Saturday, October 17, 2009

ATOPALM - The Remedy for Dry, Sensitive, Reactive Skin

Years ago, my skin was in rebellion. It looked tired and lifeless; it reacted to nearly everything; it peeled without sun exposure; it was red. I had eczema. Not a pretty sight!

I did some online research and came across the ATOPALM products. Am I happy I did! ATOPALM, advertised for dry, sensitive, and mature skin, eczema, and rosacea, was a skinsaver for me.

Why ATOPALM? The line is a safe alternative, without side effects, to steriodal treatments and other physician-prescribed remedies (these can be great, but costly). Here's some information from the company.

Common and severe skin disorders are related to an abnormal skin barrier function. In addition, harmful environmental factors, harsh cleansers, and other products can strip the skin of lipids (essential in skin protection). The technology behind ATOPALM - MLE (Multi-Lamellar Emulsion), is the latest breakthrough in skin-care technology that replenishes lipids and restores skin's own barrier function allowing it to repair itself and therefore protect your skin more effectively.

The effectiveness of ATOPALM MLE Cream on dry skin, itching, erythema, scales, lichenification, and stretch marks is shown below. After four weeks of using ATOPALM, symptoms improved by 72.6% (scales), 58.6% (itching), 52.5% (dry skin), 52.5% (lichenification), 47.7% (erythema), 35.6% (stretch marks). Some significant improvement was already seen by the second week.

You can see some before and after images at this SkinStore link.

There is a whole line of products. I started with the ATOPALM MLE Cream ($36), one I highly recommend. I used this cream for months. It healed me! There are lots of ATOPALM products available, so you can select the one that you need. For example, you might want to try the Body Wash ($25) if your problems are not on your face.

Check out the entire ATOPALM line at, where you can receive a 20% discount during October with code OCT20. If you need ATOPALM, you will be glad you did. If you simply want a very gentle, effective skin care treatment, you will find it with ATOPALM.

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Unknown said...

Hello CG! Just curious if you are still using ATOPALM MLE cream. What skin care products do you use and recommend for mature, dry/sensitive skin?
I am always looking for what works for others with dry/sensitive & reactive skin types.

Thank you!