Thursday, February 3, 2011

One Night Set

Are you one of those gals who loves to party, but hates it when her makeup disappears half way through the fun? You're going to find the One Night Set ($24.95) a lifeline. It's got everything you need to refresh your look - all in a tiny case that will slip into your evening bag without adding weight. Don't want to take the whole case with you? The palette will fit into a wallet.

You know I've panned some of the extremely expensive, credit card-sized palettes as a waste of money, despite the gorgeousness of the colors. One Night's palette is one I can recommend. The price is right.

Sent to me to test while I was totally laid up after knee surgery, I finally started to play with it about two weeks ago. The verdict? I like it. I think it's a good investment if you want "take-it-with-you" makeup. Would I use it at home? No, I have better colors and better tools, but who doesn't? At work or during a night out, I have found myself fumbling for anything that would serve as an eye shadow brush. Had I had my One Night Set with me, I would have been ready for anything.

The One Night Set is a complete credit card-sized kit that includes all you need on the go: concealer, eye shadow, eyeliner, powder, bronzer, lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, and even a brow tint. It's packed in a small black pouch with five brushes to apply exactly what you need where you need it. It will even last awhile despite its small size. The cosmetics are made in New York (not China!) from the highest quality material, under careful attention to quality. This kit fits in the smallest clutches. Just drop in your ID and a credit card, and you are ready for a night on town or a trip. You can leave behind your treasure chest of cosmetics - or in my case, about three pounds of makeup.

I have the Fair Skin Set, which is perfect for my skin tone. The sets are also available in neutral, medium, tan, and medium tan, so there should be one for most skin tones. Fair Skin didn't yield the best swatches. The concealers, for example, almost disappear into my skin. That said, here are all the shades in the Fair Skin Set swatched (my photo was taken outside in sun, and I applied each shade with a sponge-tipped applicator). The two concealers are shown at the top of my arm. You can't see one at all; it matches my skin tone perfectly. The other, more tan than I am, is below it. You can barely see that shade in the photo. If neither matches you perfectly, mix them a la Laura Mercier. It will work perfectly.

Moving left to right on the top row (see palette above), there are the two concealers, an eye shadow in light brown, and eye liner in black. On the lower row, there is a white powder, bronzer in a good shade for fair skin types, lipstick in a gorgeous rosy pink, and lip gloss in a very light, neutral pink. There is a tiny black mascara included in the case, along with blond brow tint with a mascara wand. The case also includes a tiny set of applicators. You wouldn't choose to use them at home, but when you need a brush, they could be enormously useful.

Here are some tips from One Night Cosmetics for using the set
  • We provide two shades of concealer for you to mix to match your shade or use individually. Let's face it, our skin changes colors sometimes, and we need options. The concealers also work fabulously as an eye shadow base.
  • The cake eyeliner is great either wet for a more defined look or dry for a smoky look. It also works great as an eye shadow.
  • The Shine Control (white powder) is a must have when you are everywhere. It goes on clear and will take that shine away.
  • Use the bronzer either all over the face for a sun-kissed look or as a blush on your cheeks.
  • Apply the lipstick and the lip gloss together to customize your shade.
  • On those special occasions when you are carrying the tiniest of clutches, just take the compact without the pouch. It will fit into virtually anything, including most wallets.
Interested? You can find a One Night Set at One Night Cosmetics online. Party on!

Update: This is nice. One Night Cosmetics is offering you a $3.00 discount on your purchase. Just use the coupon code "bestthingsinbeauty" without the quotes at their Web store.

Photo at top courtesy of One Night Cosmetics

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