Monday, October 5, 2009

Avon Island Breeze Eyeshadow Quad Winner

Esti G. (who was notified by e-mail) was the winner of our Avon Island Breeze Eyeshadow Quad. Congratulations, Esti!

As promised,, a random number generator selected our winner. Every entrant had an equal chance to win that way.

I learned that Best Things in Beauty readers range in age from 19 to 60. Wow! That's quite a range.

Some of your e-mails were hilarious - probably because I have a few more years behind me than most of you. Here are just of the few entries that gave me a heartwarming chuckle. I love you all!

"I am but a feeble 19. And still working at Shaw's. What has become of my life? Err anyways, that Avon Quad looks very purrty and I'd love to win. Please and thank you!" Feeble, hon, at 19? No way!

"I am proud to admit I am 49 fabulous years old. And damn, doesn't that eyeshadow quad look like Chanel???" Yes - 49 and fabulous - love that attitude!

"OK, I'll be honest, but promise you won't laugh! I'm probably your oldest reader...I could probably teach classes on the history of cosmetics! LOL! Here goes--I'm 56 years old!!! (EEEKKK!) Thanks for the giveaway, dear." We could teach that class together, my friend.

Our next giveaway contest starts this week, and it's a stunner. Stay tuned!

Photo courtesy of Avon


Loopy said...

Aww man! Thank you so much!
And I'd TOTALLY take a history of cosmetics class! I bet I could learn some fun styles from the older ladies! YAYYYYYY!!!

Charlestongirl said...

Hope you enjoy it!

Marci said...

Too funny! A feeble 19? Remember when we all wanted to be older, only to find that once we were older, we wanted to be younger?

Love the skin you're in!!