Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Exuviance Age Reverse Collection from NeoStrata

Exuviance, by NeoStrata, offers a new Age Reverse Collection, designed to make you look "undeniably younger" with a skin-care regimen clinically proven to target all the signs of aging skin with state-of-the-art technology in its multitasking products. The line is designed to:
  • Diminish the appearance of age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles;
  • Rebuild collagen to help restore firmness and elasticity; and
  • Fight damage and prevent future collagen and elastin breakdown.
NeoStrata sent me four Exuviance Age Reverse Collection products to try. I was greedy and kept the Exuviance Age Reverse BioActiv Wash ($35) because I'm a cleanser addict, loving new ones and dying to try it. It's a soap-free facial cleanser that exfoliates and stimulates cell turnover with a potent polyhydroxy acid and bionic blend, filled with botanical extracts to soothe and refresh the skin. Love it!

I decided that my friend - we'll call her Berry - was the best candidate to test drive the rest of the products. Not only is she gorgeous (she was a Broadway actress who often played the leading babe role), she's a journalist. What better person to write? Like any actress, she frets about her appearance, and she's always game to try a new anti-aging product. She has even dreamed about a face lift, although I don't think she needs one.

Berry has used other products with retinol in them, with mixed success, and I suspected she would love the Exuviance Age Reverse Collection. She is horribly critical of her skin - much more than she should be - and she has complained about everything from wrinkles to sagging skin over the last year. OK, so she did drama on Broadway!

What she found using the Age Reverse line was dramatic. Here is what Berry experienced in a month's test of the Age Repair Collection, and it's all good.

Exuviance Age Repair Day Repair SPF 20 ($60) is a triple-firming complex of NeoGlucosamin, retinol, and peptides, combined with an antioxidant complex of pomegranate and vitamins A and E to help reverse the signs of aging skin while fending off free radicals during the day. It's said to firm and plump deep wrinkles, target uneven pigmentation (Berry is prone to redness), and protect and repair the skin.

Berry said it's a pretty, pale pink cream that feels like a gel. It's very light, particularly for a cream with an SPF of 20. It absorbs very quickly, leaving smooth, moist skin behind, with no residue that you sometimes fine with other treatments containing sunscreen. Her extremely fair and delicate skin did not react adversely at all to the retinol, despite a warning on the package of the high retinol strength and advice to use the cream every other day if peeling occurs. She said she smelled no fragrance. She loved the pump-tube, which allows the product to dispense with ease - and the ability to squeeze the tube when the product runs low. Berry said she even loved the shiny turquoise and silver packaging, which looks "glamorous, modern, and clean." After using the line, her uneven pigmentation is gone, a testament to Age Reverse's truthful marketing.

The second product Berry used was Exuviance Age Reverse Night Lift ($68). With its triple lifting complex of peptides, AHA/PHA bionics, and antioxidant complex, Night Lift is clinically proven to reverse the look of deep wrinkles and sagging skin - from the inside out. Here are the test results from NeoStrata's trials.
  • 97% said it improves overall appearance
  • 93% discovered brighter, more luminous skin
  • 90% had plumper, fuller skin
  • 83% experienced skin that was lifted and less droopy
  • 79% reported a reduction in fine lines
Berry said the night cream has a slightly heavier/creamier formula than the day version (as I would hope). It's also a pretty pink. She found it surprisingly moist, but, like the day cream, it absorbed quickly without leaving residue - just a feeling of lovely moisture, which lasts through the night. Both products made her feel as if her own natural moisture was being locked in as additional protection was added to her skin.

The third product Berry tested was Exuviance Age Reverse Eye Contour ($68), which target crow's feet, droopiness, and sagging to reveal brighter, younger eyes in four weeks.
  • Peptides help replace collagen and firm skin around the eye area, targeting droopiness and sagging
  • Maltobionic acid/PHA alleviates appearance of crow's feet
  • Fortifies skin's protective barrier
  • Caffeine deflates puffiness around the eyes
  • Botanicals refresh and soothe
  • Optical diffusers brighten and illuminate
Berry found the eye contour to be an extremely nice, "non-greasy" creme that absorbs, but doesn't leave a feeling of plumpness, which you really don't want around your eyes. She used it during the day on her own wrinkles (doesn't everyone over 30 have "expression lines"?), and she reported that it definitely softened and minimized them. She said it felt soothing under her eyes. She also patted it on above her upper lip and saw a softening of lines there too.

Berry reported that she was thrilled with the Age Reverse Collection, and now I'm feeling guilty that I didn't give her the cleanser too. She said she has never used anything so simultaneously effective and gentle. Other anti-aging products with retinol have burned her skin on contact or made her more sensitive to sun exposure. The Age Reverse products had none of those harsh side effects. Not only that, Berry has not been reacting to cold or wind as she does with other products. Her skin feels protected.

Is that a resounding recommendation? I'd say so! I guess since I haven't used up all the BioActiv Wash, it's going to Berry so that I can lose the guilt - although I have to tell you I really like it. It's so nice, foamy, and effective.

You can purchase the Exuviance Age Reverse Collection at NeoStrata's Web site, where you can learn more about this fabulous new line and its undeniable results. It's also available at Ulta and Pure Beauty - at price points that are extremely attractive for a new, state-of-the-art skin-care technology. I'm impressed that a regimen with retinol could be so gentle!

Thanks, Berry! Glad you love it! Can we share?

P.S. Other than a cleanser, Berry used no other skin care on her face and neck while she was testing the collection.

Update 12/19: Berry has the cleanser, and I am guilt-free. I hope she enjoys it. It tickled me that Berry's husband is now calling her Berry. Maybe I should name him too. :)

Photos courtesy of NeoStrata


Unknown said...

they also have a nice peel-off Rejuvenating Masque. I have been using it for a couple of years now.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anna, I love their products - have several others. Just got a new wash to try too! Thanks.

Berry said...

Ah-ha, so there is a cleanser! As I only wear eye makeup and lipstick - no foundation - a warm washcloth was sufficient, but I can't wait to try the cleanser now as well as the masque - and I'm thrilled to know that Exuviance is available at my nearby Ulta store. What I neglected to report is how fabulous my skin still looks and feels in the morning, despite 8 hours facedown in a flannel pillowcase! So, I'll forego the facelift for now - but I wonder if Exuviance has a product for my sagging derriere...? Thanks so much for introducing me to this wonderful line, Charlestongirl!

Cheryl Foster said...

I love the Exuviance age reverse, the exuviance evening restorative is a favourite of mine

Cheryl Foster said...

Hi I absolutely love exuviance age reverse, the exuviance evening restorative complex is also one of my favourites.