Friday, May 3, 2013

Rouge Bunny Rouge Ubiquitous Magnitude Mascara - The Rest of the Story

Yesterday, I featured Rouge Bunny Rouge's Ubiquitous Magnitude Mascara ($29) without the benefit of any press information. They graciously sent me the information overnight. Given the time difference, I was asleep when the e-mail came. Thus, I present the rest of the story - and what a story it is.

Ubiquitous Magnitude Mascara is a true all-rounder for "otherworldly," luminous lashes. Rouge Bunny Rouge's unique formula includes silk protein to ensure wonderful flexibility and a natural feel while it restructures and protects your lashes. In combination with the three natural compounds, paraffin wax, carnauba wax, and beeswax, it imparts a soft texture for flexibility, volume, and superior luminosity. A new fiber brush guarantees enhanced dimension of your lashes - separating, lengthening, curvaceously curling, adorning with a sleek, glistening, and deeply intense color. Rouge Bunny Rouge calls it the perfect mascara for silky, long, fluttery lashes.

You know all Rogue Bunny Rouge products are accompanied by an enchanting story. Here is the story for Ubiquitous Magnitude Mascara.

There’s a place in the Enchanted Garden where plant life is embellished in every way, bequeathed by more than just nature’s hand. Legend tells of an ancient creator who, eager to intensify his world, called forth centipedes from deeply rooted trees, flying fish from underwater leaves, and the queen of the bees from the heart of her hive. They carried with them on leg, fin, and wing, beads of wax from their natural habitat. Once collected and melted over fiery flame, the solution, even if brushed on the tiniest sapling, immediately imbued a burgeoning in all directions, appeasing the creator that his beautifying work was efficiently done. Even now in the Enchanted Garden when fruit or blossom flourishes, it’s whispered only the fabled liquid could have caused transformation in such a marvelously, spellbinding way.

Ubiquitous Magnitude Mascara will be available in two shades: Titanian (luminous black) and Almandine (the luminous brown I featured yesterday). See swatch photos and my impressions of this gorgeous mascara here. With sensitive eyes in mind, Rouge Bunny Rouge forumlated Ubiquitous to be fragrance- and alcohol-free.

The launch date for Ubiquitous Magnitude Mascara is May 10. I was privileged to receive a press sample early. I think you'll love it.

Photo courtesy of Rouge Bunny Rouge


Deb said...

Hi CG. I just looked at your review of this mascara in the brown and the color is stunning. As a pale faced red head, I can't do black mascara. It's just too harsh. One thing I looked for specifically in your review of the brown, but didn't see....flaking? Smudging? Wear time? Thanks.

Charlestongirl said...


All-day wear, no flaking or smudging on me. First-class!

Anonymous said...

As I mentioned in your post yesterday, I am really excited about the almondine colour. I wear brown mascara every day as I think it looks more natural and suits me when I am going for a subtle look. My daily makeup is typically very simple, but if I do have the time and I am in the mood, I amp it up for the full enchilada and then grab for the black mascara. I find it exciting to have such a beautiful choice for a brown. Based on RBR's reputation, I'm guessing this formula will be every bit as good as the Burberry one I use faithfully now.