Thursday, October 15, 2009

Leslie Blodgett's Perfume Diaries

Leslie Blodgett's Perfume Diaries in Bare Skin ($55 for the Eau de Parfum Spray) is finally available at Sephora. A whole bunch of us have been waiting to sample!

Legions of fans know Leslie Blodgett as the inspirational, passionate beauty icon behind Bare Escentuals - the woman who put mineral makeup on the map. Now, Leslie Blodgett is introducing her own collection of fragrances created exclusively for Sephora.

Sephora describes Bare Skin, the first introduction in the diaries, as warm, romantic, and spontaneous. I'll add seductive.

Here's Sephora's description, with my editorial comments in brackets.

Imagine you're on a tropical beach [I'm there]. The warm rays are beating down on you. There is nothing on the agenda for days, save for sunbathing [with sunscreen, please], sipping umbrella drinks [may I please have coconut slices, pineapple flavors and lots of rum in my drinks, and some munchies too? that's how they treated me in Barbados], and sleeping in [can I depart for the beach now?]. Leslie Blodgett captured the ultimate vacation through fragrance with this intoxicating blend [how many umbrella drinks can I have?] of creamy sensuality, dreamy florals, and sexy musks.

Seriously, this limited-edition fragrance has top notes of black pepper, freesia, and anise; middle notes of iris, vanilla orchid, plumeria, and patchouli; and base notes of sandalwood, musk, and labdanum. This is a spicy one, with some tropical and very fragrant florals mixed in. In addition to the spray, there's a solid perfume and a body cream available at Sephora.

You can learn more about the Perfume Diaries, including Leslie's next fragrance introduction, Santa Barbara, at her own Web site. You should also enter Leslie's contest (between October 16 and 23) to win a trip to Hawaii. Just go to her Perfume Diaries Facebook page for more information.

Photos courtesy of Sephora and Leslie Blodgett

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