Friday, May 3, 2013

The Friday Forum - May 3

This is such a pretty time of year. I saw clumps of tulips at a church up the road and happened to have my camera with me. I hopped out of my car to snap a few photos. I must remember this color combination to plant my own stand of tulips for next spring.

Not long ago, Lancôme USA was in the news when the FDA ordered the company to remove its claims that some of its skin care could "boost the activity of genes" or "stimulate cell regeneration" to reduce the signs of aging. Now the company is in the news again, but the story is hysterically funny.

Reader Rosemary sent me an article from Yahoo that had me in hysterics when I read it. The story starts with the title, "Woman Sues Lancôme for Makeup Not Lasting Long Enough." The story starts, "One Orthodox Jewish woman is suing makeup giant Lancôme (owned by parent company L'Oreal), claiming that its "24-hour" foundation doesn't last a full 24 hours, preventing her from looking flawless through the Sabbath, reported the New York Post. Right there, I started thinking, "Why is her religion relevant?" Did they need to call it out?

Then I read on...
Rorie Weisberg of Monsey, New York claims she was tricked into believing that the company's new Teint Idole Ultra 24H provides a full day and night of "lasting perfection" as the product's Web site states. Her lawsuit reads: "The 24-hour claim was central to plaintiff's purchase decision, as a long-lasting makeup assists with her dual objectives of compliance with religious law and enhancement to her natural appearance." According to court papers, Weisberg "is an Orthodox Jew and abides by Jewish law by not applying makeup from sundown on Friday until nighttime on Saturday." Weisberg, who views the 24-hour promise as key in helping her abide by Jewish law, alleges that the $45 foundation "faded significantly" overnight. [I assume she was in bed sleeping overnight.] Her suit seeks unspecified damages from Lancôme and L'Oréal on behalf of herself and all the people who brought the product. She also wants Lancôme to create a "corrective advertising campaign."

I can see that campaign now. Lancôme warns that sleeping in your makeup may affect its longevity. Don't take our ads literally. Get pretty, get real.

No wonder those criminals in the Bronx can't get a court date. I've read everything now. My life is complete. The article goes on to mention other misleading advertising claims by cosmetics companies. You might enjoy it. Click on the Yahoo link. It's good entertainment.

I do think there ought to be a mechanism to throw out frivolous lawsuits before they waste the time of our judicial system. As for Ms. Weisberg, she needs to get a life, use great skin care, and stop worrying about foundation. Look out if she tries a BB cream that's not right for her. I hope the judge finds her liable for stupidity, makes her pay Lancôme's court costs, and fines her. Still laughing...only in America.

Estée Lauder will be launching a new fragrance in the fall: Modern Muse - the company's first major women’s fragrance since 2003. WWD reported today that Modern Muse was designed by Firmenich’s Harry Fremont and built around two key accords: sparkling jasmine and sleek woods. The first accord combines exotic mandarin, tuberose, fresh lily, honeysuckle nectar, dewy petals, jasmine sambac, and jasmine sambac China absolute. “Using two different forms of jasmine gives us a textured, layered effect, which adds depth to the juice,” said Karyn Khoury, Senior Vice President of corporate fragrance development worldwide for the Estée Lauder Cos.

The same approach was with the sleek woods accord, which includes two different forms of patchouli, along with Madagascar vanilla, amber wood, and soft musk. The sparkling jasmine is intended to impart a feminine side to the strength of the woods. The collection includes the fragrance and accessory products and will begin to appear at counters in September. The face will be Arizona Muse.

I'll be interested in getting a whiff, but if the fragrance is strongly woody, I probably won't like it. The floral notes sound beautiful.

I got all the information on the new Rouge Bunny Rouge Mascara and will be publishing it today, so please come back. Also remember this week's giveaway contest: a Sunday Riley Blush. Make sure to enter by the deadline, tomorrow, Saturday, May 4, at midnight.

Let us know: if you were the judge in the Weisberg case, what would you have to say to Ms. Weisberg?

Photo at top by Best Things in Beauty; other photo provided by Estée Lauder to WWD


Evelyn said...

I might say adhere less to the word of the law and more to the spirit of the law. Go into the Sabbath makeup-free. In any case, it's a silly thing to bring to court and should be dismissed. There is no makeup that will last 24hrs, even from the best cosmetics company. Mileage varies with each person.

The new perfume from Estee sounds interesting. I will definitely try it. I actually bought Desire by Dolce & Gabbana the other day (Bloomingdales was having a nice deal). It has some similar components to this one, I wonder how it will turn out. Just wait and see. :)

Kim said...

I wonder what happened to the previous Estee Lauder fragrance - Very Estee? It was to have been released in Fall 2012, but I have only seen it on Harrod's website or on Izzy's.

Nemo said...

I too am outraged by that Bronx criminal law situation. As you know, I am a criminal defense lawyer. I love my work; it is the joy of my life. And I have to ask: Where is President Obama in all this Bronx stuff? Obama, the Harvard law grad! Why hasn't he sent Eric Holder and the US Dept. of Justice there to clean up that mess? Our justice system is founded on the most basic of legal principles: presumption of innocence and the right to a fair and speedy trial. Those rights are part of our constitution and made applicable to the states by the Bill of Rights. They do not exist in the Bronx. That is a desecration. A travesty. Obama should be shamed. I wish he'd send me there. I'd love to crack my little whip.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Evelyn,

I love Desire. Dustin sent me a sample, and I really wanted a bottle - before I went into my new new perfume for awhile mode.

Charlestongirl said...

Kim, I can try to find out from ER PR.

Charlestongirl said...

Nemo, the situation itself is criminal. However, I have to disagree, with respect. Shouldn't the state of New York be responsible for cleaning up its own mess? Where is Gov. Cuomo? He was, after all, the AG when this all started.

I don't want to pay my federal taxes for their inability to fully fund the court system.

The NY Times has really blown the lid off the Bronx situation.

Victoria said...

I really enjoyed last week's Sunday discussion. I had such a fun time following the comments that I forgot to add my own!

There was a bit of a debate as to whether lasers get rid of pores or not. I'd love to hear more on that, as I've long considered the procedure but have heard conflicting information as to its effectiveness. For reference, I have many small pores dotted all over my cheeks and my nose.

Rosemary said...

Now had Lancome stated that its foundation would last 24 hours AND make one smart, Ms. Weisberg might have a case. LOL Really, who on earth would believe that a foundation would last 24 hours? And didn't she sleep during this period of time? Maybe Lancome should counter by saying that the foundation lasted 24 hours on her pillow!

Nemo, not to make light of anything you said, but right there at the end when you said you'd crack your little whip, I had a mental image of said whip having the double C Chanel logo and you with a flawless face!

I've been using my Guerlain Meteorites and loving them. I actually let someone photograph me last Monday, something I normally avoid. I had also ordered Urban Decay's Foxy Fourway set of eyeliners--a special at Ulta. I love the colors, the longevity, and the ease of application. They are right there with my Chanel eyeliners as favorites.

I really want Chanel's new Lilis nail polish, and one of the new RCS with more pigment, and maybe the Guerlain BB creme, and the entire Tom Ford summer collection...a girl can dream.

Makeup Remastered said...

ha ja - loved this story- there are probably people just waiting to make a buck on nonsense!
I am still waiting for Tom Ford summer to arrive at a store I can ship internationally from!! not easy waiting while all you lovelies are enjoying his bounty. Would you say the cream stick and luminizer are too similar to hace both (not the brozer one)? CG have you taken the plunge and purchased the Armani sheer fluid in 04 (yellow)?? thats my other want:)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi May,

I have been reading up on it even more and will be contacting Dr. West for an opinion. When I get it, I'll be back to share.

CGstrein said...

The FDA Warning Letter to Lancome has unleashed a slew of lawsuits, Good, bad, right, or wrong, I think the fallout of all of this will be a change in cosmetic advertising.

On a lighter, happier note, I am hoping to hit the mall this weekend. I want to check out the Dior Bird of Paradise nail polishes and Tom Ford's new summer collection. I need nothing but that never stops me. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Eileen said...

Good morning all. Actually that whole 24 hour fiasco started my day off with a laugh--of the incredulous sort. It strikes me as just a case of another greedy person whose hatched a get rich scheme in cahoots with an attorney looking for some notoriety. Frivoulous cases like this are usually thrown out with the garbage, but every now and then one ridiculously makes it this far and garners some publicity. It wastes everyone's time and money.

But moving on to things of beauty . . . I can't begin to describe my pleasure over TF's summer collection. Everything glimmers with soft, flattering, warm tones that are both causal and elegant. And, as far as quality goes, there's not a dud in the collection. I find myself reaching for my TF daily--except for yesterday. That was my Guerlain date with Marcus :-)

I don't remember which one of you lovely ladies said you call him "Marcus Mon-swoon", but when I told him that, he got such a laugh out of it. Anyway, he created a lovely look for me and introduced me to a couple of colors I'd never have looked twice at but which looked perfect with my coloring. And, that is precisely why I go to Marcus. He truly is an artist and always succeeds in delighting me. I came away from the event with quite a haul so I'll get on with it.

I like Guerlain's primers so I did not hesitate to buy Météorites Perles Light Diffusing Primer Les Ors. It is gorgeous and can actually be worn alone. It gives a beautiful unifying glow to the skin and helps defeat areas of redness. Marcus followed it with LdP in 02, but I don't need any foundation right now.

I also bought the bronzer in Terra Ora. Marcus used the outter ring of color as a blusher on me rather than as a bronzer. A light sweep yielded a bit of rosey terracotta that was very natural looking. And, since I'm not really feeling bronzers this year, it was just enough to enliven my complexion and give it some warmth without shouting.

For the lips, Marcus used the liner in Bois de Santal (my natural lip color) and two of the Gloss D'Enfer--Dragee Bomp for a causual look and Brun Buzz (extraordinary color!) to layer over Dragee Bomp for evening or when I just want to add depth to the look. These glosses are sublime. After you apply them, you completely forget they're on. I bought those two and know I'll be coming back for more.

For the eyes, Marcus chose a color I'd never have selected. He used the Fard Métal powder eyeshadow in Bronze Ora. I'm not a huge taupe lover, but this shade is so complex, I had to have it. It made my green eyes sparkle. It was the only color he used on my eyes (moveable lid and faded out just above the orbital bone) because it's iridescence was enough to emphasize the natural contours of my eyes. He had used just a bit of Precious Light as a base and that was enough to illuminate the brow bone. He finished with the new Khol Me Kajal along the lashes and a coat of Cils D'Enfer mascara. I bought everything! It was so effortless but packed a punch.

My only unplanned purchase was the new nail lacquer. I bought Jardins de Bagatelle which is a light garden in bloom type of color and the Gel Top Coat. Wow! It's transformative.

So, I was right, Charlestongirl, it was a very expensive "free" makeover :-D

CGirl said...

Those tulips are absolutely gorgeous! I wish I had some here.

The lawsuit is ridiculous. If you don't like the foundation, return it! It's just makeup. That being said, I don't think companies should put a specific number on how long something will last unless it actually lasts that long. Just call it long-wearing or day-long.

I scored an amazing deal last night. Apparently, Nest fragrances were one of GMA's deals of the day. A bunch of products were 50% off yesterday! I had no clue until I saw an ad on Facebook at 11:30 last night. The deal ended at midnight, so I rushed to my computer and ordered the body cream, candle, and body spray in orange blossom. I had been really wanting to try the fragrance and can't believe my luck! I just wished I had found it earlier so I could have spread the word. I think Nest is featured as one of Oprah's picks (or favorite things or whatever the list is) in her magazine this month. They sometimes have promo codes in there, so you can check and see if there's a deal to be had there.

After your swatches, CG, I want to try the Guerlain BB cream. It looks so moisturizing and has good coverage. Maybe next month

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Jo said...

I wholeheartedly agree with Eileen that the Tom Ford summer collection is to die for. Every piece is a winner! I thought I wouldn't need the illuminator and the stick blush in Blush Guilt but I was wrong they are two different products. I think I like Bronzed Amber better that Blush Guilt though. It is just a perfect wash of bronze. Everything just makes my skin glow.

Last night I went to Nordstrom to pick up the Guerlain BB cream and the SA asked me if I would like to have a makeover by Marcus when he comes to the store in June. Since Eileen raves about him all the time I thought why not. So I'm looking forward to my makeover by Marcus next month. I tried the Terra Ora bronzer and fell in love with it but I left without it - maybe I'll buy that another day. I did buy the new Coral lipstick that is part of the new summer collection. It is absolutely stunning. Such a perfect color. It brightens my whole face. Today I wore it with the Tom Ford gloss over it and I am over the moon about how great it looks. I'm wearing the BB cream today too and like it a lot so far. It's just light coverage that evens everything out and hasn't settled in my pores.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Charlestongirl said...

Don't you wonder, Rosemary, what kind of attorney would take her case?

Your words to Nemo were so cute!

If you want anything from the TF collection, order it now from Dustin. He has more on the way. Most stores have sold out, and Saks online is notifying buyers whose orders were accepted that they cannot deliver!

Thanks for today's story. It was rich.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Makeup Remastered,

Not yet - and the reason is that a wonderful person at NM gave me a little jar full to play with.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi CGstrein,

It has already caused brands I can't name to re-think their claims. Caused quite a ripple.

Do not delay in trying to get your hands on the TF collection. It is sold out in many places, including the NM and Saks online site.

Charlestongirl said...


I am so jealous - to the point that I'm going to call our Guerlain counters around town and ask for Marcus. I wonder if he travels to the East Coast.

You just did it. I am going to call Rhonda and order Fard Métal powder eyeshadow in Bronze Ora. I was trying so hard to resist. Oh well, I'm getting used to poverty.

I find most great fee makeovers VERY expensive. :) But what fun!

Charlestongirl said...

Hey CGirl,

I used the NEST GMA special to restock on my liquid hand soaps. What an incredible deal. This morning, NEST said it had ended. Too bad for those who didn't stumble on it. I don't watch GMA, so I would have missed it if it weren't for Facebook.

I really like my Guerlain Beauty Booster. Here is more info on shade that Ronda sent yesterday.

The BB cream light would be for foundation shades 01, 02, and 12. Works with the pretty fair to light skin tones. Medium would be 3 and 4 and possibly 5.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Jo,

They are different. Hard to show in photographs, but in person, the difference is enough to make us need both.

Isn't that coral to die for? I want it too. Hoping to try it this weekend at the store.

I'm jealous of you too. I want to meet Marcus.

Charlestongirl said...

Kim, here is the response from EL.

Very Estée is not available in the US. It launched in fall 2012 and is available in select international markets.

lov2read68 said...

Seriously?! I'm not sure whether to laugh or shake my head. It's lawsuits like this that are the reason we have warnings on the sides of coffee cups in the drive through that the liquid may be hot or to remove the shadescreen in your window before moving your car. What in the world happened to common sense?
Honestly expecting makeup to last 24 hours is a stretch at best. I can't believe that the suit made it to court to be honest. I agree with Evelyn - go into Sabbath make up free. Not to sound snide or rude but women went make up free on the Sabbath before the creation of make up.
Make up wise - nothing very exciting the addition of an LE MAC shadow that is a good my lids but better color called All Races & a tube of Primrose Hill Picnic lip gloss. Great bright pink for spring if it decides to arrive. We got snow yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Since it is not considered shameful, sinful, or obscene to have sex during Shabbat, makeup on her pillow is the least of Mrs Weisberg's worries.. dontcha think?

Wwendalynne said...

Hi Eileen:

Thank you for the positive feedback for the light diffusing primer. I've always been a big fan of Guerlain primers. I sold out to Hourglass after hearing so many raves and have come running back to Guerlain with my tail between my legs.

Oh, so happy you enjoyed your makeover. Co-incidentally, I have hazel eyes that are predominantly green. I wear taupe shadows..a LOT and do find they unexpectedly enhance my eye colour too. Some deeper burgandy and purple shadows do the same. I will definitely check out the shades to which you are referring in your post. Thanks for sharing and Happy weekend! I'll be spending most of mine in my tractor. We expect to have all crops planted by late sunday. I spent today helping to prep and now it's a big bubbly bathtub for me and a good long soak.

p.s. Oh, I forgot to mention previously, I have 4 horses. I used to train, ride and compete in dressage prior to becoming ill. I think that was the most heartbreaking thing of all. My horses are still with me and I do ride, but only infrequently, casually, and when my body permits. They are just part of me and I cannot sell them.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi, lov2read - our sympathies. Those snow pics are ridiculous!

Charlestongirl said...

Wwendalynne, roared at your comment.

BTW, I could never get rid of a horse. I don't understand how anyone could.

Eileen said...

Hi Wwendalynne,

The new primer by Guerlain is lovely and really does make a difference. I still have about half a bottle of the original Météorites primer but I'll save that one for winter (at Marcus' suggestion :-) ) and use this new one now and throughout the summer. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Guerlain's primers, they are like Météorites in that they do impart a subtle bit of color and a very soft glow.

If you like taupe, Wwendalynne, then definitely swatch the Bronze Ora. It is slightly iridescent so that it plays with light in a way that enhances eye color. It looks slightly smoky, but it is not heavy. I wore it again today and am ever so pleased with it. By the way, Marcus used a soft brush to apply it rather than the applicator. He felt the brush gave greater control and I agree.

Ooooo. . . A fellow equestrian! Back in the day, I rode dressage but then life happened and I just didn't have the time. Many years later I rediscovered pleasure riding when some friends of mine started a Paso Fino ranch. Before I knew it, I had two Pasos at home and two quarter ponies for my sons who were learning to ride. Horses are marvelous animals :-)

Enjoy your hot soak and the rest of the weekend.

Jo said...

Hi Eileen,

I am curious about the order in which you use your products. Where does the Guerlain primer fit in your routine. In particular, does it go on before or after sunscreen? Are you using it with the new Guerlain BB cream? Thanks in advance.

Eileen said...

Hi Jo,

In the AM, I apply my serums and moisturizer and let them set a bit. I follow with my Chanel sunscreen (SPF 50). When the sunscreen has dried, I use one small squirt of the primer and then my foundation.

I have the original Light Diffusing Primer which is light pink pearls. It has a brightening effect and soft-focus glow without being shiny, glittery, sparkly, shimmery, or any of the other -y's :-) Marcus suggested I use that one during the winter when I'm embracing the pale.. The new Les Ors has the same light diffusing soft-focus glow but in a warm honey and it tones done redness. It's actually beautiful all on its own. I've tried a sample of the primer with the gold flakes, but I prefer the pearl primers.

Enjoy your date with Marcus. Just put yourself in his capable hands and enjoy being pampered.

Jo said...

Thanks so much for the information Eileen. I just may give that primer a go.

Claire said...

I realize that the case is a bit outlandish, but.. if I were the judge, I certainly would SLAP Lancome's hand for the outrageous claims and let it be an example! Seriously, Lancome/L'Oreal's ad are outrageously misleading and many many women out there are not as savvy as most of us here to discern. C'mon... L'Oreal/Lancome can take it. Poor Ms. Weisberg.. ;-)

Kim said...

Charleston Girl - thank you so much for the update.