Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Mascara!

It seems like a new mascara is introduced every week. The latest announcement, courtesy of WWD, is Dior's Extase, shown here with another product to be introduced soon, Capture Totale One Essential, a rejuvenating serum.

Extase is billed as having "the first mascara brush with elastomeric and nylon fibers, which add oomph to lashes. The mascara’s formula contains SR38, said to act like a ceramide to help make eyelashes healthy." Metamorphosis powder (caterpiller to butterfly?) purportedly gives a plumping effect to lashes, and black pearl pigments are said to provide three-dimensional, intense color. So far, I prefer my black pearls in jewelry!

I'm interested in seeing this new product, which will be introduced for $28 at Sephora in December. Will it be revolutionary? Dior thinks it will make us "seductive, attractive and refined," according to WWD. Will it replace or improve on DiorShow, Dior's iconic mascara? Time will tell!

Any DiorShow aficiondaos out there?

Photo courtesy of WWD

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Anonymous said...

I'm a DiorShow addict. Love it--love it--love it. How will they improve?