Friday, May 31, 2013

Chantecaille Lip Screen Tint SPF 15 for Summer 2013

Chantecaille is introducing a new Lip Screen Tint SPF 15 ($36) with its summer collection. These beautiful sheer lip colors offer a hint of shine and whisper of polished color, combined with a serious SPF lip treatment. When I was in the store swatching, I believed the shades above were the new shades. They were in the right display slots. I was only partially correct. I'm sorry. The only one that appears to have been correct was Sardinia.

The high-performing and extremely comfortable formula contains an ultra-healing botanical blend of rose and honey. Packaged in a chic shiny silver tube, it's the perfect accessory for your summer look.

There are three glistening shades inspired by the islands of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Ibiza - muted pink
  • Sardinia - bright and extremely wearable "coral"
  • Neutral - apparently a clear SPF
I took swatch photos of the three on the display outside Neiman Marcus Mazza Gallerie. My photos were taken in full mid-day sunshine. Sardinia is shown at the top of my arm and at left in the display photo above. The existing Mai - not a new shade, but like Ibiza, I'm told - is in the middle in both photos. Neutral, shown at right above, may or may not be at bottom on my arm. The tester actually says only SPF 15.

After looking at the testers, I was sure that my favorite would be the pink - the one it turns out I haven't seen. Imagine my surprise when I nearly drooled over Sardinia. While it could be called coral, it has enough rose in it to look fabulous paired with my cool-toned skin. I feared that you wouldn't be able to see Neutral is expected to be clear.

I love the way Sardinia looks and feels. They are perfect for a casual summer. I've got Sardinia on my list for Camp Gorgeous, but I fear it won't arrive in time. I just learned that Sardinia is shipping to the stores today, and Ibiza will ship Monday.

If you'd like some help with the Camp Gorgeous event, give Jeannine Barnes at Neiman Marcus a call at (202) 966-9700, extension 2289. The Chantecaille Web site doesn't show all the new summer colors. If you want one of the limited numbers Jeannine will receive, call her tomorrow. Don't wait!

Update: Chantecaille just posted on Facebook a 10% discount on its site for purchases between now and June 3. Use code SMR10 at checkout.

Update #2: This feature was modified after I learned that only one of the colors in the display unit was "right color." I am sorry. After swatching at two stores, I wasn't expecting that.

Update #3: This is the Chantecaille GWP for Camp Gorgeous. I promise, no more updates.

Photos by Best Things in Beauty; last photo by Jeannine Barnes


Anonymous said...

What is the SPF agent in this product please? I can't use Avobenzone so my fingers are crossed that you say something else!

michelle said...

Great photos!

I really like Sardinia also, and would love to snap one up prior to my leaving for Spain at the end of June. Don't suppose you know when they'll be available online? I know their Friends and Family starts today and continues until June 3rd, but it would, and it would be great to buy one, AND save a little cash.

Thanks for the great swatches!

Suselew said...

OMG...even at 10%, I must order a few things. LOVE Chantecaille. And Sardinia is at the top of my list as I generally only wear lip balms and tints during the summer. Virginia, you find the best codes!

Suselew said...

Oh, boo. Sardinia won't be available at NM until 6/14 so it won't make this sale.

Charlestongirl said...

I'm sorry, Anonymous, I don't know yet. They haven't arrived at Tyson's, and I can't find the Mazza rep right now.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Michelle,

My Chantecaille person who does the Web site doesn't work Fridays. So, it will be Monday before I can get that answer.

Charlestongirl said...

Such a temptation to buy, Suselaw! I love discounts!

Charlestongirl said...

OK, I've been doing a little research. I should know in a bit: 1) when NM is getting the for-sale product. I may be able to find out the active sunscreen ingredient.

Otherwise, for Chantecaille Web site, I can't find out before Monday.

Charlestongirl said...

Everyone, after chatting with two Chantecaille reps, I had to modify my feature. Only one of the three was correct on the display. I'm sorry!

Sardinia shipped to the Neiman Marcus stores today. Ibiza will ship Monday.

Mamavalveeta03 said...

But, Sardinia is that beautiful coral, right? I love it! I am very impressed with the quality of Chantecaille. Now where did I put my "Tea Rose" Lip Chic???

Charlestongirl said...

Yes, MamaVal, and even though I saw the name on it, my confidence is not 100%. On the displays, the blushes are wrong, and the lips are mostly wrong. Only the eye shadows are right. The new collection will arrive in dribs and drabs.

I've never known Chantecaille to do that with displays. Dior has way too often.

Unknown said...

They are lovely! Aren't they ?I'm definitely push forward my self to wear one of them for my next tour to France.

Eileen said...

Charlestongirl, you're a real trooper! Trying to make sense out of the confusion that is Chantecaille's Mediterrean Island release is deserving of a medal. I hope this isn't indicative of deeper problems within the company :-(

One thing about which there is no confusion, though, is that Sardinia is gorgeous.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Sandra!

I think you will love Sardinia. So pretty!

Charlestongirl said...

Eileen, I almost pulled the post. I was so frustrated. Even the store reps have to ask for information. I left it up because Sardinia appeared to be "right."

beano54 said...

these look divine look so hydrating and glossy

Eileen said...

Hi Anonymous,

I hope you see this. The sunscreen agents in Sardinia are Octinoxate 5.9% and Octisalate 0.49%. A complete list of ingredients can be found on