Friday, October 16, 2009

Bobbi Brown's New Lip Treat Sets for Holiday

Bobbi Brown always introduces lip sets for the holidays. This year, the Tube Tint Trio ($28) is the nicest three-pack in my book. Coming in second place is the Lip Gloss Trio ($40).

These are the Tube Tint Shades, which come in a cute little gift box.
  • Cherry (very sheer red)
  • Blossom (sheet pink)
  • Twilight Shimmer (brown mauve)
Loyd and I were cruising through the counter aisles looking for little Friends & Family treats at Saks, and we checked out both new sets. The Lip Glosses are the old (or regular) formula with that brush that I wrote in an earlier post can splay out with use (I love the doe-foot applicators Bobbi introduced in her new Rich Color Gloss). The Tube Tints are a staple in my makeup bag, so they had that going for them. Additionally, we swooned over the beauty of Twilight Shimmer. So, into the "shopping bag" they went.

Nicely packaged, these make perfect gifts for the holidays. While Friends & Family is still a happening thing this weekend, I may have to buy more of them. I won't be able to give up the set I bought yesterday!

You can find these at the Bobbi Brown Web site or at any Bobbi counter.

Photo courtesy of Bobbi Brown

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