Sunday, January 8, 2012

Anselm Reyle for Dior Eyeshadow Palette

Contemporary German artist Anselm Reyle, who lives and works in Berlin, collaborated with Dior at to create a collection of five limited-edition Reyle-inspired shades of Dior Vernis and this limited-edition Anselm Reyle for Dior Eyeshadow Palette ($110).

The eye shadow and nail lacquers are part of a larger, limited-edition Anselm Reyle collaboration with Dior, which launched accessories last month at a Dior pop-up store, a component of Art Basel in Miami Beach a few weeks ago. The collection is exclusive to Saks Fifth Avenue. There is an Anselm Reyle for Dior window installation at the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York until next Wednesday, January 11.

Through a trade with a friend, I received the palette last week. While it offers smoky colors, it's characteristic of Anselm Reyle's work. Note: the pink reflected in the mirror with its lattice pattern is my T-shirt.

"For me, Reyle said, "it’s interesting to see how it [camouflage] has been adapted by the pop world from its military background and how it then looses the original meaning. It remains a kind of empty phrase. Usually the camouflage hides something, but here it’s the opposite - it is very visible because of the signal neon colors.” Indeed, the colors of the accessories in the collection are bright, dissonant neon colors.

Of course, he also told the New York Times, “As an artist, I have a fascination with dubious taste, so collaborating with Dior, a symbol of ‘good’ taste was exciting.” His bags, jewelry, and shoes could be described as the Un-Dior. I wonder why Dior chose to go with the camouflage patterns, rather than the stripes for which Reyle is equally well known. Perhaps my imprecise stripes pay homage to his stripes.

I swatched the shades in the eye palette relatively heavily using a sponge-tipped applicator, and my photos were taken in full sun. I stroked the applicator diagonally across all the shades in the palette for the swatch at the top of my arm. In the second swatch down, I applied the taupe-silver grey alone (the shade intrigued me), and in the bottom swatch, I applied the lavender alone.

There are many combinations we an create using the silver, taupe-grey, charcoal, lavender tones in the mix. The shades are actually much more wearable than I surmised in my first glance at the palette. Perhaps they are a little out of step with the current crop of spring makeup colors, but there's always fall!

The Anselm Reyle for Dior Eyeshadow Palette and Dior Vernis will be available at Saks Fifth Avenue and this month. The collection launch date was set for tomorrow, January 9.

To see how Dior makeup artist Ricky Wilson drew inspiration from Reyle’s famous stripe painting series with a riotous amalgam of lip colors that go from fuchsia, to siren red and aubergine for a swirled, striped effect on artist and Facebook sensation Rina Dweck, click on this link at Saks Point of View. Rina Dweck, painter, makeup artist, and Facebook sensation, who is in the midst of Project Face, a self-imposed initiative to express herself in 365 self-portraits in the time span of one year, combines mixed media, extreme makeup artistry techniques, and performance art into her portraits. You can learn a bit more about Dior's collaboration with her at this additional Saks Point of View link.

Photos courtesy of Dior, the New York Times, and by Best Things in Beauty


Dovey said...

I love the pattern of this palette and the colors seem so werable as well. I think I prefer these to the colors in the mitzah palette. I do agree with your comment on how they may be more suited for fall :)

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Dovey! Just a personal preference on my part, but I think I'll save the palette for fall. I also prefer this palette to the Mitzah one, which I didn't buy. Although I adore leopard prints, the colors bored me. Is that an awful thing to admit?

LoveSugarBabyDoll said...

LOVE the Mitzah palette and I am thinking I love this one too. I opted for the Mitzah as a 5 couleur for two reasons: monetary and I knew I would never use the LE- as I said before I would just take it out of the closet and purr at it. Although judging from the length of time it was available- most people agreed with you Miss Charlestongirl. I'd probably do the same with this- just stare at it and purr. What fun colors!

Anonymous said...

I just drooled over this today! It is incredible the way it sparkles. I would have bought it if it was a little less expensive,but $115 was out of my budget today. It really is gorgeous. Enjoy!

Kiran said...

this is GORGEOUS! I want!

Jo said...

It's really pretty but for the price, I'll have to pass. Especially since I think I do better in warm tones.

Softsmile said...

You know -- enough! Really, e-nough. It is beaucoup $$$$$, how to work around this color composition, realistically work around it. Wrong and wrong again.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi LoveSugarBabyDoll,

Purring would be appropriate. :)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anonymous,

Yes, it's beyond pricey. It's what I'd call a collector's item.

Charlestongirl said...

Cherry Lane, you should be able to get it tomorrow at Saks. Call your own store to see if they have it. If not, you could always get it from New York. :)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Jo,

I'll bet they didn't make a ton of them, knowing that others would have the same reaction to the price. If you aren't sure the colors would work for you, and if you can't test first, skip it. :) There will always be "the next best thing."

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Softsmile,

I think these colors are beautiful, and I'm sure that many women will be happy to pay for the palette. Only some of us have suffered a recession.

While it's not everyone's cup of tea, it will sell out, I'll bet. There are many Reyle fans too, and they will be buying everything, somewhat like the Missoni for Target phenomenon.

Resham said...

This is so beautiful!!! But I have so much makeup!!! Its difficult to pass everything nice.... :(

Love your posts... :)

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks much, Resham!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for swatching this palette! I have searched online for so long for a swatch! :) I will have to pass, even though I do collect palettes my one caveat is I have to be able to use them and although gorgeous I don't think I would use this a lot. I agree with you that this is a collectors palette and belongs probably in that niche market. Know what I mean? :D Thanks again!