Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bobbi Brown Illuminating Finish Powder Compact Foundation SPF 12

Bobbi Brown's new foundation is about to hit the shelves! My friends at Nordstrom at Tysons Corner shared this information with me. They expect to receive it any day. If you live in the DC area, give them a call (phone number below). I'm sure they will alert you when it's available.

Creating a powder foundation that doesn't give the skin a cakey appearance can be a challenge. Bobbi tackled the challenge nine years ago, and she finally found perfection! Illuminating Finish Foundation promises to be "anything but dull." It will be perfect for people who want fuller coverage and smooth, velvety skin in one fell swoop - foundation and powder combined. If you choose, though, you can layer it over liquid foundation with a face blender or powder brush.

Bobbi Brown called the powder foundation "illuminating" because it gives the skin a soft, even glow despite its oil-free formula. The powder is soft and airy, so it won't apply like a chalky mask or settle into fine lines or pores. The SPF 12 will provide some sun protection.

There will be 21 shades available (the photo at right scanned a little dark). Just like Bobbi Brown's other foundations, every skin color is represented in the Illuminating Finish stable. This foundation is recommended for people with oily skin, those who want decent coverage, and most people who are looking for a matte finish. The exceptions are people with blemishes or dry skin/dry patches.

The unique combination of emollient coconut glyceride and spherical powders gives the formula its soft, weightless, and cushiony feel and helps it glide on easily and blend seamlessly. lluminating Finish Foundation can be applied with a brush for sheer coverage, a damp sponge for medium coverage, or a dry sponge for full coverage. You should start with the area(s) of your face that need coverage and build more if needed. Bobbi Brown advises you to use it only on your face - not your neck - but the color should disappear into the skin. Test it in the store to ensure you don't choose the wrong shade and end up with a line of demarcation at your jaw.

Want more glow? Just layer some moisturizer over it. Bobbi cautions that you should not apply a cream blush over the powder; that will remove the foundation. Use a powder blush.

Look interesting? You will be able to find Bobbi Brown's Illuminating Finish Powder Compact Foundation with SPF 12 PA+ at Bobbi Brown counters everywhere. If you give the Bobbi Brown counter a call, I'm sure they will let you know when it arrives. If you wish to call the Tysons Corner store, the phone number is (703) 761-1121. Ask the operator for the Bobbi Brown counter.

Photos from Bobbi Brown courtesy of Nordstrom


LilyBiscuit said...

Thanks for posting this. I've been looking for a good powder foundation. I love that it's oil free too! I'm going to try this soon :)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi LilyBiscuit,

You're welcome! I think this foundation is going to be a big hit for Bobbi Brown because her foundation shades span such a great range of skin tones and colors. The foundations always fulfill her promises too!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when this will be available in the UK?

Charlestongirl said...

I'll see what I can find out. I called a local Bobbi Brown manager, but he hasn't called back yet.

The product was expected in store by now by the Bobbi Brown counters. It's past its ship date. Last time I asked, they expected it "momentarily." Seems now that there may have been some kind of production hold-up.

Give me a day or two, please, and I will find out the latest.

Charlestongirl said...

Here is what I learned. One local store expects it to arrive this week. Of course, they expected it to arrive a few weeks ago! They were told by a company rep that it was really coming this week. Not a promise, but as sure as it gets, I was told.

If we are getting it in the DC area, U.K. should also get it soon. I would imagine it's shipping all at once. I don't know why it was delayed beyond the store's original expectations.

gayle said...

Do you know if this is available on line yet?

Charlestongirl said...

Oddly, it has shown up on eBay, selected David Jones and Myer stores in Australia, Bobbi Brown at Cape Cod Mall (taking appointments this week, according to Facebook) - here and there.

Have faith - it will be at a store near you soon!

Anonymous said...

I found this at Lord and Taylor today, 8/17. Oddly, it's not at Bloomies yet.

Charlestongirl said...

Aha - proof that it's filtering into the stores!

I talked to a Bobbi counter rep again today, and their counter is sure it's on the way.

Charlestongirl said...

Today, it became available at Bobbi Brown's US Web site.

allie said...

why isn't it suitable for those with blemishes?

Charlestongirl said...


That's a really good question, and you can chat online with a Bobbi Brown rep at her Web site.

I think they mean open and severe cystic blemishes.