Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tom Ford Lip Color Shine Collection

I got my hands on three of Tom Ford's new Lip Color Shines ($48). I had to call Bergdorf Goodman to order them because our brand new Tom Ford "shrine" at Neiman Marcus had not received them, and the Tom Ford representative with whom I spoke could not tell me when they would arrive. So, I shopped on the phone, with a delightful woman named Keke, who helped me select a few shades.

The collection has 10 shades. Those shown above are, from left to right, Chastity, Smitten, Insidious, Frolic, Ravenous, Quiver, Willfull, Bare, Nubile, and Abandon. I scoured the Web looking at the shades while Keke and I selected three shades for me. I had asked Keke to put her card in my box - and she did. I just talked to her. I always like to have business cards so that I can work again with people I like. Not only did her card not make it to me with the lipsticks, the box had no receipt in it. Sometimes I think the packaging employees at department stores are useless (or dishonest). I'll save that discussion for another day.

Tom Ford's new lipstick-lip balm hybrid was made for me. Now, if I could only meet the master of fashion and beauty who made it for me. That would be a trip.

"Lips are a woman's most alluring and sensual feature. Luminous, semi-transparent lip color is seductive in a very kissable way," said Ford, the man who has a knack of making a woman feel sexy. [quote courtesy of].

If you're as addicted to lip balm and creamy lip colors as I am and hit the snooze button with the emergence of the bold lipstick movement, then this new collection of sheer, hint of tint Lip Color Shines will delight you. I want more shades already and plan to purchase lottery tickets this afternoon. They are pricey.

The range of shades is fabulous, so there's bound to be a shade that you will like. With help, I selected 03 Quiver, shown at left above; 07 Nubile, shown in the middle; and 08 Frolic, shown on the right. I tried to get a good color range with my three choices.

I took swatch photos in full, morning sunshine. It was bright and windy. I'm glad these tubes are square. They didn't roll around on me. The shades are shown on my arm in the order listed above, with Quiver at the top of my arm, Nubile in the middle, and Frolic at the bottom. The bright sun washed the shades out a tiny bit - but not significantly. They are sheer.

As promised, these lipsticks are like tinted balms - but they offer much more color than tinted balms. They are definitely sheer, shiny, and hydrating. Quiver is a beautiful girly pink. Nubile is brown with a hint of rose - enough to make it look very natural on the lips. You could call it rosewood. Frolic is a juicy peach that will thrill peach lovers (and those who like warm pinks).

Click on these photos to enlarge them so that you can see the richness of the transparent shades. I'm smitten.

I thought Abandon might be a fun shade to purchase after I saw Charlotte Tibury wearing it in a photo (backstage at a Tom Ford show) at the Telegraph feature. Keke steered me away from Abandon after I told her that I didn't want anything too orange. She said it does not look nude like it appears in this photo. I got the sense that it was definitely orange - and not all that exciting. I can see for myself once the collection shows up locally.

If you are a devoted fan of sheer, shiny, creamy lip colors, you will love Tom Ford's new Lip Color Shine Collection. You can purchase it today at Bergdorf Goodman. Eventually, it will arrive at all Tom Ford counters and online.

Photos at top and bottom courtesy of; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Anahita said...

So glad you reviewed these. I think a call to BG might be in order. How do these compare to the By Terry lip sheers? If you had to choose which ones would it be and why?

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anahita,

They are quite different. These are much more sheer than the By Terry lipsticks.

Eileen said...

I've been looking forward to this release ever since I heard TF was coming out with a "shine" type of lip product. As much as I love TF lipstick, it is full coverage and more of an evening look for me. During the day, I definitely gravitate to products that are sheer to medium in coverage, and if the product is nurturing like a balm, so much the better. Now that I've seen your swatches, I can feel lipstick lust kicking into overdrive! LOL You've got a great selection of colors, Charlestongirl. They look beautiful with your skin tone. Quiver and Frolic were already on my must see list, but Nubile came as a delightful surprise. My lips are a medium rose to begin with, so I think Nubile will look lovely. Ah, yes, I definitely see a visit to the TF counter in my future.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Eileen!

I'll bet you love Nubile. I love that term "lipstick lust." :)

AwwRITE! said...

I know that you don't choose favorites, but how do these compare (in terms of texture and longevity) to the Guerlain Shine Automatiques?

Charlestongirl said...


These TF shades have less pigment.

Isla said...

What about compared to Chanel Rouge Coco shines?

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Isla,

Not even close. Rouge Coco Shine is a "real lipstick." These are a hybrid between lipstick and balm.

Anonymous said...

i've got chastity and willful today. loving the #1 more than my opinion it's not as good as their old range lipstick.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anonymous,

I don't even know how you could make a comparison with TF's regular lipstick. This is a totally different type of product. Perhaps it's not the best for your preferences? If that is the case, I understand that to you, it's not as good.

Wwendalynne said...

So excited about this new TF product. I already have a TF lipstick wardrobe..huge Tom Ford fan~

Question: I've recently picked up a couple of YSL Rouge Volupte Shines (15- Corail Intuitive and 13 Pink in Paris). They look very similar perhaps to the first two TF Color Shines in your photograph. Are they very similar in texture and coverage? Second: I am also eyeballing the Giorgio Armani 2013 Sheer Lippie in #100 which you also reviewed. How similar is this to the TF product? I'm just trying to sort out how to best manage my wants with my needs as much as I want it all. Thanks so much!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Wwendalynne,

Any of the lipsticks designed to be part lipstick and part lip balm will have similarities. I love that we have a whole new category of lip color!

Why not try one from each brand?

Scentabulous said...

Received Insudious and Frolic ... Sad!!! Neither shows on my pigmented lips. Too sheet, IMHO ....

AnnOF said...

I tried two colors - Smitten and Chastity. They very nice but nothing special.