Sunday, November 27, 2011

Façon Magazine - The Latest in Online Style

Check out Façon Magazine, which launched this weekend. Façon is a new voice for emerging fashion design - and everything stylish. With a focus on the mid-Atlantic region, but a reach to the whole country, Façon brings you to all things stylish and desirable.

Janice Susan Wallace, the editor in chief, had a vision. She wanted to give a voice to creative fashion, jewelry, and beauty designers - for men and women - who may be overlooked in the general brand overload we see in many of today's style features. Façon puts a spotlight on those creative geniuses, while not overlooking the well-known brands that are available to us in our favorite area retail stores.

After you've had a chance to "turn the pages," please let me know what you think.

Photo courtesy of Façon Magazine


Mamavalveeta03 said...

Anytime there are graphics of beauty products in a magazine, I'm SOLD!! I subscribe to almost every women's mag out there, and forced myself to cancel a couple of them because I just wasn't getting through them all anymore!!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi MamaVal!

It was fun to work on the initial issue! May it trive!