 107, 300, 301, 400, 519, 520, 521, 522, 523, and 524.

There will be 12 Pearly Japanese Enamels. From oriental plums to cherry blossom rose, from spring corals to precious light wood hues, pretty and fragile colors fuse with a high proportion of micronized pearls. Kimono-balanced shades bring tenderness and pearly finishes ensure sophistication. The shades are 102, 103, 200, 302, 303, 500, 501, 503, 525, 526, 527, and 600.

There will be 12 Sparkling Midnight Shimmers. From madre perla to gold carat beiges, from shimmering red plums to black pearls, strong rich colors blend with luminescent pearls. Precious stone colors bring timeless style and multifaceted reflections ensure a daring statement. The shades are 108, 109, 202, 406, 505, 528, 529, 601, 607, 608, 700, and 701.

I'm betting we will find way more than one Flash Lacquer to love. If you'd like to see a photo of Lea Michelle wearing Flash Lacquer Lip Gloss in a 526, a Pearly Japanese Enamel shade at this year's People's Choice Awards, check out this link. I stumbled across it on the Web. Those celebrities get early access to everything!

Flash Lacquer will be available sometime between March and May, 2013. The conservative May estimate is Armani's. I can't wait! It will be available at Giorgio Armani Beauty's Web site and Armani counters everywhere. When I can get photos, I'll share them immediately.

There are other new Giorgio Armani Beauty products on the way. I'm very excited.

Photo courtesy of Giorgio Armani Beauty


morelikespace said...

I love the sound of these, but I'm confused as to what will happen now with the Gloss d'Armani formula. Those are my very favourite glosses and they were just launched a couple of years ago- I hope they're not being discontinued already!!!

Also hoping that Armani looks at their blush collection, since that could do with an update, at least of the colours available.

Anonymous said...

My Neiman Marcus Armani color expert shared these with me during beauty week! I cannot wait until these come out. Thanks for sharing this as I could not for the life of me remember when she said these were coming out. I'm dying to try the shimmers! Thanks so much. You are a true beauty friend, indeed:) Or an enabler (lol)...Charlotte M.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Kate,

I can ask that question.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Charlotte,

Funny/weird, the SAs can show us, they have a book full of photos, but none are available to the press? I guess it's a right hand/left hand issue.

Jo said...

That gloss looks stunning on Lea Michelle. I can't wait to play with them in person! Thanks for the heads-up. I'll be on the lookout!

Mel said...

I applaud Mr. Armani for always being innovative and you for always keeping us up with the latest beauty scoops! I am a big fan of the Armani lip products because they have wonderful colors and -most importantly- the texture is lightweight and "respectful" of my sensitive lips. I expect this new gloss formula to follow the same "Armani" principles that have made the brand so well-loved. Agh, why don't they launch tomorrow already? I can't wait!

Eileen said...

I'm also a Gloss d'Armani fan, but I'm always up for a new Armani innovation. I used the link to take a look at Lea Michelle and her lips look lovely. Shines and glosses seem to be taking over our lip looks which is just fine by me. Mattes are just so difficult for me to pull off.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Jo,

As y'all know, I am a dedicated Armani fan. I'll be playing as soon as I can get my hands on them. I fear, though, that I'll need 36 of them.

Charlestongirl said...


Mr. Armani always does it right - with everything he touches. He is the one designer who can do no wrong in my eyes.

Yes, like you, I want them NOW.

lola seicento said...

This sounds like the perfect gloss!! I can't wait to see them- though this might be somewhat tragic for my wallet-- especially since you have thoroughly convinced me that I must also have the new ETK palette #11 in my life as well! So many delightful temptations, and my resolve is weak in the face of so may pretties!!!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Eileen,

I was chuckling this afternoon, thinking that blogger won't know what hit her when she looks at today's stats. :)

I think I look horrible in matte lipstick, and the idea of a lip that's not glossy is getting scary to me. I'm such a lip gloss junkie. :)

I'm actually wearing the older Armani Lip Shimmer glosses many times/week. Thank God I still have plenty of them. Maybe the new Flash Lacquers will allow me to move on - emotionally. :)

Charlestongirl said...

Well, Lola, I am deathly afraid I'm going to need all 36 of them! What will we do?

lola seicento said...

That is my fear as well, Charleston Girl!!

Mamavalveeta03 said...

I can't believe there will be 36 colors!! How cool is that?!? And the packaging is great...that's half of it for me. I have a feeling these could become a new favorite! Thx, CG!

Evelyn said...

The Pearly and Sparkling lacquers sound absolutely made for me! lol I will definitely be in trouble when these come out.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi MamaVal,

It's almost torture to think about. How will I choose six or seven from 36?

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Evelyn,

We can start at "broke but happy" club.

Mamavalveeta03 said...

I'll be the first to sign up for your club with Evelyn! lol...