Monday, January 2, 2012

Guerlain KissKiss Gloss for Spring 2012

I am not only a KissKiss Gloss fan, I'm as KissKiss fanatic. I like "everything Guerlain KissKiss"! No matter whether it's gloss or sheer, shiny lipstick, "I'm there." You can imagine my delight when I got the Spring 2012 preview from Guerlain and saw there would be four new KissKiss Glosses ($32 each).

We'll be pretty in every shade of pink this spring. Faced with these four choices, how was I going to select just one or two? KissKiss Gloss melts into my lips for a comfortable, long-lasting shine - starting now (why wait for spring?). There are four new permanent shades, which means that I'll be able to buy seconds when my glosses get to the half-way point. That makes me as cheerful as spring blooms!

Here are the four shades from The Pinks and the Blacks Collection for Spring 2012 - all different, and all lovely. This is the order in which they are shown in my photos.
  • #869 Rose in Bloom: pure, pastel pink
  • #870 Cherry Pink: described by Guerlain as a gourmand pastel, I'd call it a vibrant fuchsia pink
  • #871 Frosted Rose: an off-white with delicate, subtle pink mother-of-pearl particles
  • #872 Flush Pink: described by Guerlain as an intense fuchsia, but I would call it a perfect, saturated baby pink with a touch of warmth
I bought these glosses the moment I saw them at Neiman Marcus. Did I need them? Yes, in a KissKiss sort of way.

I took my photos in full sun, so the magnificent shine that KissKiss Glosses provide is fully illuminated in the swatch photos. These glosses are, in my humble opinion, must-haves. Rose in Bloom (#869) at the top of my arm is extremely light, yet has enough color to make its tea rose color visible. It makes me want to zoom right over to my favorite floral designer to buy a whole arrangement of these roses.

Cherry Pink (#870) is scrumptious - as appetizing as a bowl of cherries. Who can eat just one? It's the darkest of the shades. Frosted Rose (#871) is the pale face in the bouquet. The icy-white pink will add an iridescent glow to any lipstick it tops. Flush Pink (#872) at the bottom in the swatch photos is simply gorgeous. How do I describe a slightly warm pink that lights up my face and makes me look alive? No lipstick is needed under Flush Pink. I suspect I'll be hoarding it.

KissKiss Glosses come with a brush applicator. They are not weightless. If they were, the color and shine would likely be gone in a heartbeat. They aren't heavy either. I think they straddle the line between weightless and heavy, guaranteeing their glossy glaze for a very reasonable amount of wear time. They have no overt fragrance or taste.

The containers are perfect, showing their beautiful color so that I have no doubt what gloss I'm pulling out of my makeup bag. These will travel with me. Characteristic of Guerlain beauties, they look expensive.

Guerlain's Spring 2012 Colour Collection will be available this month at select locations at Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's, and at Bergdorf Goodman. My Neiman Marcus has received the collection.

I have not purchased any of beautiful pink Rouge G shades because no testers arrived. I saw all four pinks. I wanted to buy one or two, but I had no way to decide which ones. I didn't want to guess, so I wait. I really wish the testers had arrived.

The spring makeup trends are coming up pink and peach - colors that work for all of us. It's going to be a gorgeous season - if we can wait that long to wear out newest treasures. I can't.

Photos by Best Things in Beauty


time4beauty said...

I have #871 and I love it. Perfect frosty look for winter, not sure about spring =)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi time4beauty!

I don't use the term "frosty," because we "old folks" actually lived through the era of truly frosty makeup. It's only hilarious now. LOL You would have died if you had experienced those frosty blue eye shadows. I remember a physician who wore one - even in the late 80s. She looked ridiculous. She was such a smart woman too. Amazing. I guess her mirror was defective.

This iridescent shade (871) will top any lipstick beautifully any time of year, in my humble opinion. That said, I don't feel constrained by seasons (with a few fall-winter exceptions). If I like a shade and I think it looks good on me, I'll wear it all year round. I REALLY get my money's worth.

Spring is all about pink and tangerine (peach) for 2012. I think Guerlain's collection is spot-on. Wish I could have tested the Rouge G shades.

Flyavsted said...

I wear Kiss Kiss Glosses everyday at work. I find them quite hydrating to be a gloss. Love the finish and how long lasting they are as well.

Charlestongirl said...

Aah, Flyavsted, you can join the KissKiss fanatic club. :)

lovethescents said...

Adore the look of that Frosted Rose. I can see it being a workplace staple for me. Thanks, Charlestongirl!

Gabby said...

I have 462 Violine and it is gorgeous! Might have to pick up Cherry Pink.....

Eileen said...

What a gorgeous bouquet of springtime roses! Kiss Kiss is my favorite gloss formula (followed closely by LMdB and Chanel). It's so hydrating and makes my old lips look soft, full, and smooth. I can hardly wait to see these beauties. And as for the new Rouge G--oh, how I love Rouge G! I am really looking forward to seeing those as well. I'm really loving the color trend this year. The spring collections are just spectacular.

From one of the "old folks" to another, I got such a chuckle out of your comment about frost. I tell ya, Charlestongirl, these youngsters don't know the meaning of the word "Frost"! :-D I can only marvel at some of the frosted shades we used to wear and laugh. Those old formulas were pretty heavy handed. By the way, I prefer to think of us as "les femmes d'un certain âge". So much more elegant than "old folks". :-)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Lovethescents!

The color is sooooo pretty. Hope you can find it there.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Gabby,

I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I'm loving it already!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Eileen,

Of course "les femmes d'un certain âge" is a lot classier. However, I feel like one of the old folks when I read young gals describes makeup as frosty. If they only knew how frosty really looked! Too bad my stock is gone (well, fortunately). Otherwise I could write a retrospective.

I will buy KissKiss as long as Guerlain is willing to make it. I really am a fanatic.

Eileen said...

Frosted lipsticks, frosted eyeshadows, frosted highlighters, frosted nail colors, and even frosted hair! What ever were we thinking? :-) I think the frosted look is one that can be safely retired although a true frosted retrospective would be something to behold! LOL

Charlestongirl said...

Eileen, when time allows, I'll have to do a photo search. It would be a hoot to display frosty, as spotted in days gone by.

Northerngirl said...

Oh my, I love these Glosses! Does anyone remember frosty Bonnie Bell glosses from the 80's- LOL!

Any Canadians know where we can buy Guerlain products? Does The Bay sell Guerlain?
Have a wonderful Tuesday Charlestongirl.

Anonymous said...

I ended up ordering 2 Kiss Kiss glosses based on your swatches. To Northerngirl: you can buy Guerlain at The Bay, Holt Renfrew, some select Shopper's Boutiques and from the Guerlain Boutique in Toronto. BTW the collection is at Holt Renfrew too.

Charlestongirl said...

Northerngirl, I do remember them. Fortunately, I wasn't tempted, even then. :)

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks for the shopping assist, Whatadish!

Anonymous said...

First of all, I want to say I've recently come across your blog and I love it!

I want to ask about the glosses. It seems that Cherry Pink looks similar to the Pink Pulsion Glossimer by Chanel for holiday 2010, but sadly, I missed out on it. Would you say that Cherry Pink could be a close alternative to Pink Pulsion? Your help would be appreciated.