Thursday, May 3, 2012

By Terry Rouge Terrybly Shimmer Lipstick

By Terry Rouge Terrybly ($48-49) Lipstick is a volumizing and firming lipstick enriched with the By Terry-exclusive anti-aging Lumilip Technology to rejuvenate and embellish the lips. I have a Shimmer shade, Love Affair, that is drop-dead gorgeous. All of its wonderful qualities are nice, but it's the color that sings!

Rouge Terrybly is an extra-moisturizing and plumping "lip elixir" that combines rich colors and active ingredients that work to prevent thining of the lips. Isn't that nice for women of a certain age?  Filled with ultra-pure, high-color pigments, the texture offers saturated and extra-smoothing color. The color glides onto the lips smoothly and reshapes the contours without any heaviness, plumping them without drying. Rouge Terrybly is very delicately fragranced.  Give it a few moments on your lips, and the lovely fragrance is gone.

Not a fan of sheer lip colors? This one's for you. When you see the color in the tube, you can be assured that's what you'll get on your lips.

Isn't the color of Love Affair (#803) exquisite? It's a vibrant rose with a silvery sheen and a touch - just a hint - of lavender in the shade. I was stunned the first time I used it. Even though I'm not accustomed to wearing saturated lip colors, this one looks fabulous - like it was made for me.

I was able to take my photos in three different sunny locations on two occasions, and you can see the subtle differences in color. This lipstick reflects light beautifully, and it morphs a bit with different exposures.

You'll get one of these shades on your lips. Which one may depend on the lighting conditions in your surroundings. On me indoors, it looks most like the first swatch photo here.

You can purchase By Terry products at SPACE.NK.apothecary. There are many beautiful Rouge By Terrybly shades - to suit every taste - if rose pink isn't your cup of tea.

Photos by Best Things in Beauty


Nemo said...


Tumblog-it! said...

Expensive, but i love the colour it looks truly glam and pretty!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Nemo,

It is a wonderful kapow lipstick!

Charlestongirl said...

Yes, Sourie,

It is expensive. Those products from France sure are pricey!