Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Claudio Riaz Complexion Highlighter 5

Claudio Riaz is an internationally known makeup artist and has done makeup for celebrities, "socialites," and fashion shows all over the world. Although I had heard his name, I had never seen his brush and makeup line. Saturday, I got to play at Barneys.

I didn't want to leave the counter. There was so much to try - such gorgeous colors - that it was a mesmerizing experience. My only disappointment was that Barneys' stock was super-low. As I mentioned in my Saturday recap, I wanted to bring home about eight items, and they only had one of them in stock. There were at least three eye shadows (to start), two powder blushes, and other Complexion Highlighters. I was also snagged by a few lip colors. They were all gorgeous. Barneys expects more stock to arrive in two to three weeks. I'll be ready if I haven't ordered them on Claudio Riaz's own site by then. Fortunately, they are available there.

The cream Complexion Highlighters ($38) were all gorgeous. Seriously, I could have purchased most of them. Made with lanolin and beeswax for moisturizing and skin protection, they are sheer and stunning. Riaz recommends you use them prior to conceal to correct uneven skin tone or apply to the high points of your face - cheekbones, brow bone, and nose – to brighten the complexion. They are ideal for radiance and a glamorous glow all over the face.

I purchased #5. In the store, it looked peachy (despite the color in the box you see above). At home in the sun, it looks like a hybrid between bronze and rose gold. The shade is beyond gorgeous, particularly for summer. The seven shades available range from white to bronze, something for everyone (or in my case, about six for me).

As you can see in my swatch photos, #5 is a gorgeous shade that can be used as a blush and a highlighter. It isn't glittery. It glows. I love everything about it: the color, effect on the skin, radiance, and ease of application and blending. There's only one exception.

Most of the Claudio Riaz products come in a cardboard box. The box fits tightly into its "shell" and hard to get into. The open box slides out of the box shell, but not easily. Riaz intended that you purchase multiple products and put them into one of his Refillable Makeup Palettes ($28). I may purchase one once I get more of his products, but I certainly wasn't going to buy a palette for $28 to house a $38 highlighter. The highlighter was pricey enough. I will break down and buy an empty palette once I get more Claidio Riaz makeup.

Here's a look from his Web site that features a classic look, created with the Complexion Highlighter and primers and pre-selected colors from his Instant Face Palette. I think it's gorgeous.

Stay tuned. This is the beginning of an adventure. You can find Claudio Riaz at Barneys New York and the Claudio Riaz Web site. While you may not get carried away shopping online, you will standing at the counter - trust me.

Photo at bottom courtesy of Claudio Riaz; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Eileen said...

Ah, Charlestongirl! You and your rose gold! That is seriously one beautiful shade. I love the almost wet gleam that it has. It is much kinder on older skins than glitter, although I must admit, I still have a soft spot for the fairy dust when it is very, very fine :-) I think I'll mosey on over to Claidio's site right now and take a look.

Cheryl G. said...

Oh my! Please, please, please tell what lip colors grabbed your heart.

Nemo said...

Is complexion highlighter another name for blush????? I am surprised that NM hasn't grabbed this line for their stores.

Eileen said...

Hi Nemo,

A highlighter is not a blusher. A highlighter is a reflective product that is meant to cast a "spotlight" of gleaming color on high points of the face: cheekbones, browbones, bridge of nose, above the Cupid's Bow. Back in the day (1960's), highlighters were always some version of white pearl. Nowadays, they come in all different shades to highlight different complexions, create special effects, and coordinate with blushers. In summer, sometimes all that is needed is a tinted highlighter (like the one Charlestongirl just bought) applied with restraint and sheered out to a luminous wash of cheek color. Be careful, though, because if you apply highlighter the way you do blusher, you run the risk of looking like the proverbial disco ball.

Another way in which highlighters are used is to add some shimmer or shine to another product. For example, sometimes a bit of highlighter is mixed with a foundation to give the complexion an all over subtle glow that the foundation alone would not achieve.

Bottom line: Highlighters are fun and extremely versatile products. And, in my book, they're essential for evening looks.

Bronzer, blusher, highlighter--sometimes they overlap a bit in how they're used, but they really are three separate and distinct products.

yesplease1816 said...

Ooh pretty! I haven't heard of Claudio Riaz but the highlighter looks magnificent!!! I will definitely have to check this line out--I've been ALL out the glow for summer!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi all, I missed a day of comment replies due to job hours. Hope you get a chance to explore this line!

Rola said...

Love the dewy complexion on all the looks on the website. I did not see any foundations besides the powder. The highlighters must have helped with the dewiness.