Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chantecaille's Bengali Palette

Ever lusted after something you felt you just couldn't afford at that moment? This is it for me! Chantecaille's gorgeous Bengali Palette ($117) is going to have to wait for another paycheck (I have spent some serious money on new cosmetics this month).

The Royal Bengal Tigers on the blush and highlighter are so classy, and the four "jungle inspired" eye shadows are colors I would wear. With a pearl finish to the colors, this natural-look palette is perfect.

The blush is a radiant peach, and the gold highlighter is a great complement. The Lasting Eyeshades include a luscious jungle green, pale silver, deep brown, and golden copper. All Lasting Eyeshades have a silky, easily blendable texture, allowing them to be applied in varying degrees of intensity - something I really like.

Even better than fabulous makeup (if that's possible), sales of this special-edition palette benefit TRAFFIC, an organization that supports efforts to protect the wild tiger. Had I been the Virginian who won Mega Millions last night, I would purchase the palette today and send a check to TRAFFIC. We can't allow the big cats to die!

Chantecaille has a deep concern for our endangered environment and the many animals at risk. You can read about their philanthropy at this link. I love Sylvie, Olivia, and Alex for it! I met Sylvie and Olivia at Neiman Marcus a few years ago, and they made a lasting impression on me. My kind of women!

You can purchase this palette and compacts that benefit the animal kingdom at the Chantecaille Web site, Neiman Marcus, or locations listed at this link.

Photo courtesy of Chantecaille


Sherry B. said...

I have also lusted after this palette ever since I first saw it, but alas, it's way out of reach for my tiny budget! I especially approve of the worthy cause it supports as I have been worried about the dwindling numbers of the beautiful "big cats" for years. Really wish I was able finacially to buy this and do my bit for the cause!

Charlestongirl said...

I know how you feel, Sherry. I have been scheming to come up with some extra cash for this and a few more of the fall cosmetic specials! I love Chantecaille products, so I know I'll purchase this soon if it's still available.

I wish I could win that lottery! I'd buy one for a giveaway.

What you can do for the price of a few stamps (or the time of an e-mail) is encourage President Obama, your representatives in Congress, and your two senators to do everything possible to protect the big cats. We can make a difference!