Saturday, March 16, 2013

Chanel Collection Révélation Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer for Spring/Summer 2013 Plus Summer 2013 Bonus Shots

Inspired by the elegance of Gabrielle Chanel, Collection Révélation makes lip gloss the essential accessory for summer. A fresh palette of best-sellling Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimers ($29.50) presents captivating options. New and beloved shades offer a sophisticated spectrum of color, from simply sheer Ocean Shimmer to intense yet versatile Crushed Cherry. An array of finishes - subtle sheen to sparkly metallic - complements every look with ease.

The prefect accent for lip looks: Taboo, a mesmerizing Le Vernis ($27) shade of iridescent purple with blue-red intensity will accompany the new glosses.

I had to take photos of photos today, and as a result, my photos in this feature are inferior - terrible really. I had store lighting to challenge me. I'm sorry to show them, but I figured they were better than nothing.

Here's how the new glosses look in the training manual. From light to dark, they offer many options. Saks Fifth Avenue had  "lab samples" of three new glosses - one from Collection Révélation and two shades from the Summer 2013 Collection.

In the photo above, Envolée is shown at left, Ocean Shimmer in the middle, and Eden at right. Don't let the colorful tubes mislead you. They are very sheer.

Ocean Shimmer, part of Collection Révélation, is colorless/clear and shimmery. You can see it in the horrible indoor swatch photo directly below. It's the one in the middle.

About all you can tell from this indoor photo of the three lab samples is that they are very shimmery (good) and very light in color (or in the case of Ocean Shimmer, clear). The photo shows Eden (pastel pink) at the top of my arm, Ocean Shimmer in the middle, and Envolée (pastel orange) at the bottom. I took Eden and Envolée outside the store and tried to get photos under heavy clouds. I'm almost embarrassed to show you the dim view of these shades because they are pretty, if very sheer. Eden and Envolée are both limited editions. Eden is described by Chanel as translucent raspberry, and Envolée as coral.

If you can see anything from my photo, it's how very sheer they are. The most colorful is Envolée - by a hair. My apologies again for the photos. I wanted to share them with you. I will get much better photos when the glosses arrive in stores and the sun shines. I took a photo of these two shades in the store.

The colors in Collection Révélation are listed below.
  • Ocean Shimmer (clear shine with shimmer)
  • Argonite (repromoted clear shine with pink shimmer)
  • Plaisir (repromoted milky rose)
  • Seashell (repromoted delicate peach)
  • Mica (repromoted pink with shimmer)
  • Amour (repromoted extreme sparkle pink-coral)
  • Rose Sauvage (shimmering rosewood)
  • Daydream (intense metallic fushsia)
  • Savage Grace (deep shimmering garnet)
  • Crushed Cherry (deep burgundy)
I'm not sure what Chanel's thinking is on all the repromoted shades, but I would agree with anyone who asks, "Why create new shades when you have shades that already fit the look of the season?"

Chanel Collection Révélation Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer for Spring/Summer 2013 has already shipped to stores and should be available shortly - perhaps as soon as next week. If you would like help from the Saks Chevy Chase team, give them at call at (240) 497-5363 or (240) 497-5301. Georgia, Maria, and Loyd will be happy to help you. Otherwise, look for these new colors at your local Chanel counter very soon. I'm sure they will also be available at

Photo at top courtesy of Chanel; the miserable photos by Best Things in Beauty


Anonymous said...

I hope your foot is a little better. Thank you so much for this post and don't worry about the photos. It is fantastic to get intel on this :)

Charlestongirl said...

That's so sweet, Tanja. Thanks!

AfricanOrchid said...

Thanks for these photos. Gives a really good idea of what the new shades look like. I hate when they have the shades look like they so nicely pigmented then turn out to be nothing more than a glorified clear lip gloss. lol.
I hope you are starting to feel better, i was sad when you said "mini vacation" but i totally understood. Glad to see you are still getting the great posts out. Love your blog. :-)

bisbee said...

I like the color the model has on her lips...can't imagine which one that would be...

Eileen said...

I've already owned, at one time or another, all of the repromoted shades. Argonite is an especially luscious,, beyond gorgeous, layering gloss. I think Chanel picked some of the best of the best as they are all colors that are still relevant. As for the new shades, what Glossimer fan isn't always ready to check out some new ones?

Isn't it interesting how quickly the pendulum has swung back from matte to gloss? This year so many of the high end brands have been scurrying to release beautiful gloss and shine formulations for spring/summer. I wonder if they'll try to pull us back to matte again come fall/winter? I hope not. I personally prefer a more moist looking lip, but we shall see . . . I guess the companies have to keep switching it up to keep us buying :-)

Mamavalveeta03 said...

I agree with AfricanOrchid: These look like very, very sheer lip gloss. Really pretty in the tube, but nothing special on. And I LOVE the shade on the model in the promo! (but those are always a "mix" of shades...a little of this, a little of that, and over lipstick, most likely!)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi AfricanOrchid!

I am not big on all these semi-clear glosses. I hope the darker ones have some color on the lips.

Many thanks!

Charlestongirl said...

I don't know, Bisbee, but maybe I can find out with some research.

Charlestongirl said...

Smiling, Eileen. The February Allure could not have been more wrong when they said matte, pigmented lips were all the rage for summer. :)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi MamaVal,

I'm sure they are not all as sheer as the pre-production samples I tested today.

Zeynep said...

The whole collection is available now at the Chanel store at the Wynn in Las Vegas. Taboo is so pretty....definite must have. They also still have so,e limited edition items from other collections as well. -Zeynep

Anonymous said...

Hi, thank you so much for the info! Some of these look like the fluo glossimers from a few years ago. I sincerely hope not. They were totally clear, despite their appearance in the tube.

Anonymous said...

hi!!! thankyou very, very much for posting this!! i'm from cincinnati and, are now available at kenwood nordstom and dillards. the sales associate from chanel said model Sigrid is wearing #172 rose sauvage. he said he learned this from chanel school training. i purchased that and also daydream and ocean shimmer. these remind me of the glosses from the "constellation" collection. do you remember? they're sheer and sticky with that extra holding power. i've always wanted a clear gloss by chanel but even if i'm careful i know that clear will not stay for long especially if i put it over another color, which i would. i'd have to take the wand and roll it on my hand or a pallette to keep it looking clear. or, try a tiny tester brush to get the color out. i might exchange ocean shimmer. does anyone have any easy ideas for not exchanging color onto this? i think it's going to be too much work. unless i just wear it alone. anyway, remember last year's ad campaign (the model had a glossimer in her mouth)? chanel posted a video and posted exactly what she was wearing including eyes and cheeks. hope they do this again. happy st. patrick's day!!!! xxxxx wendy.

Eileen said...

Hi Wendy

Thanks for sharing the info about the model's lip color. It looked like Rose Sauvage, but with all the photoshopping that goes on, I wasn't sure.

You'll always run the risk of eventually transferring some lipstick color into your gloss, but it doesn't happen overnight. Unless you're packing your lipstick on and then scrapping it off with the gloss wand when you apply, you shouldn't be picking up very much color. If you really want a clear white gloss, though, and you want to keep it absolutely pristine, make sure you have a generous amount of gloss on the wand and then very lightly apply it to your lips. Don't use a lot of pressure. You want to add a layer; not mix it into your lipstick. After you apply the gloss, wipe the wand before reinserting it into the tube. Simple. Personally, I don't think it's a big deal, but it is up to you to decide if the layered effect is worth a bit of care. I have a beautiful gold layering gloss that I like to wear over red and I definitely think it's worth the effort :-)

bedazzled64 said...

So many pretty colors! Thanks for the photos, that Daydream is definitely calling out to me. Savage Grace looks gorgeous as well! And that nail polish is stunning. *sigh* which one to get?
Btw, this will be my first Chanel gloss but I have to say that I recently picked up Givenchy gloss interdit and that is my new HG. Along with their new lipstick which comes in a leather casing. <3

Unknown said...

Hi CG,

Hope your foot is getting better now.

Argonite and Mica are available in India. I saw them at the Chanel store as part of the regular glossimers and I was very tempted by Mica, but then I bought Meteore.
The colour on the model's lips doesn't seem to be a gloss. It looks more like a finish you get with Rouge Allure Velvet. But its a lovely colour anyway.

Christina said...

I hope your foot is better. Recently, I got a call from Chanel to inform me that there is a makeup event. She said it has something to do with a new powder they are promoting.
Don't worry about your photos, I can't help but wonder if those glosses will be shown at this event.

I can't wait for summer 2013 is released.

Eileen said...

Hi Dollie,

In the picture of the picture, the lip color does look more matte, but in the actual promo picture you can see that she's wearing a gloss. Perhaps she's wearing a gloss over another lipstick. Who knows? :-)

Jane at Daly Beauty said...

You are one of my biggest Chanel enablers! These look so Spring-y and tempting!

Jane at Daly Beauty said...

You are one of my biggest Chanel enablers! These look so Spring-y and tempting!