Monday, May 14, 2012

Coming Attraction: Le Métier de Beauté Indian Summer Collection by Ken Downing for Summer 2012

Just when summer seems to be winding down, there it is again, making a final attempt to keep the temperatures up and the days from getting shorter. Indian Summer, when summer and fall meet for a brief, but gorgeous, moment is the inspiration for Ken Downing's Indian Summer Haute Hues Summer 2012 Collection for Le Métier de Beauté.

There is just something about the seasons mingling, when the nights begin to cool and the dog days of summer have gone to rest – bronzed skin lingers, but the shades of fall make their debut,” explains Ken Downing, Neiman Marcus’ Fashion Director.  “It always brings me back to that Bianca Jagger, 1970’s Halston moment. It wasn’t just the clothing, it wasn’t just the makeup, it was how it all came together, so carefree, bohemian, and easy.  That is Indian Summer.”
This sultry mix is the inspiration for Ken Downing’s summer collection with Le Métier de Beauté, Indian Summer.  “A summer dress with tawny, coral makeup – it’s so simple and perfect,” says Mr. Downing.  “Shades of bronze, orange, gold, they look gorgeous on every woman and every skin tone.”

Ken Downing’s  Indian Summer hues evoke the warm, dreamy feel of the end of the season. Ginger Snap Lip Crème ($36 - the lighter of the two shades) holds the perfect amount of shimmer to make lips glisten in the sun, and when layered with the deeper bronze tones of Copper Leaf Lip Crème ($36), the effect is pure summer.  To complete the look, coat your fingers and toes in Penny Lane Nail Lacquer ($18), a bold burnt orange reminiscent of the dark skin tones of women sun bathing in Ibiza, or drench your nails in the brighter-than-bright Wild Ginger Nail Lacquer to liven up a sleepy July afternoon.
Ken Downing for Le Métier de Beauté "capsule collections" are available at exclusively at Neiman Marcus,, Bergdorf Goodman, and Look for this collection to appear as summer gets it start - coming soon.

Photo courtesy of Le Métier de Beauté


Charlestongirl said...

P. S. I want those Lip Crèmes now! Don't they look exquisite?

Eileen said...

Indian Summer? I can't imagine any orange lover wanting to wait until then to wear these bright babies :-)

Anonymous said...

These are definitely my kind of colours. I can't wait.

Jo said...

The pictures of these in the Bergdorf Goodman catalog look completely different. The ginger color looks pink and the copper color looks copper not orange or coral. I already have mine reserved at BG. Can't wait.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anonymous,

Even though orange has traditionally been "not me," I'm sure LMdB can make it me. :)

Charlestongirl said...


I'll bet we will be in line to buy them. LMdB has a way of making every color look good on a wide variety of women. One of the many reasons I love them!

Charlestongirl said...

Oh Jo! I wish I had the BG catalog. Even though I spend a fortune, they don't send it to me.

Jo said...

There must be some way you could get on the list to get the catalogs CG. Maybe you could ask Dustin. I just bought some things from Edward Bess over the holidays and I started getting catalogs from them. I didn't ask to get them.