Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Catching Up: My Weekend Stroll around the Internet, Finally!

With multiple events Saturday, I found myself without enough time to publish a weekend stroll through some great beauty features. With apologies for my delay, here are some blog posts that have recently caught my attention. I've had an extra two days to browse!

Beauty Black Book had a great comparison of Dior's Vernis Silver Lake nail color, developed to celebrate Allure magazine's 20th anniversary, and Chanel's Graphite. She made me want Silver Lake.

The Non-Blonde also turned me into a lemming. Now I need Sue Devitt's Eye Intensifier Pencil in Surat. I had never seen the color. Once I did, I realized I couldn't live without it. As for the darling kitty? Looks like Savannah, except Savvy has very green eyes. Adorable!

I've been preparing a feature on Revlon's new Colorburst Lip Butters. I bought them last month on a whim, and I really like them. So does Café Makeup. Think of yourself as a brand snob? These new lip lovelies could change your mind.

Fab over Forty featured AVEENO's Eczema Therapy. I used to have eczema and would love to have had this moisturizer then. It's probably a great moisturizer for anyone with sensitive skin. I must remember it.

Speaking of skin care, Daly Beauty discovered a fab foaming cleanser. She's officially in love.

I never tire of looking at Beauty Look Book's beautiful photographs, even when I have the same products! Check out her amazing photos of Le Métier de Beauté's Merry Metallics, one of the two nail lacquer gift sets by Ken Downing for the holidays.

I love Tarte Cosmetics, and I love cream eye shadows. Gouldylox Reviews showed a must-have set for the holidays: Eye Candy Shadow Sticks. I'd buy the set just for Champagne.

Check out Blondy Candy's makeover by Guerlain National Makeup Artist Marcus Monson - exquisite!

I enjoyed watching EauMG's video review of Etat Libre d'Orange Jasmine & Cigarette Eau de Parfum. You can almost smell it when you watch and listen.

Olfactoria's Travels made me wish for another fragrance to arrive at my door. Find out why I think I need Enlèvement au Serail by Parfums MCDI.

Messy Wands looks gorgeous in Giorgio Armani Beauty's Gloss d'Armani in Plum #604 from the holiday collection. You must see it on her.

Fruity Lashes gave us a preview of Jill Stuart's Spring 2012 collection, and it looks seriously stunning. See if you can resist.

Time4Beauty featured byTerry's Lumiere Veloutee Lumi-Diffusing Ultra-Correcting Liquid Foundation. I need to swing by the new counter at Bloomingdale's to see it.

MAKE UP FOR EVER opened a boutique in Los Angeles! See a photo at Product Girl and weep if you don't live near there.

I've always wondered about DivaDebbi. Since we've never met in person, I have imagined a great girlfriend. Now I've realized she's got a zany streak! She threw out makeup. Yes! Tossed it. Find out why.

That's all for now. I'll try to write my stroll on time this coming weekend.

Photo by Best Things in Beauty


Leigh said...

Good choice! Dior Silver Lake is already on its way to me. I also threw in Gris Montaigne and NY 57th. Are you feeling a theme?

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Leigh!

Yes, there is a theme there. :)

time4beauty said...

Thanks for such an interesting difes =)
When you go to look at byTerry, please, let me know what do you think about other foundations.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for including me in your roundup!
So many beautiful things coming up before Christmas... :)

Charlestongirl said...

Time4beauty, I'm an Armani foundation loyalist. Even though I try, and like, others, I keep returning to Armani. The byTerry caught my eye because it looked so good on you!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Olfactoria!

Too many things...all the temptations are making me yearn for more money. A lot more money!

DivaDebbi said...

CG, thanks for your kind words! I am nothing if not a "Girls Girl", always have been. Though I did throw out a ton, I still have plenty in back stock and of course I replenished with my Sephora VIB 20% pass. Just like clothes you havent worn for 2 or three seasons, I just felt like there was no reason to hang on to old makeup, regardless of what I spent, if its just taking up space!
I always appreciate being in the great company of your round up picks!


I blogged about the Revlon Lip Butters last year when they were introduced. I was blown away by the texture for the price, but found the color selection limited. Sooo glad they expanded!!!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Debbie,

It takes more than two or three years to pry my fingers off makeup. I look at it, think about tossing it, and then think about how pretty it is. Really, I must give some away. My friends always want my used castoffs. Sometimes they are barely used. :)

Same goes for my closets. In hopes that fashion trends are cyclic, I had bars hung from the ceiling in my basement, and I've installed many clothing bags of wonderful clothing. Who knows? I've been recycling fashion lately. Sometimes a nip and tuck by a tailor is required, but I love a great find in the basement.