Saturday, May 19, 2012

M·A·C Limited-Edition Powder Blush from Le Très Chic Collection for 2012

The day I was shopping M·A·C's Perennial Pinks Collection online, somehow I made may way to pink powder blushes. I have no idea how. It appears that the Powder Blush shades I purchased were not part of the Perennial Pinks Collection. I never browse M·A·C's "generic" collections. For example, I don't branch off to look at blushes or lipsticks. So how did I find these three Powder Blushes from the New Collections tab? I have no idea. Just a little over a week later, there's no trace of my path on the Web site.

Could I have made my own sampler of pink blushes. Doubtful! No matter, here they are. From left to right above, you can see three very different rose and pink shades of M·A·C Powder Blush ($20). All three carry the company's satin finish, although I see a little more life in Lovecloud than the other two.
  • Peony Petal, a blue rose
  • Lovecloud, a true, medium pink
  • Pink Tea, a light mauve pink
I took swatch photos last week to show you the significant differences in these blushes on the skin. I used a sponge-tipped applicator, applied them heavily, and took my photos in full sun. No one will ever apply these shades as heavily as I applied them for the swatch photos, so consider the swatches exaggerated.

Peony Petal at the top of my arm is too blue for my tastes. It has its place, particularly when a blue-pink blush complements a pink jacket. Although I can wear these colors, I am no longer comfortable in their extreme pinkness.

Lovecloud in the center is, in my opinion, drop dead gorgeous. It's a pink lover's dream. Not too blue, not too cool, it radiates spring and pink with a shade that's perky.

Pink Tea is my second favorite. I think the shade is a great one for gals with fair skin, and I like the "heather" or muted look to the color on my skin. It's definitely a cool pink, but one that will work on warm skin tones because it is subtle.

All three of these shades are limited editions. I found that on M·A·C's Web site. I guess it doesn't matter how I got to them, but I know they must have been featured together - not long ago. If anyone knows, please tell me in the comments!

These Powder Blushes are still available at M·A·C's Web site and should be available at M·A·C counters and boutiques.

Update: Thanks to my astute reader, I updated the title to this feature. See the comments. 

Photos by Best Things in Beauty


Nemo said...

How did you find them? Simple! An Act of God!

LC said...

These were featured in the LE Tres Cheek collection. They are no longer featured on the website but if you search for the names they will come up. That was a lucky find of yours, as Lovecloud sold out the first day and was recently restocked.

Charlestongirl said...

Nemo, as much as I believe that God is up there somewhere, I doubt if she's looking out for my makeup purchases. LOL

Charlestongirl said...

OMG, LC! Thank you. I know I can usually count on one of my sharp readers to know these things.

Lovecloud sold out? No surprise. M·A·C frustrates me with all the "very limited" collections. As soon as I can get to the counter to look at them, they are history. Glad I got it on restock. It's lovely.

Nemo said...

I disagree about God and makeup purchases! He knows they bring you joy! And that's what He wants you to have, because that joy energizes you and makes you more fruitful for Him. It comes from Him and it goes back to Him, and it shows you that He's in you. Meanwhile, remember the words of poet Carl Sandburg: Let a joy keep you!

Charlestongirl said...

Well, Nemo, then God has encouraged a lot of spending this year! There must be a plan. :)

time4beauty said...

I think I like the middle one :)
I'm currently obsessed with MAC MAgenta blush from Reel Sexy.

Nemo said...

Of course there is: use that joy to be a better example of Him.

Helz Nguyen said...

Something about Peony Petal that really intrigues me. The blue tone pink really stands out to me, but usually cooler tones doesn't work for me. Shame that we don't have this collection in Finland! I would have love to get some swatches.

Charlestongirl said...

Wow, Helz, I thought M·A·C was everywhere! YSL has a similar shade. Can you purchase YSL in Finland?

chel said...

you didnt get Full of Joy. :(

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