Monday, March 18, 2013

Dior Addict Gloss is New

You read that correctly. The lip gloss we have all loved has been spruced up and reformulated, and the display is seriously enticing. I was standing at Chanel on Saturday, across a large center aisle at Saks Chevy Chase, when I saw the "Dior Addict, be iconic" display waving at me. I approached and saw an array of glosses that left me wanting to paint every surface of my arm. So I did!

Without the constraints of time, money, and a throbbing foot, I think I would have purchased one of everything on the display: eight lipsticks, four Dior Vernis, and 24 Dior Addict Glosses ($29.50). I decided to limit myself to three lip glosses that day and set about testing the colors to select shades that represent different colors and looks.

New Addict Gloss delivers brilliant shine and a volumizing effect in an array of 24 dazzling shades. The smoothing and hydrating formula comes in three finishes - sparkling, pearly, or pure. Wear it alone or pair it with your favorite Dior Lipstick for an instant pop of color and shine!

One of my all-time favorite lip glosses is Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect in #877, Lurex Plum. I will probably never run out of it because I stocked up when I learned that it was being discontinued. I went from store to store, and one online site to another, buying as much as I could find.

With Loyd Cassler's excellent assistance, I purchased three gorgeous shades of the newly reformulated Dior Addict Glosses: #227, Ambre Lumière; #643, Diablotine; and #732, Paradise. I was able to get photos because on that terribly cloudy day, there were a few breaks in the clouds - very few - and I took advantage of one of the few five-minute sunbeams.

They are swatched, top to bottom on my arm, in the same order listed above. I applied them with their own little brushes. Ambre Lumière (at the top of my arm) was actually the third one I chose, but when I got home, it became a fast favorite in my gloss wardrobe. I had wanted one of the "browns." I selected this swatch photo above because that shade is represented well. Isn't the sparkling peach-rose-brown hybrid shade gorgeous?

As you can see, all of my choices sparkle. I needed a pink-toned shade, and Diablotine won the in-store contest. It had a close runner-up or two. The pinks are exquisite. You are likely to have a hard time if you only want one.

I wanted a peachy coral shade too, and Paradise (at the bottom) was a no-brainer. It offers glorious color, sparkles galore, and is so flattering, it brings me right out of the fractured foot doldrums.

Over the weekend, I discovered these "new" glosses at Sephora, where I ordered a fourth: Cygne Noir, a sparkling mauve. I can't wait to get it! These glosses provide everything I love in lip glosses - punchy color, sparkling shine, and fabulous feel. They are seriously hydrating without being sticky, tacky, or gloppy.

Keep your eyes open. I suspect they are available at all Dior counters. They could be available at Dior's own Website, but I got annoyed and frustrated trying to navigate to the lip glosses, with all the razzle dazzle I had to slowly explore, trying unsuccessfully to find them. Why do many European Web sites think I want a moving experience when I visit?

Photos by Best Things in Beauty


Joey said...

Ooh, that Ambre Lumiere looks so necessary!

More important, though: I hope your foot isn't causing you too much grief! I'm sending you lots of healing, good thoughts =)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Joey!

It is a royal pain! Thanks.

You must go see these gorgeous glosses!

Mamavalveeta03 said...

Diablotine is the one that caught my eye. I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of these newly formulated glosses. So, do you think that they are BETTER than they were before? I don't know because I didn't use Dior's glosses.

Mary Ann said...

Very pretty! Will have to check these out. Thank you getting pics and swatches, I'm sure it's hard with your sore foot.

Anonymous said...

I ordered Cygne Noir too and also Nuit Boreale cant'wait to try them!

AZ said...

I just had a HORRIBLE experience at the Dior counter in Macy's near me. They had all these products in but no display. So when I asked for a tester, the counter manager told me that not only do they not have testers, but she insisted that these products aren't new. She wanted me to just buy the products without trying any on. (I wanted the new addict extremes) I understand when they get the products in before the display but her attitude was so terrible not to mention she's completely wrong! She didn't know these products are new and she just lied to me. She also started talking about me to other associates in Chinese thinking that I'm Korean and I wouldn't undersand... So I hopped over to the Clarin's counter which I'm familiar with and the associate told me the person I was dealing with is actually the Dior counter manager... How on earth she got the job I will never understand.
I know I should just let it go but I'm just so annoyed. I was fuming at the time but I don't know what could be done even if I spoke to someone higher up.

Sorry for the rant and I hope your foot is better. I had to get my dad one of those shoes when he shattered his heel bone... it was terrible. I hope you're getting used to it. Best wishes!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi MamaVal! They are just as good, and they may be better.

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Mary Ann!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anonymous,

I saw it in the store. VERY pretty!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi AZ,

Wow. Bad experience. What can anyone say? You probably should have asked for the department manager.

Eew, shattered his heel? I can't imagine.

Meredith said...

I'm with you CG, I don't like those "moving experiences" either. Waste of time and frustrating to wait for what you're there to look at anyway!

Eileen said...

Oh AZ! That was terrible. You should definitely report her to both the store and department managers. And, be sure to tell them about her talking about you in Chinese because she thought you wouldn't understand. That's the kind of racial profiling thing that gives management nightmares. Be polite, but firm and specific in your complaint. Be sure to let the store manager know that you will take your business elsewhere if you are ever treated so shabbily at that particular store again. If you're uncomfortable with face to face communication, I believe Macy's also has something on their site that permits people to file complaints on-line. I did that once and got an immediate response from management. I also got an apology--highly rationalized, but an apology none the less-- from the offending SA. You'll feel better if you are pro-active.

On another note, I saw the Iconic display at Nordstrom today and all the testers were there. The SA was enthusiastic, set me up with some of those individual testing doefeet, and then left me to play. I bought #553 Princess (light sparkly pink) and #343 Spring Ball (light sparkly peach). The new glosses are rich and brilliant. You'll fall in love when you can play with the new collection :-)

Claire said...

I read about this a while back, CG but thought this may be part of the Saks exclusive collection. Thanks for the coverage.


Dlori said...

Dior has several lip glosses as you know. I'm starting to get a little confused as to the difference between them.The regular glosses and the extreme lip gloss, or something like that. What is the difference between them. And then what is the difference between the extreme lip gloss and this new gloss in terms of how it looks, wears, feels, etc.? Is there really that much of a difference in terms of pigmentation, sheerness, stickiness, how long it lasts? Also, how would you describe pearl finish compared to a luminescent finish. All these products are beginning to look & sound the same to me sometimes. One last question, I just ordered the Le metier palette. I had pre ordered from Bergdorfs but ever since Dustin left, things don't run the way they should or rather did under his tutelage. I waited and waited, as the palettes were being sold out at all the other locations because I had my order placed at Bergdorfs But for some reason, I continued to have this very uncomfortable, uneasy feeling that something was going to go wrong. Sure enough, when I called Bergdorfs to enquire about whether the palettes had arrived, I was told the majority of them came in damaged and as such, I would not be receiving my palette because they were giving the good ones to their "preferential" clients, whatever that means. So I almost jumped out of my chair when you posted yesterday that some were still available at several Sak's locations in New Jersey. I wasn't even aware Saks was getting them in. I thought they were exclusive to Bergdorfs and Neiman Marcus. This morning, I immediately got on the phone and ordered my palette with an incredibly warm and wonderful woman named Lisa who couldn't do enough for me. My palette goes out tomorrow with a bunch of samples she was kind enough to throw in. She still has a few left, not many, so if anyone is still looking for this palette, may I suggest they call Lisa at Saks in Short Hills New Jersey. Her direct number is: (973) 315-1361. There aren't many left so please make up your mind quickly and get your order in because once these are gone, they are gone for good. She also said that although each shadow is about the size of a dime, the colors are so highly pigmented that very little product needs to be used. She said that the palette is perfect for traveling, carrying in your handbag, and absolutely gorgeous. Further, even though small, she stated that the colors will last a long time because so little is needed. I purchased the Bobbie Brown palette with about 40 colors, similar in size, several years ago and thought the palette would end up being a waste because of the size of each color. I use the palette often and to this day, not even the color I use most is gone. I'm anxious to receive this palette and start playing with the colors. Charlestongirl, are you impressed with this palette, were you expecting more and do you think it was a waste of money, sort of a promotional rip off. By the way, I missed your post about you injuring your foot. Did you break your foot, are you OK? Is there anything I could do for you to help you in any way.? If so, please just ask. Please take care of yourself. You have a lot of people who love you, worry about you and want you healthy ,happy and blogging your little heart away, me being your #1 fan! Feel Better!


Eileen said...

Hi Dlori,

Crash course!

Old: Addict Ultra Gloss
New: Addict Gloss (the one Charlestongirl just reviewed--23 new colors)

Old: Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm
New: Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Gloss

Old: Addict Smoothing Lacquer Lip Polish (3 colors with a silly roller applicator)

Old: Addict Lip Maximizer (standard lip plumper)

Old: Addict Lip Polish (primer)

Bottom Line: Look for Addict Gloss. It's been reformulated to wear longer and give more dimensional color. Sephora, Nordstrom, Neiman's, etc. have been very good about labeling the newly reformulated gloss as "New".

In makeup, pearl refers to a satiny, lustrous glow or to small "pearls" of one color suspended in a different base color (ie: coral gloss with a pink pearl). Luminescent just refers to the way light is reflected; causing the light to look like it is coming from within. It can range from a soft satin glow to full on disco ball shine. So, something can have a luminescent pearl glow :-)

Vicky said...

I love Dior products as well. I think they are one of the best when it comes to beauty products. All these glosses are worth all the money. If only I have a lot, I'm going to buy most of them.

LilJeJa said...

Wow I need Ambre lumiere in my life@ it's beautiful