Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Coming Attraction: Giorgio Armani Beauty Rouge d'Armani Sheers

Those of us who adore Giorgio Armani Beauty's Sheer Lipsticks have been concerned that they might disappear. I've learned that our fears were unwarranted. An all-new formula, Rouge d'Armani Sheers ($26), is on the way!

Rouge d'Armani Sheers will offer an impeccable lip color for all women who are attracted by intense shades, but don't dare to wear them because they are afraid of too much density (me). Billed as having the brightness of lipstick, the translucence of a gloss, and the comfort of a balm, Rouge d'Armani Sheers are certain to go to the head of the class.

Here's a bit of the information I've gathered. The Rouge d'Armani Sheers use a revolutionary color-bond moisture polymer that fuses pigments and weightless emollients in a moisture-charged, bright, translucent base. The colors will be fresh, bright, and radiant, but meld into the lips naturally.

The translucent base, instead of a traditional yellow or grey base, will promote color vibrancy. Jojoba will act to lock in water and provide up to eight hours of hydration. Shea butter will create an easy glide, providing comfort and ease of application.

The line-up has 12 shades, and every one of them looks like a must-have to me. Ranging from nudes and pinks to coral and one dramatic plum, the sheer shades are sure to be gorgeous. They are scheduled to arrive at Giorgio Armani Beauty counters later in the spring (scheduled for March).

Photo of Rouge d'Armani courtesy of Giorgio Armani Beauty


Eileen said...

". . . the brightness of lipstick, the translucence of a gloss, and the comfort of a balm. . ." Sounds good to me! Because I'm an older woman with quite a bit of gray around my face, I need some color to brighten my overall appearance, but opaque and strong colors look harsh and aging. You ladies with very light blond hair probably have the same problem. These new lipsticks sound perfect. So, it looks like we've got another winner from Armani on our springtime horizon.

Evelyn said...

They sound beautiful to me, especially when mentioning pink and plum!

sn said...

I might diverge from popular opinion but this disappoints me because they will inevitably discontinue the classic sheer lipstick which is quite sublime as is, especially the packaging.

The simple, matte, black Giorgio Armani lipstick tube is perfection. It closes with a gentle, satisfying click. It's unassuming and refined in it's minimalist beauty and there aren't any garish logos a la the unfortunate Rouge d'Armani casket in which they are apparently going to package these new lipsticks.

I can't believe I'm bummed over a new Giorgio Armani product but whoever the faceless, nameless genus is behind that slim, matte, black lipstick tube deserves more industrial design awards than Jony Ive.

Charlestongirl said...

Those lines hooked me, Eileen. I am hoping it's even better than the original.

Charlestongirl said...

Evelyn, there are a lot of pretty pinks. Only one plum to start. I love plums too.

Charlestongirl said...

SN, stock up now! I did recently when I saw the shades start to diminish and heard the originals would be history.