Friday, October 16, 2009

Purina and Susan G. Komen: Cat Chow Sales to Benefit Breast Cancer

Now and then, you know I go off message! "But we've been talking about breast cancer awareness this month, right?"

Did you think Purina is only interested in selling pet food? Not so! Purina is heavily involved in raising awareness about breast cancer. This is the second year Purina Cat Chow is supporting Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a global leader of the breast cancer movement. Purina is donating $200,000 (serious money) to the Komen crusade and wants involved cat lovers everywhere to participate with their stories and photos with their cats.

A national survey indicated 84% of breast cancer patients with cats found respondents were soothed during their battles with breast cancer, and 76% found kitty calmed them daily during treatment. Well, of course! What cat person doesn't cuddle with kitty when times get tough?

You can read Joan Lowell Smith's entire article about breast cancer survivors, their best friends, and Purina at this link.

In the interests of full disclosure [wink], my babies eat Fancy Feast, Science Diet Sensitive Stomach, and Pounce treats. Savannah, who is epileptic, also eats phenobarbital to reduce seizure frequency.

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