Friday, November 18, 2011

JO LOVES from Jo Malone

I get so unhappy when I can't have something I want! I'm like an infant and do everything short of wailing. Jo Malone has launched a new fragrance line - only in London. Called JO LOVES, it features four scents, each boxed in a deep red box with a black Jo Loves logo.

JO LOVES captures the things in Jo's life that inspire her, from ingredients and people to moments in time nestled within bold red packaging; the heartbeat of the brand.Here are the four scents.
  • Pomelo, which Malone describes as “clean and crisp”
  • Green Orange & Coriander
  • Orange Tulle
  • Gardenia

Here are "Jo's Notes," taken from the new JO LOVES Web site.

Pomelo is clean and crisp; it’s my best friend made up of memories and moments. It’s that feeling of fresh linen sheets or a glass of bubbling fizzy water with a slice of lime and lots of crushed ice. I spray Pomelo onto my skin a couple of times when I go into the office, when I’m out and about, and again before lunch or cocktails. Like me, Pomelo has a masculine side to it, it’s confident and sharp.

Green Orange & Coriander is soulful and sassy. It has a wonderfully clean smell to it, and the marriage between green citrus and herb sits beautifully and becomes very sexy. This fragrance reminds me of Sunday brunch in New York; sitting in a hotel wearing a big roll-neck cashmere sweater drinking a glass of wine in front of a log fire. It’s incredibly comforting yet at the same time it evokes a real sense of passion and warmth.

Orange Tulle is fun and flirty. It’s a fragrance which captures movement and breathes life as it’s soft floral notes dance up and down drawing you in and teasing. Orange Tulle captures an element of innocence and youthfulness regardless of age. It makes me feel 16 again! It’s a very feminine scent with a wonderful fragile element to it - almost like a bride on her wedding day. I love to wear Orange Tulle to afternoon tea with my girlfriends when for just a few hours I want to feel completely frivolous.

Gardenia is rich and regal. This fragrance walks into a room and stands out in the crowd. You can instantly feel the creaminess of the petal and the distinctive floral note, which evokes memories of beautiful Hawaiian summer days as well as hints of a winter evening. Gardenia is identifiable and distinguished in character, and I wear it when I want to feel a sense of confidence and pride.

The fragrances will retail for 95 pounds, or $148. The fragrances come in a sleek heavy glass bottles and look crisp and modern. They launched at Selfridges and at a new Jo Loves pop-up store on Mayfair’s South Audley Street.

Eventually, JO LOVES will be available to customers in the U.S. and other European countries via the JO LOVES Web site. Right now, the site says, "It is currently not possible to deliver JO LOVES online orders outside the UK mainland. We hope to be able to offer this service soon." Waaah!

Photos courtesy of Jo Malone


lovethescents said...

Hmmm, none are really calling to me right now, although I wouldn't mind sniffing Orange Tulle. Gardenia, eh? Didn't adore Vintage Gardenia; we'll see.

I'm certain that if you want one or some of these "exclusive to London" fumies, a perfume angel will help you :-)

Charlestongirl said...


I know someone would help me, but I'd be asking the person to break the law by sending me fragrance through the mail. While we all agree the "hazardous material" label is ludicrous, I hate to ask friends to do that for me.

But I want!!!

lovethescents said...

Strange fragrances are "hazardous material" to us commoners, but most of them, coming from France, Japan, and Italy, miraculously appear on store shelves everywhere :-)

By the way, who said anything about mail? There are mules :-)

Nemo said...

I have 3 favorite scents: CHANEL
#5; Fracas; and Jo Malone's Orange Blossom. I love it especially because it reminds me of a wedding. How romantic is that? I would love to get my paws on Orange Tulle.

Charlestongirl said...

Lovethescents, is there any other way? UPS and FedEx won't take them from us commoners either. I asked once how LuckyScent could ship if I couldn't. The answer was unsatisfactory.

Charlestongirl said...

Nemo, if you find someone in London willing to ship, lemme know! We can split the cost. :)

time4beauty said...

Oh, I wanna try them SO MUCH... But none of my friends will be in London soon =(

Charlestongirl said...

I know...I'm working an angle, but I'd advise everyone to find a friend in England!

Nemo said...

Charleston girl, I want to recommend some Dolce & Gabbana products to you and your readers. I just bought the new Gems eye duo and Mauve Diamond blush from the Holiday collection. I puckered about them for days, then ordered. They are wonderful for fair-skinned blondies like us and subtle and absolutely beautiful. I can pour on the eye duo and it still looks subtle and lovely. The blush is a perfect color for us.