Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Reviva Labs Essential Fatty Acid Cream for Thin Delicate Skin

I love discovering miracle products! Even though I had some help in "discovering" Essential Fatty Acid (EFAs) Cream ($25) from Reviva Labs, which sent me the product to test, I'm taking credit for this discovery. I timed its initial use perfectly. That ought to count for something, right?

A few days after I returned from the hospital, I took a hard look in the mirror and saw a very thin woman who had aged 10 years in a week and a half - seriously. My thin skin looked even thinner than usual, making some areas of my face (particularly under the eyes) look dark and unhealthy. I realized I had lost a lot of weight - and I really didn't have pounds to lose. I couldn't get my normally healthy appetite back, and it showed in my appearance. I looked gaunt, and my skin looked dehydrated.

Realizing I had set aside Essential Fatty Acid (EFAs) Cream from Reviva Labs early in the month, and that there would never be a better time to give it the ultimate test, I pulled it out and applied it one night before bed. Ten hours later, I climbed out of bed and looked at my face in the bathroom mirror. It was a miraculous transformation! I had gone from looking gaunt to almost normal, in one night. My skin was re-plumped, and I looked pretty healthy, all things considered. That's why I'm labeling EFAs Cream a miracle product.

I have used the product every night since. Why not stick with a winner? Let me tell you about it because Reviva might have flown under your radar, as it did mine.

Reviva Labs considers the cream a skin care first - a cream to fight or help prevent thin, delicate skin. It features a blend of 10 different Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids (EFAs) from plants. They discovered that EFAs are a major factor in the fullness, bounce, and thickness we see in youthful skin. Over the years, loss of EFAs affects cell membrane structure, resulting in skin becoming dry, hard, thin, and more easily bruised.

Reviva has united more than 10 different oils (sunflower, flaxseed, borage, rosehip, hemp, avocado, wheat germ, black currant seed, olive, pomegranate, and sesame seed) that work side by side - each working in synergy with the others to fully live up to their potential. All ingredients are combined in a light cream that absorbs quickly and easily. When I applied it for the first time, I was sure that the cream wouldn't be heavy enough for my dry skin. That was a miscalculation.

Where has Reviva Labs been all my life? I have to admit I was only vaguely aware of the company. Founded in 1973 by pioneer aesthetician Stephen Strassler, Reviva formulates its products for skin-care professionals, using high-potency, natural, and proven ingredients. Reviva's products are sold in health food stores, which may be where I saw them. The EFA Cream won a "Skin Care Innovator of the Year" award from the Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors Association in 2010, so they are on a much bigger radar than mine.

EFAs Cream can benefit those who already have thin skin, but can also be used to prevent skin from becoming thin. EFAs Cream helps various levels of dry skin and provides a fuller, smoother, younger look on both face and hands. Reviva recommends that you alternate this cream with your regular skin care, something I intend to start soon. I haven't tried it on my hands yet, but I need to do that too. Like the rest of my body, they are very dry right now.

Reviva Labs sent me other products to test, so I will have continuing news about their skin care. In the meantime, if you have thin skin, like I do, or you want to prevent it (hint for perimenopausal ladies), you should give
EFAs Cream a whirl. The price is right, and it works!

If you don't want to traipse around to health food stores or spas to find their products, you can order directly online from Reviva Labs.

Photo courtesy of Reviva Labs


Abby said...

This sounds like something I could use. I like the price point, too.

Charlestongirl said...

Give it a try, Abby! I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Soni said...

I can't wait to leave work so I can run to my nearest Health Food store and snatch this up! (is this available at Whole Foods?) I just turned 43 and have had oily skin my whole life but lately my skin has been dry & flaky. (this is VERY new territory for me) I have no idea how to treat it since my skin is also very sensitive and the thought of heavy occlusive creams make me shudder.

Charlestongirl, your depiction of yourself post Hospital stay just made me want to rush over and start cooking for you so I can "fatten" you up. =)
(they do blood donations/transfusions and the minute someone invents a way to do fat donations, I will be ALL OVER THAT.)
Hope you are feeling/looking back to normal ASAP. Best to you!!

Charlestongirl said...

That's so sweet, Soni! Thank you.

I don't know about Whole Foods because I don't often shop there. I have seen the products in a small, local store that has a nice skin care section. I would definitely check out Whole Foods.

I am also very dry and sensitive and have had absolutely no bad effects from slathering EFAs Cream on each night. It's a treasure.

Funny, I banked my blood before the surgery, that made me anemic, and they gave it back to me after the surgery. What was the point? Now, I could really use that fat transplant. My tailbone is starting to hurt!

DivaDebbi said...

I am a huge EFA fan Charleston Girl!
I have already worked my way through 3 of them. It absolutely does as it claims. Fab for under the eye. Its my favorite of their facial moisturizers. Also mad for their pomegranate exfoliator. A must try!

Charlestongirl said...

Hey there, Debbi!

Wish I had known about this wonderful cream sooner. Reviva sent me other products that I can't wait to test!

Unknown said...

Wow! I bought this for my 32 yr old daughter, who has thin, aging skin. I tried it on my 59 year-old self first and I loved it! I am still prone to blackheads and breakouts, and was amazed such an emollient cream did not cause problems for me.

I recently began using Reviva Labs Hyaluronic Acid Serum in the evenings and noticed a difference after the first 7-10 days. I have now added the Stem Cell Serum and my skin looks better than it has in about 10 years.

Best of all, Reviva Labs products are CRUELTY FREE!