Monday, October 19, 2009

Distracting Plastic Surgery

I was home today, on a rare vacation Monday, and happened by the television, which I had forgotten to turn off after the news. There was Suzanne Somers, promoting her new book, Knockout, Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer.

I had one of those OMG moments. She looked bloated. Her once pretty face was puffy, and her lips were beyond "inflated." Wanting validation of my suspicions, I found these photos and an article, published a few months ago, about her multiple surgeries at

Suzanne was discussing her book Knockout and urging viewers to stay healthy by making healthy lifestyle decisions. She was also promoting alternative cancer treatments, and that's where it can get scary. I won't comment on the scientific basis for her opinions - that's best left to physicians. But it's hard to take her seriously when she looks like a train wreck.

I felt so sorry for her (she is a cancer survivor, after all). Surely she owns a mirror? Plastic surgery and other cosmetic treatments can be fabulous - when done well. They can restore a woman's self-esteem and confidence and kick-start a career. When done poorly, they can have the opposite effects. I couldn't even listen to her message because her face was so distracting.

If you do consider surgical treatment or injections, do your homework! There are plenty of ways to find the best doctors.

Photos courtesy of BumpShack


Anonymous said...

sad, sad, sad...

Charlestongirl said...

I'll second that!