Monday, October 5, 2009

Birthday Treats

Beauty and fashion companies treat you very well when you celebrate a birthday! More and more companies are sending birthday gifts or special offers to birthday girls. There is a reward for providing your birth date when registering at your favorite sites.

I'm sure that all beauty addicts know that Sephora sends a present with any order during your birthday month. This year, it was a trio of Sephora lip glosses - much nicer, in my opinion, than the Philosophy product I declined in prior years (was a fragrance that didn't move me).

This year, I was surprised by the many September birthday offers I received. I took advantage of Lancome's generous offer - five full-sized lipsticks with a $35 purchase. Very nice colors!

What else was offered for my birthday month? Estee Lauder sent free shipping. Paula's Choice sent 10% off all orders. Dove has a birthday-month sweepstakes; I didn't enter, but only because I forgot. sent a 10% discount ( wine is good for you!). Shu Uemura offered a full-size lip duo tint and gloss, a $32 value with a $50 order. La Mer offered a travel-sized Cleansing Lotion, free shipping, and a choice of two samples. Prescriptives offered a deluxe sample of Super Line Preventor Xtreme and free standard shipping on any order. Ralph Lauren sent a cute card (with music) and free shipping on any order.

What a nice way to reward your customers!

Photo courtesy of Lancome

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