Friday, March 1, 2013

The Friday Forum - March 1

When it's gloomy outside - as it is now - I find it uplifting to think about colors. Here's some new color information that may give us all a lift. The Color Association of the United States has announced its newest offering in over 30 years, developed specifically for the beauty industry: The Spring/Summer 2013 Beauty Forecast.

The forecast takes a more tactile approach to color inspiration than their traditional cards, offering a “bento box “of inspiration, including an inspirational mix of 3D objects and products. Each of the four trends featured for the season has a customized fragrance developed by the perfumers at Drom (which I think is way cool), as well as a nail polish and lip gloss that highlights the key colors and finish. These tailor-made products are complemented by an assortment of surprises that encourage creativity and a fresh approach to color application.

According to Executive Director and renowned color expert Leslie Harrington, “It’s time the industry had something more than pretty pictures and digital representations of color - what designers, developers, and marketers really need is to engage the senses - to experience the foreseen new palettes through their senses - to see, touch, and smell. It’s the only way to really design for the future.”

While color is always the backbone of the beauty industry, other elements help to bring these colors alive. Texture becomes an increasingly important aspect for application, leading to the inclusion of the playful objects accompanying the forecast.

The Spring/Summer 2013 Beauty Forecast, selected by The Color Association’s Beauty Committee, is driven by a range of colors available in naturally derived pigments and focuses on four different themes.

Oasis is a direct reflection of water. The ocean and all that surrounds it - the sky, greenery, plants, flowers, and birds - were key inspirations for this trend. Fragrance notes include freshwater, sea air, and crisp greenery.

Against the Grain
reminds us of what spring is really about: rebirth and renewal. A range of warm autumnal colors brings a sense of warmth and luxury to the sunnier seasons, translating exceptionally well for hair.

Haze revitalizes the vampy movement with a softer, prettier edge. Moving forward into a lighter palette, but retaining an edgy quality, colors have a murky undertone, instilling an innate feeling of texture, incorporating the tints and tones of purple.

Jellies is the most interactive and fun story in the forecast: all about customization and playing with color, working well for every market, from youth to mature. Colors are sheer and meant to be layered individually or by mixing multiples.

When I read the press release, my first thought was that the Color Association has distilled the diverse trends we are seeing in spring and summer makeup palettes into a short description of spot-on themes. I'll be paying a lot more attention to their work in the future. What do you think? Can you fit this season into their themes?

There are a lot of things going on in the world of beauty blogging these days. I thought it might be a good time to explain the philosophy of Best Things in Beauty. Here are a few characteristics of my blog that you may or may not have noticed.
  1.  I purchase 95% of what I feature. It is extraordinarily expensive (but wickedly fun). For that reason, I purchase what I think I will wear. That's why you will not see all colors or all brands represented equally here. Also, very often a reader will earnestly ask me to compare a product to one they have. Because I don't buy everything - I can't - or even see everything (e.g., Burberry is not sold in the DC area), I am disadvantaged in attempting to answer. I really appreciate it when my readers, like Eileen, jump in to help other readers because they do have the answers. I like to think of BTiB readers as a community.
  2. I will always tell you where I got the product I'm featuring. I do not hide it in a short comment about "editorial consideration" at the bottom of my features. I try to let you know early in the feature - as long as it flows.
  3. I try to focus on the best things in beauty, which is why most of my features are positive. When something is new, hot, and disappointing, I will tell you, but I don't go out of my way to criticize products that most of you won't consider anyhow.
  4.  I do not publish sponsored posts. It may be a dirty little secret, but there are a lot of beauty bloggers who consider their blogs a business. They will do just about anything to make money (they are really "writers" who happen to like makeup or nail polish or whatever), and they publish what we call sponsored posts. That means someone else writes it, and the blogger gets paid to publish it. Good bloggers will disclose sponsored posts (it's also the law). What you should understand is that sponsored posts are simply advertising. As a postscript to this, some advertisers don't want their posts to be labeled "sponsored," for obvious reasons, so some come back after publication and bully the bloggers to change the characterization of the feature. It's a sordid world out there.
  5. Along those same lines, there are bloggers who embed their reviews with affiliate and advertising links for which they are paid. I have never been paid for a link within a feature and will continue to provide links only for your convenience.
  6. Many bloggers review only what they are sent gratis (free) - even bloggers I like. I think there's subtle pressure to give a good review to gratis products, even though all bloggers will deny that the free nature of the products influenced their opinions. When a company sends me a gratis product that I don't like (which happens rarely), I write them back (politely, I hope) and explain why I think it's best that I not review it. Often, these products are not those you will buy in department stores, so my readers aren't really missing much. I also must refuse many of the gratis products I am offered. I don't have time to feature all of them.
  7. I do delete comments that are personally critical of me and my readers and irrelevant to the feature - or that cross the line of what I consider polite society. The Internet brings out a lot of rude, ugly snarky, anonymous people with chips on their shoulders, and I'd rather they go somewhere else. I love my readers and find our conversations fun chats. I'm not going to let a few malcontents ruin what we have created together.
Naturally, that's not a full description of my philosophy of blogging, but I hope it helps you understand the why's and what's of Best Things in Beauty.

It's time for the Friday Forum. I love this part of our week. Did you take advantage of the beauty event offers at Neiman Marcus or Saks? What new products did you discover this week? Did you find any deals you couldn't resist? Are you using a fabulous product and want to sing its praises? Did you find a beauty product disappointing? Do you have a question others might be able to answer? Want to talk about skin care? What's new in your life? Just use the comments. Don't be shy. Just make sure to ask any question you might have over the weekend. By early the next week, most (not all) readers will have moved on.

This week's giveaway contest is fun: Tarte's Baby It's Bold Outside, a set for the eyes. make sure to enter at this link before tomorrow, Saturday, March 2, at midnight.

Photo courtesy of the Color Association


Makeup Remastered said...

Hi CG,
I was recently pondering writing a post just as u have- basically the reason why I blog. I was chatting to an acquaintance at party. She asked what I was up to and I mentioned my blog. She said she was about start a fashion blog and she asked if I had secured sponsorship. I tried to explain to her my passion for the products I write about drives my blog. As my blog is powered by blogger, I can only assume her sponsorship is purely for monetary gain, which is good for her but does not tie in with my own ethos. I just love sharing and talking about beauty products with like minded people! While I would not have affiliate links just not to have, my true passion I think shows through as it does with you.( i dont think affilate links are so bad but 100 blinking adverts are quite distracting!) I personally enjoy reading a more unique blog, such as yours, as I do feel I am getting a truer opinion the the more commercialised blogs. Love your approach to blogging!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Makeup Remastered,

I think you identified blogging for love vs. blogging for profit pretty well with your story of your friend. A sponsor? Call it what you will, it's someone who is going to gain some advantage from the readership. Nothing wrong with that, but it's not my approach.

I had to laugh at your comment about 100 blinking ads. So true! It really turns me off - so cluttered. What's really sad is that those ads often are just affiliate links. Many bloggers have no guaranteed income from them. They make money when their readers click on them and go buy stuff. I make about $200/year from my Google ads. That will take me far. :)

Dovey said...

Hi Charlestongirl,

I really enjoyed this week's Friday Forum post. I'll have to look more into the beauty forecast; I love anything color story related---- and this seems like a great complement to the Pantone offerings.

I thought your explanation of your blog philosophy was wonderful too; I can identify with many of your statements and I think it's a great way to inform readers about what they are encountering on the web. To agree with the above comment, it dismays me to see so much ad/affiliate infiltration, often in blogs that most likely cannot generate a significant profit from said links.

The issue of honest opinion and the disclaimer is on my mind a lot too. After all, offering honest opinions is at the root of how blogs came to prominence. I do think gratis products do subtly or more than subtly influence bloggers. Learning how to gracefully navigate the environment and pressures for positive reviews is a learning process to be sure. One could say the presence of products / opportunities themselves have changed the blogosphere. Sometimes, even personally purchased products are written up in near-advertising form with strong recommendations for readers to purchase--- perhaps to gain a sponsor's attention or because this is what role models/peers are doing. (In perhaps the ultimate irony, I've also seen 'PR /honesty' disclaimers stuck to product reviews that were most likely purchased by a blogger herself).

It's a changing world, and I guess we're all moving forward the best we can. Thanks for another great thought piece and Happy Friday!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Dovey, happy Friday!

Thanks. I have been a color addict for so many years, starting with my love of color field painting. No wonder I love the Gene Davis hanging on the wall. It has so many gorgeous stripes of color!

One way of agreeing with you is to say that affiliate ads are out of control. A few? No issue, but when they distract from the content of a blog, they drive away readers.

It is a changing world, for bloggers and for companies. The companies (or their PR agencies) are being bombarded for "sample requests" by bloggers who might have 200 readers/day. As you well know, all those thousands of new bloggers are disappointed that they can't jump on that gravy train. We see the "woe is me" posts on boards.

For us, the challenge is to review a product honestly. For me, that's pretty easy since I try to post only things I like (in some way). I'm sure I might sound like an ad for Chanel or LMdB or Chantecaille, but their makeup usually delights me.

I think when bloggers recommend a purchase, they should be talking to a readership they understand/know. I hope readers understand that bloggers don't believe that everyone can go out and purchase the product du jour. As you know, those dollars add up quickly.

If any blogger thinks naively that a good review will gain favor with or attention from a brand, I've got some grandmotherly advice for her. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Friday~

I so enjoy your reviews and I just ordered the Neiman Marcus exclusive Dior pink champagne compact as a result and I'm really excited about it. It's amazing how far formulations have come in the shimmer department.

This week I received a slew of the new TF lip shines and I'm struck at how a lighter sheerer lip has really caught my fancy this season. Last year, I would have eschewed these as too sheer for my taste, but they look and feel fresh and perfect for spring/summer 2013. Smitten and Bare are my personal two favs. It would be really difficult for me to choose between the TF formula and the YSL Rouge Volupte shine as a favourite. I find the YSL slightly more opaque and the TF almost like a hybrid between lipstick and lipgloss because the colours are quite glossy. Love both~ YSL Pink in Paris (13) is just about as perfect as you can get for a subtle fresh pink.

I will continue to be an avid reader from the north!

Dovey said...

Hi Charlestongirl,

Ah, thanks for the thoughtful reply! I just image searched Gene Davis--- and wow, what a vibrant color explosion! (And such cool outdoor exhibits too) I can only guess what yours looks like, but it sounds like a wonderful office companion :-). I liked your point on understanding readership, and it's something I think you've done so well on Best Things in Beauty. I can always count on genuine enthusiasm and product knowledge here, which is something I'm only too happy to subject myself to :)

Victoria said...

Today, I had a revelation: I am allergic to niacinamide. Actually, I've long suspected but it took my most recent flare-up to finally convince me. I suspect this niacinamide allergy is also the reason why I've been flaking all winter long, as my sunscreen contains a niacinamide derivative. And here I was, so determined that my skin would eventually adapt. I feel rather like CG and her retinol allergy - a good-for-the-skin ingredient, yet I can't use it!

I am curious to know how BTiB readers combat facial allergic reactions. I'm not a pretty sight with ugly red welches on my face, and I don't use foundation (I feel like that would just exacerbate my condition). If I'm lucky enough to catch the allergic reaction at night, I slather on some hydrocortisone and then some petrolatum on top. It's my miracle cure (saves my face every single time), but the downside is that the petrolatum makes my face super shiny. Still, I haven't found a better fix yet.

Eileen said...

". . . to thine own self be true. . ." If you blog about the products you love, those that appeal to you, those which give you pleasure; then you will write the kinds of reviews that are genuine in scope and in spirit. That is something you are able to do most admirably, Charlestongirl. Your enthusiasme and delight with the products you choose to review come shining through in your writing and that makes BTiB a pleasant place to pass a bit of time.

When my kids were growing up and we'd go shopping, I used to say to them, "Don't tell me what you don't want; what you don't like. Tell me what you do want; what you do like; then we'll look for it together." I found taking the positive approach resulted in a more pleasurable experience. I feel the same way about the beauty blogs I read: Don't write paragraphs and take pictures of products you don't like; show and tell me about the ones you do like instead. It makes for a more pleasurable experience :-)

On the beauty front, I'm getting ready for all the new releases coming out in March. It looks like many of the major brands are revamping their gloss and lipstick formulations and introducing new foundations, so there will be lots of new things to try out. Also, more buzz is emerging about summer collections. Those aren't typically my favorites, but I was completely wowed by the sneak peek at Tom Ford's summer collection. It's stunning in it's simplicity! I'm also still waiting for the new Guerlain 4 Seasons to arrive. I have my charming Guerlain gal, Gisu, on alert :-) She's a real treasure and always let's me know as soon as things arrive. I told her I was also curious about the new Orchidée foundation that was being introduced. I'm sure it will be targeted towards us more mature types. Actually, I haven't been wearing any foundation just lately. My skin has decided to be on its very best behavior so a light dusting of finishing powder is all I've needed. I haven't put away my foundation brush; however, as that can change at any moment. LOL

Spring is just around the corner, the weather is warming, and we've had our first baby bunny sighting. A mother built her nest in the thick bushes up against our fountain. She's safe from predators, has plenty of shelter, and gets some warmth from the water pump. All considered, she's picked a nice secure spot for her babies. We've had several bunny families take up residence in the exact same spot throughout the years. It's a hot piece of real estate! :-)

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.

Eileen said...

Hi May,

I love Atopalm Intensive Moisturizing Cream. It was originally created to treat atopic dermatitis and is a great moisturizer for people with eczema and rosacea. (I get mild rosacea flareups now and then). It's also gentle on windburn, rashes, etc. It is very soothing and helps rebuild the skin barrier. It doesn't contain any parabens or harsh ingredients. Good stuff! I always pick up a couple of jars when the skincare sites are having their 20% off sales :-). It's one of those staples I like to have on hand.

Jo said...

Hi CG, Such pretty colors. I can definitely see their influence in makeup. Against the grain looks like the new Guerlain four seasons bronzer that you showed us this week ( which they are now pre-selling on and jellies reminds me of my new Tom Ford lip shine in frolic.

I just want to take this opportunity to let you know how much I appreciate your blog. I am turned off by some blogs where it seems like everything that is reviewed was received for free. It helps that you and I have the same taste. I may not buy everything you review (my wallet would not survive) but I think you pick the best of the best and I certainly appreciate the beauty in all the products you pick to review.

On the beauty front, I am with Eileen in eagerly anticipating Tom Ford's summer collection. I googled it and was so pleasantly suprised. It will be difficult not to get one of everything. The illuminator looks like it is to die for. I am also saving my pennies for the Armani glosses you showed us this week. I called my Armani counter and they said end of March for those beauties.

Thanks for all you do, CG!

Have a nice weekend, everyone!

Nemo said...

You are the best beauty blogger out there. I never get a gut feeling about what you say; you are so open and honest in your features! But the best part of your features is your passion! OMG, Cg, I get so excited at your excitement I often find myself barely able to finish the feature! I think only another makeup lover would know that particular joy. And I have learned to refrain from buying something until I hear what you have to say about it. I have learned a lot about makeup from your blog, and makeup application. I also like that you fight for the SAs we buy from. I think of them often, nameless, faceless, to me, but doing the best they can to make some dingaling like me happy. And they do. You just keep getting better and better. Your readers love you! They LOVE you! And I love that you are an animal lover--even scary animals,like phythons, and a lover and defender of nature. Speaking for millions of others I do not know but for your blog, we are each honored to have you in our lives.

Charlestongirl said...

Hey, everyone, I am on a champagne and beauty high. I'll be back to chat and respond to comments in the morning. Tonight was FUN!

melisand61 said...

Thanks for the information about your philosophy and practices. Much of it is apparent from reading your blog (which I do, almost every day!) but it's great to have it so clearly articulated.

HRH Paula said...

This was so interesting about bloggers...I had no idea. Your posts are always top of the line and INFORMATIVE! Neiman's North Park, here I come!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog is obvious that you put a lot of time, effort and thought into each one and I never feel as if you are advertising or promoting a product. I rarely comment on blogs because I am so busy and am very private. Thank you for your posts. You are one of my favorite blogs! Please keep them coming...they are always a good part of my day!

Anonymous said...

A champagne and beauty high? Is it your BD? Your blog is a must daily read for me and I love your opinion of beauty items. It is great to gain new information and see our assessment of things.
Many, many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Eileen ! I think we are shopping with you at the same mall - Nordstrom in Thousand Oaks! I really enjoying reading your comments a lot. I love that doggie Huskie. Sooo cute. Wanted to ask you a question - do you own any meteorites in a pressed form like voyage or wulong from holiday collection. Expansive , they come in a nice compact and cost 170$? What are your thoughts on them? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Good morning dear charlstong girl! What are your thoughts on guerlain voyage meteorites pressed powder or wulong from holiday collection? Just wonder...because don't remember if you were rewieving any of this expensive collectors items-170$ each. Thank you! You are truly such an inspiration!!! You have sooo much life, joy and light in you!!!

solanace said...

Hi May,

I have facial allergies since I used a jurassic nanotechnology cream with Vitamin C, it was La Roche Posay circa 2002. I solved it treating my skin with natural oils, rose hip in the eye area and neck and jojoba in the more breakout prone regions. I wash it with weleda calendula liquid baby soap. I can say I have recovered my old skin, and now I can een wear makeup again!

solanace said...

Sorry May, I meant I can even wear makeup. (the baby woke up) I'm sure I will never use artificial skin care again,these natural oils are so effective! (and cheap, which means more money to makeup and perfume!)Of course, I only wear high end makeup. Eveven Clinique caused my skin to break out.

Thank's for providing us your honest opinions, CG! And I loved learning about Gene Davis, he is great!

Charlestongirl said...

Wow, before I embark on comments, I'll admit I really drank too much champagne last night at a NM Tom Ford event. I was sitting talking to a fascinating 88 year-old woman who looked not a day over 70 while I waited for my friend Meg to show up. She was coming a long way, but she didn't use the directions I gave her (instead relying on Google maps, big mistake). She was hours late, so you can imagine how much I drank.

Realizing I needed something like food to go with the wine, I asked Jason if he could get me some crackers. He showed up with the most darling cupcakes that had been left from an earlier party for the Human Society. They had little blue dog bones on the white icing.

The lady and I were talking for so long, the Lancôme area rep starting touching us up. I bought the blush she put on me. I'll have to show you next week.

Meg finally came. Did she buy perfume? No, but she did succumb to the Lancôme eye cream/concealer duo. It really brightened her up after a long day.

I wobbled when I finally got up. I had sat there so long, my bad knee stiffened up, and a neuroma in my right foot, which had flared earlier in the day, made it painful to walk. I swear a walker would have helped get me out of there. Too much champagne, locked knees, and neuromas are NOT good companions. :)

Meg and I were supposed to go get some food, but as I was circling the restaurant - all surrounding roads in sheer, gridlocked chaos with no parking - she called. She was lost again. She was still within two blocks of NM. LOL, not sure whether she had driven in circles or not. Anyhow, with the parking debacle, I told her we should bag it and go home. She went shopping; I came home, where I fed the cats, ate guacamole and chips - then went to bed.

I started texting her to find out where she was, feeling somewhat responsible for her getting lost twice and hoping she got home, and she didn't answer. I was really know, all the bad things that can happen to beautiful, single women at night. Finally, I heard back and relaxed. She had gone to TJMaxx to look for a dress and ended up with four. That's what the champagne did to her!

The party was fun, but I have to remember to meter my drinking while I am waiting for someone who is very late and lost. Generous servers have a way of refilling your glass automatically. Sometimes, I am so engaged in chatting, I don't even notice. Pfew!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi wwendalynne,

So true about shimmer formulas! Remember when they were rather garish?

Why choose between TF and YSL? I love both. That reminds me, I purchased one more TF Shine, and I must get swatch photos. There won't be any photos today. The sky is grey, and it looks like it's going to snow.

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Dovey.

I'm sure you know your readers. Your blog is successful, so it's clear. I fear some bloggers just broadcast "whatever" in the hopes of striking someone's fancy. The scattershot approach is rarely successful.

Charlestongirl said...


I am reading top to bottom, so I'm not sure if anyone answered you, but I would highly recommend Atopalm products. They saved me when I was having allergy-driven sensitivity problems, with all the ugly side effects of redness and peeling. Just Google Atopalm. there are many online vendors.

I would like to know what active ingredients are in your sunscreen. It may not be the one you have identified. However, you should not worry about putting a good foundation or tinted moisturizer over your face. Try it. If the color exacerbates the peeling, then no go. If not, then you may be pleased. It can't hurt you.

Charlestongirl said...

Thank you, Jo.

I'm glad you asked the counter. I can wait until the end of March for the Armani. May was going to be a long haul of desire. :)

Seeing how many jellies are out for spring and summer really reinforced the message of the Color Association's press release. I must pay more attention to them going forward.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Eileen,

I am nearly hyperventilating over the TF summer collection. I must have it. I wish I could rely on the NM TF reps to call me, but I can't. That makes me think I need to put Marilyn at NM and someone at BG on high alert for me.

Atopalm! Isn't it wonderful?

Charlestongirl said...

Thank you, Nemo, that's really sweet.

Charlestongirl said...

Thank you, Melisand61!

Charlestongirl said...

LOL, HRH Paula, they won't know what whirlwind blew you in.

Charlestongirl said...

Thank you, Anonymous! I'd love to put some time today into photos, but it will be a no-go. So dark outside, even close to noon. March has been a real disappointment so far.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Tanja, thanks! No BD, just a Tom Ford Party at Neiman Marcus. See above where I explained my over-indulgence.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you.

I didn't buy those, even though I wanted them, because they are so expensive. I find they provide the same lovely glow as those darling little colored balls, so I go with the less expensive option.

Charlestongirl said...

Wow, Solance, natural oils are good, but it sounds like you have mega-allergies. That's too bad.

I have been testing a camelia oil made by Marcia Mcelroy. She went me her face and hair oils to test. You can find the face oil here:

The natural fragrance is divine! While it's considerably more expensive than what you have been purchasing, you might want a treat sometime!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog because you are so honest and you review products I am interested in. And your reviews are so informative. Each night, I really look forward to reading your posts. Please don't change a thing! On a separate note, I bought LMdB's new eyeshadow palette last night and I'm a little disappointed that the case is scratched, the pans are loose and it's missing one of the applicators. This is not the first time I have purchased one of their products and left to wonder if it was previously used! I am so surprised I have these issues based on the cost of their products.

solanace said...

Thank's for the recommendation, CG. Where I live it is impossible to find this stuff (another reason I moved on to raw materials, which we have plenty and great here in Brazil, with the Amazon and all), but I will write it down in my "to try" file, for the next time I travel abroad. I'm also curious about Nuxe oil, and I'm pretty sure that really good stuff like sisley and chantecaille will be just fine with my skin. What I can't use are those brands (available here) like Dior and Lancome, that put all kinds of stuff into their creams.

You see, that's one reason serious blogging is so important. I only buy makeup when I travel, and I'll need to seal my deal quickly. Then it really comes in handy to know that I'll find a good foundation at Armani, or that those interesting eye pallettes from Chantecaille are good.

Happy weekend!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anonymous,

You are not the first person who had reported the exact same flaws with that palette. I have sent the inquiries to LMdB. They should know they have a QA problem, hopefully just with this one palette.

I would suggest you return it, but getting a replacement could be difficult. Please do tell the LMdB rep who sold it to you.

Eileen said...

Hi Anonymous @2:59,

Yes, we frequent the same haunt! I love some of the SA's at the TO Nordies: Gisu, Yuki, Fey, etc. They're wonderful ladies. I just wish we had more of the luxury brands there. I do most of my high end shopping at Topanga and, of course, Beverly Hills is a just over the pass.

I don't have the Voyage compact which uses a Mythic 01 refill, but my son did give me the Wulong compact as a thank you gift for puppy-sitting :-) The refill for Voyage is only (cough! cough!) $55 and there is no refill for Wulong currently available. I find the pressed powders do seem to have a slightly more opaque, mattifying, and "photoshopped" finish than the pearls. The pearls are more translucent and soft-focused. Which is better for you just depends on your particular needs and wants as both the pressed and pearl versions have their uses. I prefer the pearls as a finishing powder to pull everything together in a sheer glow. For travel, though, or if I want a more velvety glow, I wouldn't be without my Wulong.

If I were you, I'd go to the counter and apply the pearls on one side of my face and the pressed on the other. Then I'd take a quick stroll and check out the look in different lighting.

Victoria said...

Wow, 2 strong recommendations for Atopalm - this stuff must be good! :) I look forward to trying it, although, that would mean I would first have to give myself another allergic reaction ...

solenace, thanks for the recommendation! Alas, my skin is oily, so face oils have a tendency to break me out. I am envious it works for you, though! What I wouldn't give to get back my pre-adolescence skin.

CG, this is the sunscreen I use: . Aside from the niacinamide derivative, the other 2 active ingredients are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide; I can't use chemical sunscreens as I'm allergic to them. It's truly ironic - the rest of my body (and my innards ;) has no allergies whatsoever, yet my face is like the paragon of sensitivity. Is this the result of flitting among scores of different skincare products? Perhaps I should have listened when my mother told me to stop experimenting with products.

Eileen said...

Hi May,

I think you're onto something :-) We spend so much time exfoliating our faces (chemically and/or physically) and exposing them to various actives that they really are more sensitive. I can only use physical sunscreens on my face, neck, and chest, but my arms and feet can tolerate chemicals with no problems. I guess increased sensitivity is the price we pay for beauty :-)

There is a very good article about niacinamede in combination with other acids (more specifically, C) on Future Derm. It was quite an eye opener. You're not the only one to have a bad reaction. John Su is the author and he writes very articulate articles about various skin care ingredients--why and how they work, what to combine and what to use separately, etc. He's also funnny and down to earth.

Atopalm--don't wait for an allergic reaction to pick up a jar. It is very reasonably priced and is wonderful any time you have a a bit of dryness. It's very light and can be used on the face and body. We get seasonal desert winds in the LA area called Santa Anas. When those winds blow, I'm always reaching for Atopalm. As I said, great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Eileen ! I noticed you mentioned Yuki some time back, and I thought "oh, may be that's my Yuki in T.O. Nordstrom ", but then it kind of slipped away. But after you mentioned Gizy in guerlain, I was thinking "no, we gotta be going to shoo at the same mall". Small world . I love to shop in topanga as well, and if I really really need something then Beverly hills. Have a nice day and thank you so much for tour response !

Anonymous said...

Thank you Eileen for your response ! What a small world! Yuki in T.O. Is one of the sweetest ladies! Love go to Topanga a lot and mostly too! Have a nice day:)

Anonymous said...

Ooops:), I replied twice. Did not know that my first response went through:)))

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anonymous, I would delete one for you, but they all really says something different, so decided to leave them. :)

Claire said...

Hi CG, I don't know if you are still reading this. I've been lurking your blog for ages now and finally come out (well, maybe I've came out before :-) I tend to forgot, but I'm not a regular poster here). Anyhow, like other readers, I appreciate and value your honesty and maturity of opinion that you bring into the beauty blogosphere. I remember reading one of your Edward Bess review about Baby Pink Lip Palette and felt your pain as you wrote your very honest opinion about the palette. Brava for such candor! I must say, I recently cease to follow one of my long-time favorite blogger (a big blogger, for sure) due to "PR issue" -- more like she is sticking to what the PR said and have provided along with the product and didn't consider any merit in my opinion. I won't name names because I'm sure those of us who are avid readers of beauty blogs will know. I'll stick with you from now on. And I live near a Burberry counter :-)


Charlestongirl said...

Hi Claire! Welcome back.

Normally I am sound asleep at 12:15, but tonight I watched back-to-back episodes do DCI Banks, a superb, almost visceral crime drama in our UK PBS station. Now, I can't sleep.

It did pain me to describe that disappointing palette. I had so many emotions swirling around it. Was Edward selling out for the Sephora customers? Was the company taking a turn from its elegant history? I'm still in wait and see mode.

I will publish press releases for collections we all want to see. When I type the words, I usually have no evidence they will prove to be true. I trust based on my feelings about the company's track record. I can't imagine discounting another opinion. Oh sure, if it was written by a clear whackadoodle, but the fun of product features is to hear all the reactions. Just like my Stila post today. Not the right lipstick for me, but many loved it. It's all cool! :)

Anonymous said...

:)))...was in Neiman Marcus today with my friend for a Cle de Peau makeover ...OMG We had a blust!!! Got blush #1, foundation, eyeshadow from new collection, lipcolor, something their stuff sooo much! It was sooo much Fun!