Wednesday, October 28, 2009

butter LONDON's New ReVamp Collection

ReVamp is a great name for this new nail lacquer collection from butter LONDON. Vamp, of course, is Chanel's iconic red-black polish. The Vamp-inspired ReVamp Collection, priced at $40, offers four of the latest deep, dark, "in" nail colors.

Just a few words about butter LONDON...The salon's founder, Sasha Muir, felt there was a bridge market between high-end and low-end nail care salons and products. Once she mapped out her business strategy, Creative Director Nonie Creme joined the team to design the signature non-toxic products that are the hallmark of the butter LONDON brand.

The Company stormed the fashion scene this season with the introduction of British Racing Green ($14) nail lacquer at the New York shows. British Racing Green is one of my all-time favorite colors: for cars, clothing, insignias - you name it, I love the color. The beautiful dark green butter LONDON shade has already been heralded by Vogue, W, Lucky, and other magazines.

Back to ReVamp. Here are the descriptions of ReVamp from butter LONDON's Web site.
  • Princes Plums: The perfect bluey-purple, royal purple. Rich and deep, just like a prince.
  • Union Jack Black: Jet black and uber-glossy, this goes on like liquid patent leather. Be warned, you may have the sudden urge to wear six-inch stilettos and carry a riding crop.
  • Big Smoke: London’s finest. Mildly metallic navy blue that’s as naughty as a night in a smoky pub.
  • La Moss: Vampy and full of red wine, just like its inspiration.
The shades look cool and sound cool. What's also cool is the 30% discount you can get through November 30 by using Lucky's special discount code for butter LONDON: LUCKYBREAKS11. My thanks to Best Things in Beauty reader, Chloe, for reminding us!

So, check out butter LONDON, and don't forget to use that fabulous discount code!

Photo courtesy of butter LONDON

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