Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weekend Roundup - January 8

The holidays are behind us, and we've moved on to beauty for the new year. This week we shared new products, long-time favorites, and the basics. We're sure there's something you're going to embrace!

Gaia from The Non-Blonde has been an Edward Bess fan for a long time. See her review on one of the newest lipstick shades, Demi Buff. Could it be the perfect neutral rose-brown shade? It's sure one of my favorites, so make sure to visit Gaia!

Are we tired of hearing about the weight loss and exercise resolutions yet? Instead, let's read about the beauty and fashion resolutions that Jennifer put together at BeautyXposé. They sound so much more interesting than a treadmill.

January weather can be especially harsh on your skin. Kari from Fab Over Forty showed us her skincare essentials to keep her skin looking youthful and moisturized during the harsh months.

Eyebrows can make or break your beauty look. Kelly from Gouldylox Reviews found a new brow gel she loves. There's a great shade for those hard-to-match redheads!

Do you love the trend of not-so-boring neutral nail shades? Sabrina from The Beauty Look Book showed us the very exclusive new line of Dior nail polishes called the Dior Vernis Gris City Collection.

"Espiegle" is a word that refers to a slightly impish fairy, a magical spirit with with a sense of teasing humor who is not afraid to use it. Check out Amy's review of Chanel Joues Contraste in Espiegle (paired with Rouge Allure Flaymoyante) at Cafe Makeup to see if Chanel captured this playfulness for the Spring 2011 line.

Do you or someone you know have a bit too much scalp showing in patches for your comfort? Debbi from DivaDebbi found a product that works like magic!

They say scent is the strongest of our senses, and it can even bring back memories long suppressed. Jane from Daly Beauty shared with us one of her favorites, along with her memories.

When you have a multi-day hospital stay like I did, do you need to be prepared with your beauty arsenal? I shared what really mattered here. Just scroll down. I'll be starting a new giveaway contest this weekend, so please come back!


Miss Brahms said...

Looking forward to seeing all of the SPRING 2011 Color reviews from YOU! They are filtering in, slowly but surely...I'm seeing a lot of gray!

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Miss Brahms! Thanks to the Neiman Marcus special delivery you just made, I have a lot photograph and feature!

Eileen said...

Isn't the gray for spring interesting? It reminds me of that one year when they were showing so much black clothing for summer. It's beautiful, but just doesn't seem to fit the season. Of course, I live in Southern California where higher temps invariably result in colorful warm looks or golden neutral looks. (I think Guerlain's vibrant spring collection will be a huge hit here.). As beautiful as Dior's collection is, I can't help but think of Chanel's fall Enigma collection. That was the right color scheme for the right season.

In any event, I hope you're getting plenty of rest because it sounds like Miss Brahms has sent you a lot of homework to do :-)

Charlestongirl said...

She did, Eileen! The bag is a treasure trove, and it includes the new Guerlain collection (stunning!).

It appears that cosmetics companies have ditched seasonal constraints - to some extent. With Armani introducing dark blues and greens, and Dior bringing out the greys, we'll have plenty of choices. That works for me because I've never felt constrained to wear spring makeup colors in the spring, or fall colors in the fall. I wear what looks good on me. :)

The Dior look appears to draw on the taupe and grey colors for the eyes, but it's springy peachy-coral on the lips. The combos are very pretty. It's in the bag too, but I passed on the lip colors. Can't wait to start sampling!

Eileen said...

I bought the Guerlain Blush G (drop dead gorgeous!) and the new Écran 6 Couleurs (stunning!) yesterday and have already come up with some very pretty looks. For being such bold color statements, the blush and the palette are really easy to wear.

I'm looking forward to all your reviews on your treasure trove of goodies :-). This spring we're in for so many beautiful treats.

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Eileen! I bought them too. The hardest part of featuring them will be getting the swatch photos. I need a "balance assistant." :)