Sunday, August 23, 2009

Follow-up on Sisley Supremÿa Cream

A follow up on Sisley Supremya Cream, which I blogged last week...

I did get my hands on a "deluxe" sample at Saks, courtesy of Loyd. The sample has about three face and neck applications, and it lasts about three nights when used as directed. It's very hard to judge a product after only three nights, but I will tell you what I can below.

I wish I had talked to Marilyn Schubert before I used it. Marilyn is a beauty pro at Neiman Marcus at Tysons Corner. She works at the Chanel and Sisley counters, although she's in the know about everything. She's a perfect skin care adviser - has beautiful skin, is honest, and has great information. Marilyn said that the smart customers had used their samples on targeted areas, and they massaged the product into their skin. For example, one woman used it for a week on the areas around her mouth where she had pesky wrinkles. After that one-week test, the woman returned, and the beauty gals were amazed at the difference. Her skin was plumped, and the wrinkles were noticeably absent. Wow! Then a second woman came in with the same targeted results. Marilyn is a no-hype adviser, and if she saw the results, I believe her.

What can I tell you after three nights of wantonly wasting the product on areas of my face that didn't need $750 help? I liked the feel (it's light, so I added a hydrating cream over it, which I now understand I shouldn't have done); it smelled great (a very nice Sisley-type botanical and ever-so-slightly healthy medicinal scent); and my skin tone might have been more "even" by the third day (meaning that my "natural" redness was reduced). That's hard to evaluate because I have been using La Mer's The Radiant Facial, and I am not sure whether the Sisley product made a significant contribution after three nights. You just can't do an objective test when you are mixing products.

Now I need another sample so that I can use it Marilyn's way (targeted and without another product over top). It's going to take results to get me to pony up $750. Any Sisley reps out there?

Photo courtesy of Sisley.


Anonymous said...

Hello do you have the ingredients list? I mean I am not paying that price without at least looking at the ingredients first.

Kind regards


Charlestongirl said...

The perfect question, Shelly! I have no idea, and I was told that Sisley won't divulge all the ingredients because there is a patent pending. I am going to a Sisley event tomorrow night, so I will try to find out - for all of us.

What's fascinating is that I did get my hands on a second sample...I am using it on a targeted area around my mouth...and I am seeing a difference. That's astounding me.

So now I am really curious. Like you, I have to know what's in it and why the ingredient works before I spend that kind of money.