Tuesday, May 8, 2012

YSL Beauté Terre Saharienne Collector Poudre de Soleil Bronzing Powder for Summer 2012

The newest bronzer from YSL Beauté, Terre Saharienne Collector Poudre de Soleil Bronzing Powder ($50), is a stunner. Powered by "sun radiance pigments" and SPF 12, it will make you look good while protecting your cheeks from the sun's evil rays.

This bronzing powder provides an instant healthy glow thanks to the incorporation of YSL's new sun radiance pigments. These special effect pigments are said to capture the light and diffuse a golden reflection in all directions (Up, down, and sideways? That confuses me.). I do understand that the complexion is left looking smooth, golden, and radiant. I've seen it myself.

There are two shades, #1, Harmonie Tanned, and #2, Harmonie Sunkissed. I was sure I'd be a #1. I'm so glad I didn't order online. It turns out #1 is too yellow for my skin. It's gorgeous, but just not the best shade for me. It's very golden, and anyone looking for a bronzer that leans gold or yellow will have a eureka moment on first application. The pink shade mixed into #2 (see it at the top of the design?) suits me better. Both colors are light and transparent and offer a subtle, wearable glimmer. YSL can do drama, but the company can also do wearable. They did wearable with this new bronzer.

I took some photos in very late afternoon sun - not the best. The sun has been elusive today, so I took what I could get. I swatched Harmonie Sunkissed with a sponge-tipped applicator at the top of my arm and a dense blush brush below. The sun was partially obscured by clouds when I took my swatch photos - one in front of a miniature rose plant that's blooming.

I find it very interesting that the pink I can see clearly in the dimmer indoor light kind of disappears outside. These pigments are clearly affected by lighting. I really love the shade of Harmonie Sunkissed on my skin. It looks sheer and natural, no matter how much I apply. It's hard to overdo this bronzer.

I am so glad I purchased it at Neiman Marcus. The color and texture are gorgeous. I'll even wear it as a light summer blush. This one belongs at Best Things in Beauty. YSL has a summer hit on its hands. Ask for it. It didn't appear to have a display. The gals pulled out the testers to show me.

I featured the exquisite lip glosses from YSL Beauté's Summer 2012 Collection here. Add this gorgeous bronzer, and YSL has a hit collection on its hands - despite that silly photo of the model in a swimming pool, looking up adoringly at what appears to be a fully clothed guy. Just proves you have to go shop now and then! Even those of us who consider ourselves online shoppers need to go see and test on occasion. I am hoping beauty companies can lay off the bronzers for a year and give me a break. I don't even want to know how many I've purchased in the last year - each enticing, each fulfilling its promises. I can't be the only one out there snapping them up in an effort to look alive and healthy!

Stop by your favorite YSL Beauté counter to take a look. The summer collection has arrived in full. It's also available at YSL's Web site, where shipping is currently free (and items arrive quickly).

Photo at top courtesy of YSL Beauté; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Elysse said...

I like the idea of pigments affected by light like this, though I would be afraid of how it might look. I've long ago decided that I don't suit bronzer, but I'll still have a look.

Lena said...

CG!I hope all is well with your mom!

Jo said...

I have this and love it. I think the peach shade shines through and makes this bronzer unique.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Odyssey!

I really like the way it develops more color indoors. Try it!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I came to your blog, because your profile photo intrigued me. And now I see that not only one photo is cool! So, I'm glad I found you because your blog is awesome! Good job and please keep posting, because you do it great, and I start following and will visit you with pleasure!
xx nik

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Lena. She is getting better.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Jo,

You have #2, right?

Charlestongirl said...

Thank you, Nik!

Rola said...

I saw this over the weekend and got #2. It is so pretty on the skin, the color is not too dark or orange. Good for lighter skin tones.