Thursday, August 27, 2009

Armani Everything - Crema Nera and the New OMC3

Giorgio Armani Beauty has introduced a new Crema Nera OMC3 (that's cubed, but I have no idea how to do superscripts in Blogger). The new Crema Nera has an SPF of 15 (protecting against both UVA and UVB rays), so it's basically a day cream - lightweight in feel, but with heavy-duty effectiveness. It's priced at $185, which is less expensive than the first suite of Crema Nera products.

Before I get to the new OMC3, let me tell you just a little about Crema Nera, "created by nature using the secret of the volcano." From the island of Pantelleria, Italy, known as the Black Pearl of the Mediterranean, obsidian, the inspiration for Crema Nera, is a rock extracted from petrified lava that contains four concentrated minerals essential to life. The unique mineral combination helps to stimulate cell metabolism, leading to a fresher, plumper, denser, and brighter-looking you. I use several of the Crema Nera products, including the Regenerating Cream, the Obsidian Mineral Restoring Serum, and the Mineral Hydrating Lotion. I like them so much, I should probably review them on their own.

The new targeted anti-aging OMC3 treatment is designed to restructure, replenish, and re-plump the skin for women (and men) concerned with wrinkles, firmness, and sagging. Its active ingredients are the OMC3 complex, a combination of perlite solute, iron, and silicium - the latter two being anti-aging, cell-regenerating minerals; pro-xylane, which stimulates the production of glycosaminoglycans, important to the function of connective tissue; and hyaluronic acid (a must-use topical hydrator). I won't bore you with the biology lesson. This is "good stuff" for the skin!

Crema Nera OMC3 is said to add density, firmness, and structure to the skin by working at three levels: the epidermis, dermo-epidermal junction, and the dermis. Basically, the three essential ingredients in OMC3 are believed to repair the skin by acting on different types of collagen, increasing collagen production. The results? In a four-week test, 81% of the participants experienced increased firmness, 73% experienced a decrease in the appearance of wrinkles (imagine pushing them out from the inside), and 73% had improved density.

The Crema Nera OMC3 is available at the Armani Beauty Web site and will be at Saks Fifth Avenue, or wherever Armani Beauty products are sold, this month. I hear Saks will have deluxe samples so customers can try before making the commitment - a very smart (and self-confident) strategy!

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Photo courtesy of Armani Beauty.


Anonymous said...

what does it smell like?

Charlestongirl said...

To my nose, it has almost no real scent (fortunately). It smells like the other Crema Nera products, which are mild, and any fragrance on application is gone within seconds.