Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend Stroll around the Internet

Yesterday, I attended a beauty trend event at Lord & Taylor at Tysons Corner Center. See those arms in the air? The savvy attendees knew the answers to the questions and competed for door prizes. It was a great event in many ways. I enjoyed the brief presentations by representatives from various brands, and I also enjoyed the "polite enthusiasm" of the crowd. The catered breakfast hit the spot, the goodie bag was filled with lovely samples, and everyone was having a great time - during the stage presentations and afterwards. I saw many fabulous makeovers before I left. Liza Wade, manager of the beauty department, put together a great show! Don't miss the next one if you live in the DC area.

That's what happened locally this week. Here's what beauty lovers should see on the Web.

The Non-Blonde featured the exquisite fall nail lacquer shades from Le Métier de Beauté. I purchased Urban Dweller and could easily have bought all of them - if only I had more money.

You must see what L'Oreal's Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara did to Fab over Forty's eyelashes!

The same is true for Blondy Candy's feature on Giorgio Armani Beauty's new Eyes to Kill Stretch Lengthening Mascara. You don't have to be able to read Russian to appreciate the beautiful photos and wonderful mascara.

Daly Beauty is always tempting me with fragrances that sound divine. I'm already pricing Ivoire de Balmain.

Gouldylox Reviews featured Chanel's Ombre D'Eau Iridescent Fluid Eye Shadow. If you've never tried it, you have to see the sheen.

Tom Ford has created a lot of buzz with his new line of cosmetics. See the Silvered Topaz Eye Color Quad at The Beauty Look Book. I like it. I think I like it more than Sabrina does.

I love cream blushes, and Fruity Lashes featured one I may have to order. I've never tried ELLIS FAAS makeup before (can you believe I've resisted?). I think the temptation is now too great to avoid the line.

Product Girl and I received AVEENO's new Positively Nourishing Body Moisturizers last week. She's a lot faster than I am, so please read the review. These AVEENO hydrators will be a must-have for winter.

Check out Messy Wands, modeling two of Giorgio Armani Beauty's new holiday colors.

For a sneak peek at Dior's Spring 2012 color collection, just visit Beauty Black Book. Then start saving.

Finally, for a touch of "just plain adorable," head over to Modesty Brown.

Photo by Best Things in Beauty


Evelyn said...

I saw Sabrina's review too (and Karla's makeover) and I'm thinking that palette may work for me. I'm seriously tempted! My Christmas gift to me maybe. :)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Evelyn,

The only thing that's stopping me from ordering that palette is the price. With two new Eye Color Quads here, barely used, I'm reluctant to shell out another $75.

Evelyn said...

I also have to add Dior is evil, I love roses and the spring collection looks too pretty and charming for me to resist buying a few items.

As for the Tom Ford, I guess these are not limited edition and should be around awhile leaving us time to buy them. The thing that is holding me back a bit is whether I should try it or purchase a Kaleidoscope instead. I bought Penelope in the summer and each eye shadow is perfect and great on me (individually as well as combined) making the $95 price worthwhile. I guess I'm looking for some assurance that his palettes will be at least as good. Or I should just scrap the makeup and buy the perfume Jasmin Rouge instead (the smaller bottle!) which from those tester strips seems like something I will really enjoy.

Charlestongirl said...

LOL, Evelyn...such decisions! BTW, that TF fragrance is divine!

Evelyn said...

lol Life is tough, right? Ah well, have a very lovely and relaxing Thanksgiving!