Sunday, October 11, 2009

Best Drugstore Beauty: Revlon's Colorstay 12-Hour Eye Shadow

Today, we start a regular series, Best Drugstore Beauty. It seems right for the times. Although Best Things in Beauty has featured drugstore makeup in the past, we will title the features that way going forward. Today, we offer the first official installment.

Looking for a superior, long-wear powder eye shadow at your local drugstore? Look no further than Revlon's Colorstay 12-Hour Eye Shadow quads! Priced at $6.99 at, these quads are a bargain. This week, CVS has a BOBO offer on all Revlon cosmetics.

My favorite is Starlight, with fairly true color swatches shown immediately above. These are cool, eye-opening colors that can enhance your everyday look without the drama that can look bizarre in some offices (fashion industry excluded).

The formula is waterproof, and I can testify that it's long-lasting. Remember, though, that I always wear a shadow primer - not only to camouflage any redness in my eyelids, but also to give my shadows "sticking power." I recommend primer to everyone.

These Revlon shadows blend easily, making them a shadow mixer's dream. They also have a great soft texture - some would say creamy.

The Revlon Colorstay quads are available in 19 color families, although your local store may not carry all of them. The Nude Elements quad is warmer, but still subtle, and Neutral Kahkis and Priceless Metals are great fun for trying different looks. What a fabulous way to experiment without breaking the bank! You should find them wherever Revlon products are sold.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget that there are Revlon coupons in the Sunday paper on top of BOGO at CVS. By the way, Kathy Shoreham is my new best friend and I bought the new LRP face stuff from her.

Anonymous said...

make that Kathy Shoreman.

Charlestongirl said...

I know Kathy Shoreman! She's a CVS superstar. Literally the best beauty manager for CVS I have ever met. You are in good hands!

BTW, there are Revlon coupons in some of the latest mags too.