Saturday, October 24, 2009

Annick Goutal's Petite Cherie

I wear Annick Goutal's perfume for children. I wonder how many other women do! This week, WWD wrote that baby beauty products are popular with adults. A poll by Johnson & Johnson revealed that more and more consumers are hitting the baby aisle for their needs.

Petite Cherie has a place in my perfume rotation. It's a beautiful, light, fruity-floral fragrance with notes of peach, pear, musk rose, vanilla, and freshly cut grass. It has been described as pure, sweet, darling, and irresistible. I agree and add fresh. There are no "hidden agendas" or scary base notes.

Annick Goutal says it stirs the senses and moves the heart. It's not just for babies. Try it sometime!

You can find this fragrance discounted, so shop around. Nordstrom has a holiday gift set right now. For $80, you get not only the Eau de Toilette (normally $61.99 to $80, depending on seller), but also a body cream. The Eau de Parfum is normally $160, but you can purchase it for less than $93 at by using the 10% discount pop-up window. It's also available in a beautiful butterfly bottle at Yahoo Shopping for $23.94.

Update: See comments. Anna knows her fragrance history! Much better than my sales person.

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Unknown said...

I just got this perfume this month and I love it, I just get a clean pear scent. Very nice and last quite a bit too, which is surprising to me. I dont consider it children's perfume, though- I believe Goutal made it for her daughter when she was 18.

Charlestongirl said...

Glad you like it too! You are absolutely I will take my sales person to task [wink]. Here's what I just found on Annick Goutal's own Web site.

"Annick Goutal created Petite Chérie for her daughter Camille, her ‘little darling' or ‘Petite Chérie' in French, as she became a young woman. A combination of sweet and gourmet notes, Petite Chérie is a fantastic concentration of youth."

Charlestongirl said...

So, Anna, I called my "crack" fragrance sales person and asked why she thought the perfume was developed for baby daughter, not 18-year-old daughter. She said they had told her that in training, so I had to give her a "pass."

It's a good thing we have fragrance "historians," like you, out there to keep me honest. Not that I don't make mistakes - ever! It's just so embarrassing to make one in print! :)

I was beating myself up, so I went and sprayed Petite Cherie on myself and felt better. Then, with an evening cocktail, I felt even better!

Unknown said...

oh no, it wasnt my intention to point out a mistake, i was just curious why the sales person was saying it is a child's fragrance- i guess you could consider a teen a child, though. i am sort of a perfumaniac, and i used to work at a fragrance counter so i always test and read about fragrances :)
i do love this scent- is is very simple but elegant at the same time.

Charlestongirl said...

I'm glad you pointed it out, Anna - I learned something! Thank you.