Thursday, October 15, 2009

Giorgio Armani Beauty Crystal Palette for Holiday 2009

The Giorgio Armani Beauty Crystal Palette for Holiday 2009 ($98) arrived last week at Saks in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Thinking that professional photographs of it would show up online within days, I waited to tell you about it.

Wait no longer - I couldn't contain my excitement, so I took my own photos - in less than ideal conditions, given that I always get my best shots outdoors, but it's pouring. Here's are photos of this bejewled beauty taken in the best light I could find inside.

The sleek black case is ornamented with black and "diamond" crystals, making the presentation of this compact elegant. Of course, it comes in its own little black pouch. What's even more impressive to me, though, is the top layer of this two-level compact. The gorgeous shiny highlighting powder is "similarly attired," but with powder crystals. This powder is a stunner - in the case or on the skin! It leaves a holiday sparkle.

It gets better! The eye shadows in the bottom level are four of the prettiest shades I have ever seen combined - simply perfect. Arrayed just like the Armani eye shadow quads, the subtly shiny colors (top to bottom) are - to my eye - a taupe, silver-grey, light teal, and dark chocolate. The darkest color, what I'm calling dark chocolate, can be used as an accent color, a liner, or a regular shadow (you can build this shade from light to dark). The teal is a greyed-teal, perfect for your lid color or as an accent, depending on the look you are trying to create. The taupe is so versatile, I know I'll wear it out. The silver-grey is a perfect highlighter for your eyes. It's love.

Look out, Loyd, I think I'm coming back for another one of these palettes. I am feeling the urge to hoard!

Saks Chevy Chase has the Crystal Palette for Holiday in store; I suspect other Saks stores do too. Remember that it's Friends & Family as Saks this weekend. I'm sure that the Armani Web site and other stores carrying Armani Beauty will have this stunning palette soon.

Pitiful photos by BTiB


Trisha said...

The palette eyeshadows look beautiful. I think I need this. Wish the Armani site had it available!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't find the palette at any sites. But I find the lipstick from this holiday collection at nordstrom.

Charlestongirl said...

I am pretty surprised that Armani's Web site STILL has not put up the palette! If you want it, you can order it from Saks by calling Loyd Cassler at (240) 497-5206. He can have one sent to you. I will try to find out when the Armani site will make it available, and update in these comments.