Thursday, October 1, 2009

La Mer's New Hydrating Facial

La Mer has a new mask, and it's a luxurious treat! The Hydrating Facial ($250 for six treatments) is everything you would expect from a La Mer mask.

Each treatment consists of a two-piece cotton mask. The top mask has eye slits and covers from the hair line down to the cheekbones. The bottom mask has nose and mouth slits, overlaps the top, and covers the rest of the face. Each of the mask pieces is saturated - almost dripping - with hydrating ingredients based on La Mer's signature marine algae extracts, tourmaline, lipids, and plant extracts (avocado oil and melon).

The directions do seem awkward, but it's easy to apply. I got the hang of it with The Radiant Facial. The mask, left on to do its work for eight minutes, is relaxing. After I removed the face pieces, I used the excess product (and there was a lot left) to massage the remaining lotion into my face, neck, and chest. Naturally, you follow with Crème de la Mer. Each treatment yields at least one blissful week of smooth, supple, and hydrated skin. It's a great boost for this time of year, as the air starts to dry out, taking your skin with it.

My feelings about the price of the La Mer masks haven't changed since my mid-August posting. Anyone who gets facials would pay $250 - probably much more - for six weeks of facials, and I like the do-it-yourself approach. I can have a facial on my own schedule, at home, and when I am ready to relax. No appointments, no waiting, and no post-treatment redness.

I got lucky this time - I had a gift certificate. The Hydrating Facial was indeed a gift to to this dry-skinned La Mer addict. It perked me right up - and my skin looked great too [wink]!

The Hydrating Facial is available in stores now! You can find it at La Mer's Web site, Saks, Neiman Marcus, and wherever La Mer products are sold.

Photo courtesy of La Mer.


Marci said...

I just tried it - loved it!!!!!

This mask is the best.

Anonymous said...

cool hydrating facial!