Tuesday, May 28, 2013

By Terry Hyaluronic Blush from the Summer Splash Collection

By Terry's Summer Splash Collection is filled with beautiful colors and multiple new products. I was shopping at the SPACE.NK boutique at Tysons Corner Center and grabbed a few photos of the Hyaluronic Blush, which jumped right out at me. "Try me!"

To use its proper name, Hyaluronic Blush Hydra-Veil Print Flush Ultra-Stay Fresh Glow ($42) is available in two shades: Peach Posh and Blushberry - both gorgeous. I'd be hard pressed to choose only one, so I took swatch photos to "think about it" this week.

This hyaluronic acid foam-enhances the cheeks and prominent facial areas with fresh, eye-catching and ultra-lasting sheer color. Its formula is composed of "a high-tech color technology" that offers a perfect balance between coverage and transparency while holding color on the skin - like a temporary tattoo, according to By Terry. I'm not sure that's a nice analogy for a gorgeous blush.

Whipped hyaluronic acid provides the whippped finish of the gel-cream hybrid. Galanga leaf extract helps treat imperfections. Mother of pearl pigments give the color a subtle sparkle, and the blush provides a beautiful aqueous matte veil on the skin - the combination leading to what By Terry calls matte iridescent.

I took swatch photos in full, mid-day sun, outside the store, and I had no idea how they would look on the blog. I didn't have much to deal with outside the store, so I selected a small spot of shrub roses (surrounded by concrete and sidewalk). While they aren't the best, my photos show the two shades fairly accurately.

I tried to apply them heavily with my fingers. I found that led to a gloppy appearance, so I blended them into my arm - just enough to show you their sheerness, but to keep enough color to differentiate them on the skin. Peach Posh is shown at the top of my arm, with Blushberry below.

Both shades are absolutely gorgeous when blended into the skin - not at all helpful when deciding which one to purchase. I think Peach Posh is better for fair complexions, and Blushberry, a brown rose, is probably the best choice for medium to dark complexions.

I'm sure you can see the sparkles. I found them pretty. By Terry calls the finish matte iridescent. Can you have a sparkly matte? I think not, but it's a perfect description of the matte finish dotted with little sparklies.

I love the whipped texture and blendability of these blushes. I can tell you based on my swatching experience that they will last a long time on the skin. It took a few washings to remove them from my blending fingers. The new Hyaluronic Bronzing Hydra-Veils shown on the display (above) have the same divine texture.

You can find By Terry at the SPACE.NK Web site or in the boutiques. I'm lucky we have a SPACE.NK inside Bloomingdale's here.

Photos courtesy of By Terry and by Best Things in Beauty


Dawn said...

I recently purchased Peach Posh from beauty.com and I can tell you it's absolutely gorgeous! I normally wouldn't spend that much on one item that I couldn't see in person, unless it's a Tom Ford item, lol. But I had a small credit and it might've been during their 20% off sale as well so I got it cheap but now that I have it I would recommed it even at full price. It's perfect for summer! I put TF's Amber Bronze stick in the hollow part of my cheek, blend, then put this blush above it and it makes a really pretty cheek color combo. Excellent purchase.

Eileen said...

I got such a laugh out of the complete name of the product. I have visions of approaching the By Terry counter and saying, "I'd like to try that Hyaluronic Blush Hydra-Veil, ah, Print Flush. . .ah, ah. . .ah heck! just give me that stuff in the tube!" LOL. The name might be funny, but the colors are seriously gorgeous. That Blushberry, in particular, looks stellar.

MoonRae said...

Very pretty,luscious colors! thanks for sharing them


Lisa said...

These look really amazing. Wish I had access to by Terry hands-on here in Texas. Last year I bought the Sheer Liquid Blush in Fresh Rose. Sadly, it was SO sheer, I can only use it as a luminizer as it only provides a VERY subtle wash of shimmer/color. So I am a little gun-shy about online purchases of by Terry.

Moonchime said...

They are both so pretty, but I am leaning towards the Peach Posh. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

VancouverChic said...

Oooooh so pretty! C-Girl does the peach one lean toward pink/peach or is it a true peach??? Thanks so much for posting the swatches too!
Best Regards,
Joanne ~ VancouverChic

Evelyn said...

I think we need to just walk up to the counter and ask for "flush in a tube" to save us some time. I got tired by the time I finished reading the title! lol Very pretty but yet again I'm struck by how something can be matte yet have the sparkles in the photo.

angusmum1 said...

Anyone have an opinion about this style of blush? Am building a little collection just now and need each piece to work for me as I am limited for a while yet. Lately it seems I should just open a shopping bag and add BTiB review products, period!! "Enjoying the beauty of the beauty"

Claire said...

CG, do you have By Terry Rose de Rose? How would you compare these two w/ Rose de Rose? They look wonderful on the swatch, I think one of By Terry's strength is in their cheek/face products.

Nida Moughal said...

Such a weird name.. Never tried anything by Terry!

Lindsie said...

I love the colors! I am just kinda hesitant to get either one of those because I have sensitive skin. I hope it won't get itchy when I apply it or something. I especially love the "flush in a tube" color. LOL!

Rosie said...

Is this a new type of blush...matte irridiscent? Blushberry is gorgeous. I'd just have to print the complete name out and hand it to the saleslady, lol.