Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Luster Lip Tint

Tarte has introduced its glossy and glamorous LipSurgence Natural Lip Luster Lip Tints ($24). One of three first-class beauty companies to launch shiny lip pencils this month, Tarte has scored a home run. I bought four!

Tarte says these LipSurgence Lip Lusters are clinically proven to increase lip moisture content by 6,000% in 28 days! That's fabulous, but I don't care if's true. I love the look, feel, and colors. Maybe if you wear them every day for 28 days, you could weigh in on that miracle. I'm unlikely to do that, with all the pretty new lip colors I have to wear! I'll be wearing these a lot, though. They are so easy - and so flattering.

The LipSurgence Lip Luster pencils are a follow-up to Tarte's best-selling LipSurgence Natural Lip Tints and Natural Matte Lip Tints. These are the best to date - in my opinion. I love the sheer, glossy color.

I purchased Adored (light pink), Glisten (peach), Frisky (Bright Pink), and Pouty (berry). The additional shades are Fever (red) and Buff (nude). I love them all, but I think my personal favorites are the darkest of my four, Frisky and Pouty.

The LipSurgence Lip Lusters were formulated with Tarte's fabulous skinvigorating ingredients, including jojoba seed oil, peppermint oil, vitamin C, and Vitamin E. They have no synthetic fragrance, no parabens, no phthalates, no sodium laurel sulfate, and they are cruelty-free. I love Tarte's approach to cosmetics! The descriptions of these say they have a natural peppermint flavor. If they do, I can't taste it. They are as close to flavorless as it gets, which is fine by me.

Here is a swatch photo of my four shades. I applied them right from the stick - they are supposed to be fast and easy to apply. I was able to take my photo outside in the sun (yea! I hobbled out with my cane). From top to bottom, the shades on my arm are Adored, Glisten, Pouty, and Frisky. Aren't they pretty? They shine; they have rich, sheer color; and they awaken my face. There's a hoarding order in my future.

I purchased mine from QVC, where they have three duo specials for $29.50. I think I'll order the one set I didn't order originally to complete my set of colors. You can also get them from Tarte and Sephora. No excuses! They are widely available; you need to check them out.

Photo at top courtesy of Tarte


Unknown said...

I love the adored shade. I am surprised it is possible to get Tarte at CVS, never knew CVS carried higher end make-up.

Charlestongirl said...

CVS? Really? Oh Anna, if my CVS had Tarte, I would be broke. I'm going to ask - except that they seem to have fired their beauty advisors. Holy moly!

Unknown said...

uh oh! i misread QVC for CVS - my mistake! oops :(

Charlestongirl said...

Pfew! My sanity has been restored. I asked an ex-beauty manager from CVS, and she thought I was nuts!

Thanks, Anna!